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Finding My Way



In the studio, I lace on my new ballet pointe shoes I bought from Haneul (boss) yesterday. Immediately dancing in these shoes when they’re new break your toes. I hop a few times and walk around the studio in circle, checking my upper body form in the mirror. My hair is wrapped in a secure bun and I wear a black leotard with a sapphire pointe skirt and light pink tights.

After placing some rosin on the bottom of my shoes, I walk out of the room. Step by step I break into my shoes, pacing up and down the hallways. The noise from the wooden areas of the shoe make noises that can’t be helped. Jungkook pops out of Taehyung’s room and smiles as he looks at my appearance.

“The dance academy uniform, your wearing it!” Jungkooks smile grows wider as he fiddles with my skirt.

I almost burst out laughing for no reason. Looking at him look me with that dorky smile makes me giggly without purpose. “I’m breaking into my shoes, wanna help me?”

Together, we dance stupidly and messily down the hallways with no music. Our feet move around so much that my new shoes were more than broken in, but it didn’t matter. I want to go back. Back to Seoul and dance again. With Jungkook.

The urge for me to run away to Seoul with Jungkook increases its percentage. I push myself up from the floor to pirouette turn. Jungkook holds my waist with one hand and holds my fifth position arm with his. Successfully landing the triple turn, we stop dancing, startled by Hoseok’s sudden appearance.

“H-hoseok.” I go flat on my shoes and walk up to him. His dark circles are more defined and he wears his school uniform from yesterday. I cup his face, moving it side to side to check his complexion. His eyes are dozed out, staring to the side. “You didn’t come home yesterday? Where were you?”

“S-studying.” He nods his head and gently puts his hands on my wrists, bringing my arms down. “I’m going to go wash up.”

Hoseok ambly brushes passed Jungkook and I. We stare at each other in confusion. Jungkook shrugs and raises his hands, waiting for me to rejoin him and continue to dance. Back facing Jungkook, I plié to stand on my toes, but this time, Jimin catches me by the waist in front of me. My heart almost jumps out of me from the sudden touch. I let out a small scream and jump, causing me to go flat on my feet again. Jungkook and Jimin laugh in harmony, high-fiving in the process.

“Yah!” I shout, about to smack both of their heads. I end up smiling and laughing anyways, seeing them happy. I pull them both into a group hug. We keep on laughing, even though it wasn’t even funny. It’s been awhile since I laughed, since we all laughed. Together.

“BREAKFAST IS READY!” Byeol’s voice echoes down every inch of the hallways from the cafeteria. We let out a chuckle from as a reaction from her voice.

“Let’s go.” Jimin smiles and puts an arm around me. Jungkook joins us on my other side, putting my arm around his. I walk on my toes to the cafeteria with their assist, breaking into my shoes more than needed. The feeling of these shoes on my feet playbacks all of my memories in Seoul. From beginning to end. Especially with Jimin and Jungkook here by my side. It makes me want to forget Buncheon and fly away to Julliard. I want to fulfill my dreams of becoming a dancer, and yet here I am...

In the cafeteria, everyone is already seated and eating. Three trays are placed at the end of the table with empty seats. Taehyung is the first to spot us. “Jae! Kookie! Jimin! Come sit.”

Taehyung pats the seat next to him for me, but I avoid him, sitting next to Hoseok instead. He slumps in his chair and barely touches his food. Everyone jumps into their own conversations and topics, but Hoseok stays quiet. I lean closer to the table, trying to catch his gaze. “Hoseok.”

“Eo?” He immediately responds to me and I manage to be the center of his gaze as he straightens himself. “Sorry, I was lost in thought.”

“No it’s alright.” I answer, grinning softly. “What’s up?”

“Nothing really, actually.” Hoseok nods his head and looks at his fingers.

He’s avoiding small talk… “Why aren’t you eating breakfast?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“...By the way, where were you last night, hm?” I take my chopsticks and start picking rice grains from my bowl.

“Nowhere special.”

“I…” What to I say to him? I find myself frozen in place, unable to approach warmly as determined to. We aren’t that close, huh? Who else can talk to him? Who could break him like this? Break him from his normal self? “Hoseok.”

He heaves a sigh before answering me, looking at me dead in the eye. “Yes, Jaemi.”

At that moment, no words could come out my mouth. He’s still polite, but he’s not his usual self.

I pull his shoulder, making him lean towards me. My arms swaddle him by his shoulders and I instinctively he rests his head on my shoulders. I feel him pat my back, comforting me even though I should be the one consoling him. “Can you at least eat? That’ll make me feel less worried about you.”

“Don’t worry about me.” Hoseok releases from my embrace and smiles. He pats my head gently and sticks a spoonful of rice in his mouth. “I’ll eat. Just for you.”

I layer of agonization lifts from me and relief replaces it. Watching him finish his tray of food makes me satisfied enough to eat.

“Jae.” Jungkook says across from me.

“Eo?” I answer, eating my last few bites of breakfast. “Let’s have dinner together. You, Jimin and I before I leave.”

“Yeah, we should do that.” Jimin nods and smiles at the same time. “It’ll be just like old times. We can make reservations for the diner right?”

“Ohhh.” I purse my lips and raise an eyebrow. “That does sound like a good idea. I’ll make the reservation for tonight.”

“Can I join?” Taehyung asks and puts a hand on Jimin’s shoulder. I open my mouth to immediately accept his offer, however I’m cut off.

“No.” The two of them say at the same time. I look down, hiding my smile from Taehyung. I pull out my phone and call the diner, successfully reserving a booth.


Buncheon Diner

The bell placed on the door rings when Jimin swings it open. As usual, we’re greeted by Irene, or… Joo… Jooh-?

“Annyeong, Joohyun.” Jungkook says, raising two fingers at her.

“Annyeonghaseyo Jimin-shi, Jungkook…. Jaemi-sunbaenim.” She bows three times, but when it came to be, she stayed in her low bow for a few seconds more than needed. The other people at the diner stare at us, but don’t grow quite like the other times I’ve visited this place.

I cough and fix my hair. Jimin steps in front of me, but doesn’t block my view of the diner. “We made a reservation under-”

“Jaemi? Come and follow me.” Irene interrupts with a bright smile.

Jungkook puts two hands on my shoulders, following me as she guides us to our table. Jimin and Jungkook take one side of the booth and I side alone on the other side. She hands out menu’s to us and stands in silence. The atmosphere becomes quite awkward and I can tell she’s just staring at me for any acknowledgement.

From the corner of my eye, I watch as someone pushes her aside, making her lose balance. I gaze up and make my first eye contact with Irene as Namjoon steps into the picture. “Stop being weird and go do what you came here for.”

Irene bows once more before rushing to the newcomers waiting to be seated. Namjoon… Namjoon would know how to get to Hoseok’s soft spot. Maybe he can talk to Hoseok. They were friends, right?

“Can I take your orders?” Namjoon says with a smile. A smile that anyone can identify as fake. Namjoon, Jimin and Jungkook had history, I almost forgot.

“I will… have… the…” My voice trails off as I watch Namjoon and Jungkook exchange the nastiest glares. Awkwardly, I close my menu and leave it on the table. Jimin avoids my eye contact.

“Jaemi.” Jungkook doesn’t break his stare with Namjoon, it only gets worse. “Can we have a different waiter serve us tonight? I don’t think I’ll be able to eat comfortably here knowing he’ll be watching and checking on us every few minutes.”

Isn’t that what waiters and waitresses do? Or does he mean check our wellbeing as a-as a report to Suga! That’s right, Yoongi and Namjoon are close. Yoongi, Namjoon and Irene are close. Wasn’t Irene blackmailed?

It isn’t before long a waitress, a lowerclassmen from the 3B class, arrives to serve us. For the rest of dinner, Namjoon is nowhere to be found. Once in awhile, I catch Irene glancing at us. We stay for about three hours, catching up with each other, talking about common topics. The diner is almost empty when we’re about to leave.

Jungkook and I pitch in money, since Jimin doesn’t exactly have a job yet, for dinner. We’re the last of the customers to leave. Namjoon comes out and starts sweeping the floor. Irene is at the desk finishing parts of her homework.

Just as we’re about to head out, I place a hand on Namjoon’s arm. Jungkook and Jimin, who are already waiting at the door, look back impatiently. Especially Jungkook.

“Can we talk? For five minutes?” I question and bite my lower lip. “I have something to say.”


Namjoon and I stand outside the diner, Jungkook and Jimin sit on the bench across the street watching our every move. Or, should I rephrase, his every move. I talk in a hushed tone to they can’t make of what I’m asking Namjoon.

“Have you seen Hoseok lately?” I tap tip of my shoe on the sidewalk, bending my knee.

“Why would there be a reason to communicate with him?” He raises his eyebrow, answering me with caution.

“I don’t know, he just, doesn’t seem in the right state of mind at the moment. That’s all.” I reply, hoping he’d know anything about how to get to him. “If you don’t it’s fine, I shouldn’t even be ask-”

“He didn’t come last night, did he?” I watch a wide smirk grow on his face. He shakes his head and folds his arms. “That bastard.”

“E-excuse me?” I blink twice before predicting Namjoon had something to do with Hoseok missing last night.

“I told him to go home. He didn’t listen to me.” He responds plainly, pursing his lips. “He’s been stalking me lately for some random and odd reason. You know we had a great relationship, but that was back then. I guess something triggered him to approach me again. This time with more desperation.”

I sense humor and sarcasticness in his tone. He chuckles to himself and looks to the side. Stalking? Namjoon? Is that the real story?

“Listen, Jaemi. As much as I enjoy talking with you, I have work to finish. I’ll see you Monday, alright?” Namjoon ruffles my hair before walking back into the diner. The bell on the door rings one last time and I stand alone. Namjoon told him to go home. S-stalking? Why would Hoseok act this way so suddenly? Why is Namjoon avoiding my questions?

What is the missing piece to this puzzle? Stalking...

Why does Hoseok sound a lot like… Yoongi.



This chapter opens up more to the side characters, which will play a role in the upcoming chapters. I MISS GAEJIN. I know, she's gone, and I forgot to add Seokjin's feelings in this chapter, but OH WELL TOO LATE IM LAZY.

I hate school at this time of the year MOST because that's when I slack off everything the most. Fall just sucks in general. FALL IS FALL FOR A REASON. LEGIT EVERYTHING IS FALLING; Leaves, weather, money (spend on concert tickets), GPA, motivation, etc.

Homework, from all classes, are being shoved up my---------------------------------------

*please standby for technical difficulties*


VOTE///COMMENT///SUBSCRIBE if you like my storyyyyyy. Now that right there would give me some motivation to do something. LOL


See you in the next chapter!
~Alexis Thao


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