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yet again


-hola cordi unnie
cordi -hola como esta ?
-ha... deh
team leader - Cordi ! didn't we tell you not to talk to her !!??
Cordi - Sorry Darling, but she's appearing on tv today
TL : - Yes and ?
Cordi - Okey sorry you ! but you will have to do your style yourself, go in there and find your dream. Don't forget you will have to run.
The room : That room was awsome and i chose :

I went then to the hairdresser but she wasn't there. The hairdresser place was full but there was no sign of the one who had to do my hair. I looked around and saw Got7.
Bambam - Hoy !
-Hey has been a long time ! Did you see my hairdresser.
Mark - she talked to TL and left.
He was talking as if Nothing ever happened.
-elle se fout de moi ?! ( must be kiffing me )
I said in french and was about to leave when i got myself together.
I turned around face to a hairdresser and explained that my hairdresser wasn't here and I asked to use their Mirror and material.
The hairdresser seemed taken aback but was ok with it.
I did some waves in my hair and put the sunglasses in them.
For the make up I did Something simple like this :

I put some lenses to have my eyes the same color and I left.
I was on my way for my first tv show. Mom you will be proud of me.



Thanks for the update

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you soooooo much :D
I will do my best with the updates ;) Probably tomorrow :)

Ikonly Ikonly

Loving this fic sooooooooooo much
the 11th chapter was like : FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
(don't mind me getting overly exited, but please Unnie update soon)
hwiting !!!!!

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you :) I will do my best :D

Ikonly Ikonly

Update pls!!! I really enjoy it!!!

Shaaddict Shaaddict