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yet again

running man part . 1

I arrived at the filming set which was in frront of the mbc building. There were lots of cameras and I was the first one there.
PD - Hello, you're the first one. You just have to wait for others there we will start filming you.
That was strange normally the members are there first and they welcome the guests.
I stood there in front of like 1à cameras not knowing what to do. I just got on talking.
- Hello everybody, i am ___ from Jyp's new girlgroup " jolies ", as you can see i am like alone, the pd said it's because I am the first. Having watched running man since th beginning I am sure there's Something else to this. Right ?!
I watched the writers face and started laughing.
-Cameraman, you should film the writers face, I think I was right justby their expression hahahaha. I will try to guess then.
Hum...Are you testing the rookies ?
Almost there... maybe ... OH I know it's like a survival, if one of the running man team chooses me I get to the next level ?
I think I am right!!

The PD laughed a little and said - You're almost right. Today we are testing The different companies rookies, each is teamed up with a running man. If you want to be teamed up you have to choose someone who chose you too.
- Like if I choose gary and he didn't choose me I have to go back home ?
PD - That's it
-Ok but there can be more than one person choosing me, right ?
PD - That's right and that's why we put you there alone, if they found you funny or interesting they chose you
- They already chose ?
PD - Yes now it's your turn, maybe you could tell us first the members you like the most and then choose the one you would like to team with.
- Yes so... actually I like Kwangsoo the most but since he's a betrayer I won't choose him haha, I like blank ji too but I think she should be teamed up with a boy so that gary could get jealous. I will choose yoo jae suk. I don't think the others chose me so that's why... ohhh I hope he chose me too.
PD - Congratulation !! You're teamed up with yoo jae suk.

That's when the whole team came out from behind.
Yoo jae suk - hahahaha you know how to entertain !!
-Thank you and nice to meet you.
I bowed to them.
Kwang soo - Yah ! I am not that great of a betrayer
-Hum... really ?
Kwang soo - YAH ...
Yoo jae suk - shhhhh, she's my teammate
Kwang soo - Tss I don't care
Haha- Oh really then why were you so into her when she arrived
- Hahahaha , sorry kwang soo-ssi
Gary - I am not jealous !
Blank ji - You are !
- hahahaha this is so fun !
Sparta - looks like you're watching this on TV.
- That's because you guys are just really funny.
Sparta - Why did you not choose me ?
Yoo jae suk - Because she hates you
Sparta - Not asking you !
Yoo jae suk - Whaat ?!!
- Because you're nagging too much
Yoo jae suk - Well done ! High five
-haha high five !
Jisuk jin - And me
Kwang soo - You still need to ask ?! It's because you're weak ...
Jisuk jin -...
Yoo jae suk - dja! Let's go to the next rookie from YG this time.
Ji suk jinn - Yah i was about to talk !

And like that we went on to meet other rookies. For YG it was BI even though he already had come he teamed up with blank ji once again.
For SM it was a cute girls named lucie and she teamed up with gary.
For antenna music it was a boy , JL , teamed up with sparta.
Then finally a gag man rookie from MBC with haha .Kwang soo and ji suk jin as always together . CROSS .

We then went to the next spot for the filming.



Thanks for the update

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you soooooo much :D
I will do my best with the updates ;) Probably tomorrow :)

Ikonly Ikonly

Loving this fic sooooooooooo much
the 11th chapter was like : FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
(don't mind me getting overly exited, but please Unnie update soon)
hwiting !!!!!

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you :) I will do my best :D

Ikonly Ikonly

Update pls!!! I really enjoy it!!!

Shaaddict Shaaddict