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Loving you 2

Party and excitement of the night

It was the day of the party in which both kris and Nana would be attending. I was so excited for this day that I'll finally get my revenge on them and humiliate them as they did me. Jin probably wouldn't want me thinking of the plan as this,but as me getting even. Thinking of Jin, he hasn't came out of his room yet to make breakfast as he always does for me. It made me feel like he was still upset or something.

I went to his room and slowly walked to see what was up with him. To my surprise, he was still asleep like a little baby that he is. As he was sound asleep, I leaned in to watch him sleep peacefully. He look so handsome while sleeping, which made me want to kiss him. Just looking at him, made me become breathless and my hurt began to beat fast. So, I leaned in and kissed him on his sweet lips while he was sleeping.

As I made my move,he suddenly woke up from sleeping. He pushed me away from him in shock,which surprised me. I came towards him and kiss him on the cheeks before leaving his room. It made me giggle, the way he looked at me as I kissed him. But, his handsomeness made me become breathless and I wanted to mess with him a little bit.

It was 11:53 A.M, we hurried and got ready for the party.I wore a silk white long sleeve dress with stud's going down the dress. Then, I also paired it with a black jacket and my favorite Jimmy choo's white plump. On the other hand, Jin wore a white suit from Gucci with studs on it as well. Unfortunately, he was going to a pink suit,but I had to put a end to that thought bubble of his. Jin really loves to wear pink outfits because its his favorite color.

We arrived at the party, everyone in the room eyes lit up as soon as they saw us. Some of the girls looked at me with a rude look on their face as if they were jealous. As we were walking, I could see Kris and Nana sitting at the front table closer to the stage. Their was even camera's flashing in our faces as we walked down the aisle toward our table. I thought it was an amazing entrance,so later I would have to thank Jin.

As everyone's attention was on us, I could see Kris and Nana soon glaring on us as we sat down.The sponsor of the party was making a special announcement, yet everyone seemed to not bother to listen as they were still looking at me and Jin. After the announcement was finish, the media came rushing to our tables asking so many questions to our surprise.

''What does it feel like to be here after the restaurant incident?'' One of the journalists asked

''It actually feels good to be here after some many months out of the spotlight. Thank you for asking. '' I answered

''Everyone wants to know if you and Jin is dating or not?'' another journalists asked

''Umm...that dependents on the people. If me and Jin is dating or not.'' I said with a smirk

''What do you've to say about her response,Jin?'' the journalists asked

''I don't care about her response.'' he said coldly

After answering all the questions, Nana and her friends walked near our table with smirks on their faces. They all sat down at our table only to start more drama as always. Kris on the other hand didn't seem to care about her meeting me like this, which made me upset. However, Jin was sitting next to me the whole time,so I didn't mind.

''What do you want Nana and your modeling friends?'' I asked curiously

''Nothing,really. Just seeing how you're after the whole restaurant fall out.That was really embarrassing to have a fan come at you like that and say those horrible things about you. If that was me I wouldn't know what i'll do, to be honest I might even consider quitting being a model.'' she said giggling

*Rolls eyes*

''Nana,come on don't say those harsh things, before she starts crying again.'' one of her modeling friends said laughing

''Don't worry. I won't make such a huge fool of her again. Definitely not like this, I meanit would be rude of me and plus she isn't worth my time.'' she said as she got up and left the table heading back to Kris

After she left, I didn't want to say much to her sense Jin was right next to me. To be honest, I thought it would be embarrassing to have him here. Also, me saying ugly thinks to her in front of him made me feel uneasy about myself. Furthermore, he may think that I am being a complete bitch on top of things. My hands started twitching nervously for some odd reason,so I hurried to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I quickly looked myself in the mirror. It seemed like I was starting to loose my cool over something so small. I didn't want to loose to her...that bitch. I've my fashion line,fame and money. However, for some odd reason it wasn't enough for me to move past all this. It felt like my body was begging for something...something more like revenge.

As I made my way out of the bathroom, Jin was standing near the lady's room waiting for me. It was weird having him here with me,but it did on the other hand feel good though. He walked me back to the party area, we both headed on the dance floor and danced for awhile. As we both danced, their was even more people glaring at us and taking pictures. I could see Nana and her friends glancing at us with mean faces.

Likewise, Jin leaned in towards me and kissed me on the lips in front of everyone. My eyes had lit up in shock when he suddenly kissed me. The media seemed to love the affection that he was giving because they kept getting closer to us for the action. Beyond that, Kris, Nana and her friends was also enjoying as they seemed to look even more upset.

''Why did you suddenly kiss me like that in front of everyone?'' I asked mumbling

''Well, Shiori. This was your plan in the first place. How could you forget your own plan?'' he responded

''I didn't forget my own plan. I mean you did it out of nowhere,so it was weird.'' I said quietly

''It seemed like you did enjoy it.'' he said smiling

''Don't get ahead of yourself, Jin. Next time, you're mind,so you better watch out.'' I said back whispering in his ears

''Thank you! for allowing me to have a good time with you.'' he said happily

''You're welcome! You may take me home now,so I could get my beauty sleep.'' I stated

Two hours later, we finally arrived at Jin's house. We both went in our own room and went in for the night. But, before going straight to bed, I had to wash up from all the sweat and make-up. After taking a shower, I put on my night clothes and stood outside of Jin's bedroom door. As mentioned before, it was my turn to check Jin as he did before at the party.

As he came out of the shower, I walked in and came towards him and made out with him. As previously mentioned, his lips was so soft and sweet to my enjoyment.I slowly put my arms around his neck,so he couldn't push me away like last time. However, to my amazement he didn't reject me,but lift me up again and threw me on his large bed.

Then, he slowly made his way down the bottom half of my body. I wanted to hold in my excitement,but it was getting to good. So, I had to let all out as he kept amazing me with his every move. By the end, we both ended up falling asleep as we both became so tired and out of breathe.



@Shiori wu
Oh I’m glad is not over

kinaa kinaa

The story hasn't ended yet as their is a question mark. It will only get better and better just keep on reading. Thank you!!

Shiori wu Shiori wu

I enjoyed reading this ❤️❤️

kinaa kinaa