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yet again


It's my first time to Korea. We ar getting off the plane. This is the beginning of everything. Out there are hundreds of fans waiting for JYP. One day people will be waiting for me too.
Flashs ar going on and on. Bodyguards are making a way. The fans have placards with JYP written in big. It makes me almost cry. This is just perfect.
We arrive at the van and go to JYP building. On the way JYP explains:
" The first month will be for you to learn korean, to lose weight and to learn all the basics. Afterwards I will see what I can do with you. If I put you out as gagwoman, cf actress, drama/ movie actress or idol. Allright ?"
" Yes...but lose weight ? How much ?"
" Yes I can understand that question. You're seen as thin in europe and here too but idols are half of you. You have a size 34 ? They are 28 "
"Ha .. yeh"
"Here we are, trainers are already waiting, you can't have a break , understand ? "
" Deh ! "

someone escorted me to that place first.

"I am your trainer ! call me yoo-coachnim, todays we will go easy; Jyp wants you to see that there's no break but well you must be tired so i will go easy "
He took out a sport wear
"This will be your best friend for the next month. "
"Alright "
He started off with some push ups and went on with working on other muscles i didn't know i had.
After two intensif hours and me full of sweat some boys came to work out. i recognized them right away. It was Got7.
I bowed to them to greet and the trainer said i could leave.
As i was going out i heard bambam say to mark
" Isn't that the new one who got scouted in europe? "
Jackson answered instead : " It is look on the internet. "
Mark didn't say anything.
Someone was waiting for me outside of the room. And i thought I could go to sleep but not at all. They wanted to see what my level was in dancing singing and acting.
First singing :

Level : 2,5 out of five
then dancing :
level : 3/5
And lastly acting :

Level : 4,5 out of five.

Now I should be able to go sleep. It is 10 in the evening and I am jet lagged.
Someone was waiting for me outside of the room again. He presented himself.
" I will be guiding you for the next month and maybe longer. My name is choi in Young but you can call me choi manager "
"Deh alright. Will I get to take a shower and to sleep ? "
"Ye i will bring you to your dorm for now you are alone waiting for us to see wat we wand do with you.
" Alright then let's go "



Thanks for the update

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you soooooo much :D
I will do my best with the updates ;) Probably tomorrow :)

Ikonly Ikonly

Loving this fic sooooooooooo much
the 11th chapter was like : FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
(don't mind me getting overly exited, but please Unnie update soon)
hwiting !!!!!

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you :) I will do my best :D

Ikonly Ikonly

Update pls!!! I really enjoy it!!!

Shaaddict Shaaddict