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Eternal Love

Chapter 2

Present Day

Soo's Pov

Why? Why would they do this to me again? Why would they make me move again?

"Mom why did you make us move again! You know how we feel about moving!" I whined angrily at my mom. "i had to leave all my friends there! Now i have to start all over again! Do you know how hard that is?"

"Don't worry honey you will make some new friends in no time." Mom said trying to comfort me.

"Well that's easy for you to say!" I screamed at her

"Honey, I know you upset that you had to leave your friends and boyfriend behind, but we needed to move." My mom said.

"Why?!? Explain to me why we had to move. Tell me everything."

"I'm sorry hon, i told you already i can't tell you yet. Don't get so upset but i might tell you when you get a little older."

"Mom I'm like (320) 19. I'm not a little kid anymore. Can you please tell me?" I begged her


"Ugh" I huffed walking out of the house. I needed some fresh air to cool down.

"Where are you going Soo?" My mom asked on my way out.

"None of your business!" I screamed at her stomping the rest of the way to the door, and slamming it behind me.

It was a nice sunny day outside. I walked to a near by park and remembered the first time we drove here. It's the only place i can be alone.

Background information

Soo moved for the second time leaving her friends and her boyfriend. Just like years before. She has the power to control the sun, so the most important job that only one special kumiho has. That special kumiho is the strongest out of all the kumiho's on the exo planet. Her sister Eun controls the moon the second most important job that only on kumiho can have. Eun is a year younger than Soo.

Soo's Pov

Just sitting there on the swing thinking over what was i going to do now for about 20 minuets. When was i going to visit my friends..... my boyfriend. I could just call them or text them but i'm scared they all, already moved on and they will never forgive me.
While I was sitting and thinking on the swing, i suddenly felt eyes on me. I looked around but there was no one around. That gave me chills, so i turned my heat detecting vision on and look around for anyone. Stopping to look into the forest i saw
5 shadow like figures that looked like humans. But are they really humans?
I turned invisible to get a closer look what it was...

Exo's Pov

There was a girl sitting on the swing in a park that is near our layer. She was a tall skinny about 18-19 ish looking. She had long hair that ended at the middle of her back. She had blue oceany eyes that shined in the sun. She had on a crop top with some jeans, nike shoes, and a cardigan that went down to her knees.

"She looks familiar." Baekhyun said while trying to figure out were he knows this girl from. Usually no one comes to this park because they are so busy doing other things.

"How? She looks new here and her scent is different. How come you know her?" Chanyeol asked

"I don't know but she just looks like i know her from somewhere." Baekhyun still thinking hard

"That's nothing new to you Baekhyun you forget everything." Sehun said while D.O. next to Baekhyun smiled a little

"While you guys were chit chatin over there she disappeared. Like poof poof and she's gone." Suho said looking around.

They all looked around again to see if they can spot her again, but she was no where to be found. Then out of a sudden they hear a gasp...

Soo's Pov

I slowly walked over to the five human like shadows. To find five (very handsome) guys. They looked like they where trying to find something. Two of the five guys look similar to the boys me and my sister used to hang out with before we moved for the first time. I got even closer and gasped. Wait is that Baekhyun and Suho my childhood friends from years ago?

"B...B...Baek...Baekhyun? S...S...Su...Suho?" I asked quietly so that i know for sure it's them. (wolfs have really good sense of hearing and can hear really quiet sounds, Bakehyun and Suho and the rest of exo are wolfs)

They all turned there heads and asked each other "Did you hear? It sounded like a girl."

Nice now how am i supposed to know if it's them or not. I thought for a moment and it hit me. Our secret code we had when we where kids.

"Yehet." I said while turning visible again

"Wait what? Soo, Eun?" Baekhyuna and Suho asked at the same time.

"Ya it's me Soo. Long time no see." I said laughing and carefully moving towards them.

"Umm... who are you and how do you know my brothers?" Chanyeol asked strictly and a little confused

"Damn Chanyeol give her a break. I missed you. Why did you leave and never tell us?" Suho asked while taking me into a hug, after suho hugged me Baekhyun did.

"Well it's a long story that i do not want to tell you guys alone. I'll tell you guys when Eun comes home from saying bye to her friends and boyfriend."

"Ok that's fine do you want to meet up here again at the park at 3pm?You will also get to meet the rest of the exo pack." Suho asked Baekhyun looked kind of surprised and jealous when i said Eun has a boy friend. (Suho always had everything planed and scheduled)

"Awesome! You still didn't introduce me to the others that are here." I said pointing at the guys i didn't know

"Hi I'm D.O." D.O. said looking oddly sad

"Nice to meet you D.O." I said smiling trying to make him happy. Making people happy is my specialty

But somehow it didn't work...

"Hey Soo! I'm Sehun, the younger brother and the creater of yehet." Sehun said proudly

"Ohh, so you are the brother that always couldn't go outside because he always got in trouble." Sehun blushed a little and i thought to myself what a child XD

"And I'm Chanyeol." he said with a straight face.

That's strange he is a very handsome and cute guy but he can be mean when he wants to be. We all talked for a while about what happen after i left it was nice. I felt a little uncomfortable around Chanyeol he kept on eyeing me I didn't know if it was a good thing or not but i just ignored it. After a while i had to go home because i knew my parents wound freak out if I'm home really late. So i said good bye to the guys and went back home, and called Eun...

What will she think? Will she be happy? What will she do? What is going on with Chanyeol?


This chapter was written by Gabi, Chapter three will be written by Emma.
Sub, vote, and comment if you liked it.
Hope you guys enjoy this is my first fanfic i ever written.
Please support this fanfiction and both of the writers that will be writing this.

XOXO (exo)


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