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Mended Heart

Sliver Moon, Silver RIngs

New Chapter!
Warning: Super adorable Chapter! Read at your own risk!
Remember to listen to music while reading!

GOT7- Back To Me

~ Your POV ~
-After an Hour-
When we all met up again, we got into a van that JB borrowed for the day.
It was a 40-minute trip so it will take a while.
While JB was driving, BamBam was fooling around with Youngjae, Jr. sat in the front chatting with JB, and I sat between Mark and Jackson.
Jackson wrinkled his nose in disagreement.
Jackson: (Y/N), can we switch spots?
Then that’s when I realized that Jackson was getting uncomfortable with me sitting next to Mark. I smiled devilishly and decided to tease him as a punishment.
You: No
Jackson: *pouts* Why not?~
You: *smiles* Because I don’t want to
Jackson: Jebal~
You: Ani~
Jackson: Ugh, then can you at least scoot closer to me?
You: Ani, I feel comfortable with where I am sitting.
That’s when Mark realized what I was trying to do.
Jackson grunted and turned away.
I giggled quietly and looked at Mark, and Mark childishly winked back at me. I giggled once again.

After the boring 40 minutes, we got out and saw the white sand and crystal ocean. It was beautiful.
The boys jumped out the car and Jackson slowly dragged himself out. I sighed and walked up to Jackson.
You: Jackson-ah, Mian, I was just joking.
Jackson didn’t say anything. I took his arm.
You: Oppa~ I was just kidding.
Jackson: *coldly* I don’t see anyone laughing at your joke
You: *pouts* I said sorry.
Jackson: *grunts and rolls eyes* Whatever
You: *frowns* fine, be that way.
I walked away and Jackson didn’t stop me.

I got closer to the crystal clear water. I saw the boys were already splashing around. I smiled and took off my clothes so I was in my bikini.
When I placed my stuff where it belongs, I realized that the sounds of laughter from the boys were no longer in the air.
I turned around and saw the boys staring at me with their mouths open.
Then, JB oppa tried to distract them.
JB: Oh, um *clears throat* Let’s go get something to drink.
The boys immediately turned their face toward JB-oppa to avoid me seeing their tomato faces.That’s when Jackson stormed toward the crowd.
Jackson: Yah! Keep your eyes off someone else’s girl.
They quickly scrambled out of the water and sprinted toward the bar hut.
After they were gone, Jackson turned toward me, took off his shirt and slid it on me. He was now just wearing his snapback, sunglasses, chain necklace, and swimming trunks now. I blushed at the view.
Jackson: *chuckled* You like the view?
I immediately changed my smiled into a frown and started to walk away. Jackson grabbed my wrist, pulled me into his embrace, and placed his chin on top of my head.
Jackson: Listen, I’m sorry. I just can’t stand you being too close to other guys. I’m afraid that you will run away from me. Please, don’t be upset anymore, forgive me. I was foolish.
You: Fine, but.
Jackson: But?
You: Remember that I’m always yours.
He smiled and kissed my forehead.
Jackson: By the way, keep that shirt on for the entire time.
You: *pouts* But oppa~ I don’t want to~
Jackson: Please, I can’t stand hungry wolves staring at my angel.
You: *blushes* Fine~ But can I take it off when I am in the water?
Jackson: *sigh* fine, you can take it off when you’re in the water, but stay close to me at ALL TIMES.
You: *giggles* Arasseo.
After hours of fishing, splashing, screaming, and laughing. We decided to get a drink from the bar hut.
I got a mango smoothie and Jackson got a fruit cocktail instead of a drink.
When we sat on the beach under our umbrella and on our towels, enjoying our refreshments, a group of girls passed by. They all had gorgeous bodies.
When they were walking across from us, they started to giggle shyly. They were looking someone... Jackson. The girls shyly waved at him and Jackson just winked back at them.
I got upset. They acted as if I wasn’t there, right next to Jackson.
Placed my drink down, took his shirt off, and walked away. Jackson immediately got up and ran after me.
Jackson: Babe, where are you going?
You: Getting some air.
Jackson: *chuckles* Aww, is my angel jealous?
You: A-ani!
Jackson: *chuckles and pinches cheek* Don’t worry, I’m all yours, I’m just teasing you.
I still look unconvinced.
Then Jackson leaned down and took my lips into his.
Jackson: *stops* Convinced? Am I forgiven?
You: *chuckles* Yes
Jackson: Thank you. Now let’s get that sunscreen reapplied ok?
I chuckled and followed him back toward the umbrella again.

EXO- Moonlight

Dusk fell. The boys and I built a small bonfire and sat around it. We were telling each other embarrassing stories and laughing our heads off. Then Jackson asked something.
Jackson: Hey, is it ok for me and (Y/N) to go on a walk?
All: Ne, Don't get lost, though.

We walked under the moonlight and decided to sit on the sand.
We watched the moonbeam reflecting on the rippled water surface and listened to the calming waves.
There was a long moment of silence. Then, Jackson took something out of his pocket.
It was a small box. Wait! A small box?!
Jackson opened it and there was a pair of silver rings in it.
Promise/couple rings.
I looked at Jackson and Jackson just smiled. He took my hand and slipped the smaller ring onto my finger and slipped the other one onto his.
You: Jackson-ah, it’s beautiful…
I watched the ring glimmer under the moonlight.
Jackson: *smiles* You're forever mine and I'm forever yours.
I smiled and threw my arms around his neck.
You: Thank you, oppa~
He smiled and kissed my temples.
Jackson: You’re welcome, angel.
Then the calm waves filled in our silence.


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catdog21 catdog21

It is isn't it? So, book two or nah?

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It's so cute with Angie in it

catdog21 catdog21

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