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yet again

thinking is feeling.

I thought about that moment the whole night, the whole day until I got to debut. I was in the waiting room still thinking about those words " You're mine " I couldn't stop myself from smiling.

Leader - YAH ! Stop smiling it annoys me !

She couldn't be worse. The makeup artist and the hairdresser arrived and once again the " leader "refused thet they do my makeup. I don't get how they listen to her. Maybe she has some influence.
Leader - now I am annoyed could you leave !
- Sorry ?
Leader - And she's dumb ! I asked you to LEAVE !!!!

??? - Great come with me !
I turned around and saw BI.
- I ...
Leader - OPPAAAA, I missed you so much.
BI - Yeah sure, come now.
He Grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. Just at that moment we were face-to-face with Mark.
I saw him looking at our hands. His eyes were annoyed.
-Don't be angry !

Mark - Why would I ?!! Huh...

He left and I just, couldn't let him leave.
- Sorry and thank you, i have to leave.

I grabbed Mark's arm.

-Don't be angry...
Mark - Too late !

* JOLIE have to getchanged and ready they are practicing in one hour. *
Mark - Leave
-Wait there ! Don't move !

i left put on my uniform and... I thought it would be too tight but actually it was too large. I lost too much weight.
Cordi - Okey stay there, instead .... put this on :
- But isn't this leader's dress ?
Cordi - Shhhh , she gained weight hahaha

-Pff hahahaha okey , thank you unnie :)

I got out and went directly to Mark. He was still there. Waiting against the wall. He looked at me from head to toe.

-You stayed !!
I was smiling from ear to ear.
Mark - Okey okey... I did. Come to our waiting room.
I followed him and when we arrived the boys looked at me. Bam bam blushed and Mark glared at him.
Mark - YAH !
JB - Haha boys let's go , I am treating you to some chicken.
They left us and Mark sat on the sofa.
Mark - So that's your dress.
-Yep !
Mark - I was told you were wearing a short.
-Did you do some research on me ?
Mark - YAH !! ... yes
-I lost too much weight.
Mark - Huh , you should have eaten with us!
-I got it ...
Mark - What about your makup and hair ?
Mark - okey

He got out and came bak with two persons.

Mark - Do her makeup and hair please.

They did it and it was so well done. I couldn't have dreamed better; Mark asked them to leave and we were there face to face.

Mark - Is Something going on between you and BI ?
-No he just saw how TL was treating me.
Mark - He likes you
-And ?
Mark - Well...
-I am yours anyway

He smiled and got closer to me. He stroke my cheek and took my right hand in his. He lightly kissed my nose and hugged me.
Mark - I think I love you


As said new chapter today :)


Thanks for the update

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you soooooo much :D
I will do my best with the updates ;) Probably tomorrow :)

Ikonly Ikonly

Loving this fic sooooooooooo much
the 11th chapter was like : FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
(don't mind me getting overly exited, but please Unnie update soon)
hwiting !!!!!

Lounara9 Lounara9


thank you :) I will do my best :D

Ikonly Ikonly

Update pls!!! I really enjoy it!!!

Shaaddict Shaaddict