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yet again


The practice went on well, i was thinking about how Lucky I was. Mark loves me... He thinks he does but it's already awsome.
* JOLIE backstage please *
Now it was time for the our debut. I still couldn't believe it.
TL - Look how she stole my uniforme.
I couldn't tell her the cordi told me to wear it or the cordi would have som eproblem so I just ignored her.
TL - SEE ?! She's ignoring me !!
We went on stage.
Then I just saw the team looking at me. The formation had changed. I am normally in the middle and the was TL. They were doing aegyo to the camera before starting and I was totally lost. I thought about taking TL's place but she had totally different movements to do. I started dancing from what I remebered. It was my turn singing and there TL started singing in my place. I couldn't believe it. What could i do . I just started harmonizing with her. I added adlib. There was then a place change I tried to move but one of the team member hit me in the leg. Are they crazy, this is recorded. Another one tripped me and I fell but there I was in the middle and I just did as if it was on purpose. When i got up I was back at my place and started dancing as I had to since the beginning. I didn't get to sing and now it was TL's part.
NO KIDDING, I started singing in her place and hit the high notes as if they were mine to begin with.

The end of the stage everyone shouted and i got off.
BI - Are you alright ?

I saw Mark a little further and he just ignored me... Is he jealous again ? HUH ! I don't care he could think of me for once.
I looked down my knee it was bleeding from the falling earlier.

BI - You're bleeding !!
-It's Nothing
BI - It is ! Wait here till I get off stage
* IKON on stage *

I sat down and saw TL and the others laughing... They must be kidding me.

BI came down swaeting and grabbed my arm.
BI - Let's go

He took me to his waiting room and put some oinment on my knee. He was so nice. Not like Mark who is ignoring me the whole time.
-I have to go... thank you oppa
Bambam - NEWS !!! ... HAAAA !! You're here ! Look !
He was taling to me and showed me his phone. The first searchwas a fancam from me. Someone recorded the whole scene even when the girls tripped me.
-I have to get changed and go see the CEO .

i got changed into this :
and went to see the CEO. On my way I saw Mark but I didn't even look at him. If he can ignore me when i am suffering then i can ignore him anytime.


Here ... sorry for updating this late but i really had no inspiration and plus this chapter isn't really good sorry :/ Comment vote and subscribe please it gives me motivation :)


Thanks for the update

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you soooooo much :D
I will do my best with the updates ;) Probably tomorrow :)

Ikonly Ikonly

Loving this fic sooooooooooo much
the 11th chapter was like : FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
(don't mind me getting overly exited, but please Unnie update soon)
hwiting !!!!!

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you :) I will do my best :D

Ikonly Ikonly

Update pls!!! I really enjoy it!!!

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