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Finding My Way

Jewelry Box

Jungwon High School
12:15 pm

The lunch bell rings and I end up being one of the first students to leave the classroom. Something about the tension between everyone irritated me during class. I don’t want to run into anyone during lunch time. Where should I eat?

This morning, Byeol packed me a special lunch, therefore there was no need to eat in the cafeteria. As I’m about to head outside, a hand grasps onto my wrist lightly.

“Jaemi-ah, let’s eat together.” Taehyung says, almost panting from scurrying down the halls to chase me. With his other hand, he holds up his bag of lunch and gives me a light smile.

“I was thinking of eating outside, since it’s getting warmer now.” I mention as we begin to walk at the same pace. His hand that was wrapped around my wrist slides down to intertwine with my hand. With little forced, he pulls me closer, letting go of my hand and wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I feel my cheeks rise in color and my heart jumps, skipping a beat.

“Alright, anything works for me as long as I’m with you.” Taehyung speaks without hesitation.

“No, no, no, I’m going to have lunch with Jae.” Jimin says from behind, pulling Taehyung’s hand off of me. Seokjin pats Taehyung on the back and directs him back inside.

“Andwaeee. Jaemi-ah.” Taehyung whines as Seokjin practically drags him into the building. I find myself chuckling at his complaints, but quickly revert my focus to Jimin.

“Let’s go and eat.” Comfortably, I wrap my arm around his and we walk in sync. We sit under a large tree, relaxing in the shade and I begin unpacking my lunch.

Byeol packed me japchae (look up if you don’t know what it is) with rice and side dishes. It’s unusual of her to put a large effort into my lunch. I wonder what’s up with her these days…

Jae.” His voice is subtle, sending me a wave of goosebumps. “Do you remember our trip to Daegu?”

“Yes, but not that much. We were so young.” I agree, taking a nibble from my japchae and pushing my side dishes in the middle to share with Jimin.

“It was a very long time ago, but I can’t seem to forget what happened there.” Jimin holds his sandwich in his lap and stares at the grass with sorrowful eyes.

“Do you want to talk about it?” My hand moves on its own, rubbing on his shoulder for a brief moment.

He bites his lip and reverts his eyes to mine. “Jungkook and I sweared to never tell anyone. I-if I tell you, promise you won’t hate me… or Jungkook.”

I laugh slightly and nudge him playfully. “What reason would there be for me to hate you? Whatever happened in Daegu was years ago. Eight years- Nine years ago.”

As the words spill out of his mouth, my smile and happy expression falls. My eyes instantly sting, the start of tears… No…


Taehyung’s POV


Jaemi and I walk along the roads of Buncheon. It’s been fifteen or so minutes since we left school and she hasn’t breathed a word to me. Did something happen?

Jae~” I shake her a little and her eyes blink before responding to me.

“Oh, sorry, Taehyung. I was just… thinking about something.” Her voice sounds thin. Like she’s seen a ghost or something…

“What’s wrong? Hm? Do you just want to take the train and go back-”

“No, let’s keep walking.” To my surprise, she grabs a hold of me and clings on my arm. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s unusual of her to do such thing.

After walking for another five minutes, we turn a corner and she stops us from continuing our walk.

“Taehyung-ah.” With her free hand, she points to the left of us. “What’s that house?”

I turn my head, revealing a broken down house, different from all of the others on the street we were on. The majority of its paint is peeled, however, the build of the house stands strong. From the inside, curtains hang from the windows, covering what’s on the inside.

“I… don’t know.” For a while we stare at the decrepit house which stands a few feet away from us. “It looks empty… like someone abandoned it.”

“Stop!” A voice from behind almost yells, running at full speed. “Don’t go any further.”

The voice that I recognize almost instantly. I turn around to meet the voice and Jaemi follows. “Suga, what are you doing here?”

I keep myself from snapping at him. Meanwhile, Jaemi stays quiet. Her grip on me stays strong, however, she’s like a clay statue—not moving at all.

“What are you guys doing in this neighborhood?” He questions, ignoring my question. His eyes immediately glare at our skinship, but refocuses them to me.

“We’re just walking around for some fresh air. Jaemi… doesn’t seem like herself right now.”

“Clearly.” He almost chuckles, knowing that she would never willingly wrap her arms around mine. “Why don’t you guys… move along then?”

“Whydid you stop us? We weren’t intentionally going inside that house.” I say, pointing behind me.

“I know, but it’s getting late, and you two should hurry and catch a train before it gets too dark out here.”

“What about you? Why are you here? Aren’t you supposed to be home with your little perfect family… and Gaejin?” The words pour out of my mouth unconsciously, causing him to take a small step back.

“Did Jaemi tell you about that?” He bends forward slight and flips his hair to the side. “Gaejin moving into my family wasn’t my idea. Is that what you think, Taehyung? Do you blame everything on me?”


Jaemi’s POV

“Is that what you think, Taehyung? Do you blame everything on me?” Yoongi sounds like he’s on the verge of tears… he’s so emotional…

Seeing a new side of Yoongi gives me a different angle of how he felt when that accident happened in Daegu. The day I arrived to Daegu in 2008, was the day…



Changed clothing, textbooks out, notebook open, pen in my hand and ready to write, I’ve been like this for three hours and I still haven’t done any homework. The truth about everything in Daegu… what Jimin told me, I don’t want to believe.

I twirl the pen in my hand a few times before grabbing a light jacket a heading for the pond. Barefoot, I let the newly grown grass tickle my feet as I slowly make my way there. Without any hesitation, I dip feet into the cooling water and being to sway back and forth. My toes draw it’s own painting along the top of the pond as the bugs start their everyday routine of music. Deeper and deeper I travel in the pond, the further I am from reality. I let my jacket hang down my shoulders, allowing my bare skin to show. After a few seconds, I take my jacket off and rest it on the dry grass, close to the pond. My pants are pulled up just above my knees as I continue to feel the muddy floor of the pond.

Daegu 2008, just before lunch time, JUST before my family and I arrived… he was hospitalized and was sent here to Buncheon. Because of Jimin and Jungkook. Because of their foolishness. Because they were children. Innocent Childr-

My feet land on something hard. Not a rock, but definitely solid. I roll up my sleeves and reach a hand into the muddy water. With a great amount of strength, I jolt back, managing to pull the object out. However, the sudden release of the object causes me to fall backwards into the pond. I let out a breath of relief and crawl out of the pond towards my jacket. Slightly shivering from the sudden gust of wind, I dry my hands, and the object with my jacket and pull out my phone from my jacket pocket.

As I turn on my flashlight from my phone and shine it on the object, my head cocks to the side. “A jewelry box?”

I put my phone down so that its light still flashes on me and the box. I lay the box on my lap and cautiously open the box. My heartbeat increases and I feel like there’s a knot twisted in my stomach.

Tons of photos of Yoongi and Taehyung as children sit dry in that box. Each photo was dated and labeled. “Taehyung’s 2nd Birthday.” There, Yoongi, who appears older and grown, sits next to baby Taehyung, whose hands and mouth is covered with frosting and cake bits. “Yoongi’s piano recital 2007” Yoongi, Taehyung and their… parents? Stand together in front of the piano on stage. Yoongi holds a bouquet of flowers in one hand, and an arm around Taehyung.

Surprisingly, I find myself finding air to breath in and tears begin to fall down my face. I look up at the stars and let the tears fall down sideways, towards my ears. They’re brothers…

More important, Jimin and Jungkook were apart of their separation. But… if they’re brothers, how come Taehyung and Yoongi don’t seem to recognize each other? ...Who’s jewelry box is this?


Hello my readers~

Please don't hate me for being so inactive. Honestly speaking I've passed a deep phase of depression and such. But I'll try to update as often as possible. And I have NO writer's block. Just no urge or meaning or purpose for writing out the chapters as much as I did before.

In this chapter, OBVIOUSLY Jaemi finds out more of the truth and what happened years ago. However, there are still questions unanswered and evidence to be found for the reasoning. SO, stay in touch with me, this website and this story. I'm truly sorry for being active and taking an unexpected hiatus.

VOTE///COMMENT///SUBSCRIBE for more chapters~

See you in the next chapter.
~Alexis Thao



I'm seriously fangirling it's just-

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HOLY CRAP! I was shook when I saw this story was updated, I'm so happy! >.< Yayyyy lol. Love you and your stories, i re-read everything like 3 times. Nothing defeats this hehehe. The chapter is so intense! That was unexpected and i'm in love with it! THank you for updating

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evidently it was also put up on exo fanfic ;)
additionally, this isn't the only non-exo story uploaded on exofanfic site either. but thanks for commenting

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