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Mended Heart


Reminder: Starting from today, I will go back on the normal update schedule!
I'm sorry that this is really late, I will post another chapter today!
Remember to listen to the music while reading!

GOT7- Back To Me

~ Your POV ~

-After 3 periods-
I was getting ready to go to lunch. I went to my locker to put my stuff. Once I was done, I shut my locker. Then I found Jackson behind my locker door, flashing me a smile.
You: Jackson! I haven't seen you in days!
Jackson: Yah, didn't i tell you to call me oppa?
I blushed.
You: Fine. Jackson -oppa
Jackson: Good girl *smiles* Anyways, did you miss me?
You: N-no
I lied.
Jackson: You sure? *he smirked and walked closer you*
You: Okay, okay. I did.
I blushed even more. Not only because I had to admit that I did miss him, I blushed because he was moving closer to me.
Jackson: *smiles* I knew you would miss me *ruffles your hair*
You: Oppa~ now my hair is messed up *pouts*
Jackson:Ah, mian. *fixes your hair* Okay, let's go now.

Us two walked toward the canteen.
Jackson: Hey, are you coming with us this afternoon?
I decided to play dumb.
You: What about this afternoon? I don't remember anything about this afternoon.
Jackson: *frowns and pouts* oh, nevermind then...
You: *giggles* wow, you're actually buying it.
Jackson: *shocked* Yah! Don't disappoint oppa like that... *frowns and gets upset*
You: Ah~ mian...
I held his arm to make him feel better, but it didn't seem to work.
Jackson: *grunts* since you were disrespectful to your oppa, oppa is goiong to punish you.
You: Huh?!
Jackson looked around to make sure no one is there. When the coast was clear, he started to walk toward me. Closer and closer. I backed up but I was against the wall now.
Your heart was beating incredibly fast.
You:O-oppa, what are you doing?
He doesn't say anything and continue making his way toward me while smirking.
I was really nervous now. He got closer and it was so close that our lips almost touched.
I felt Jackson placing his hands on my hips and leaned closer. When our lips were only a millimeter away, Jackson immediately started to tickle me.
Crap! I feel for his trap!
You: O-oppa *giggles*St-stop *breathes* I can't-
Jackson: This is for tricking oppa.
He continue his tickling. I tried to push him away but of course, my strength was nothing compared to his.

Suddely, someone interrupted us.
Voice: Um, excuse me...
Both of us stopped, my eyes widened and saw Adeline standing there.
Adeline: Is it okay if I borrow (Y/N) for a moment?
You: Ah, ne. *blushes* Oppa, you go, I will catch up.
Jackson: Arasseo *walks away*
You:Yes, Adeline?
Adeline: I know that you are not going to believe me but, Mianhe, I didn't mean to kiss him. He forced me becuase he threatened me...
I saw tears starting to form at the base of her eyes.
You: I knew it. You aren't the type of girl who would just kiss bastard like that. He threatened to hurt you right?
Adeline nodded and looked at the floor.
You: I forgive you, Adeline.
I pulled her into a hug.
Adeline: *sobs* You know me so well, (Y/N).
You: Of course! You are my bestie. Now, Come on stop crying. I'm hungry and I bet you are too.
I wiped her tears away and pulled her toward the canteen.


The tickling scene though, tense wasn't it? Anyways, sorry for the late update, I promise that I will post another chapter today, Mianhe. But, how do you like the story so far? Please give me feedback!
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Special thanks to my readers who commented on my story! Here is just a little something I made for you guys. Don't take it personally if you feel offended, it's just how I felt.

I thank you, @MarksonMandu, for being the very first to comment on my very first story. It made me glad that someone noticed me and was enjoying my story. Thank you!

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catdog21 catdog21

It is isn't it? So, book two or nah?

TuanTuan TuanTuan

It's so cute with Angie in it

catdog21 catdog21

@catdog21 @Gimminey20
I'm glad you like my book. Now that I completed it, please do check out my other works and make requests on my form that is posted in my bio!

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