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Which Goal am I destined?

Chapter 29!

You: " Jeez where is Jungkook! We haven't practice together at all. I hope he likes how I'm singing my part for 'Open Arms'."
????????: " Hey... ___(YN)___. Lets start meeting up everyday now! We have no time to waste ok!?!"
You: " Are you serious... where have you been..." (It wasn't Jungkook) MARK!"
Mark: " Hey I know its been a while but I'm done with the tour. I want to help you sing.
You: " That's fine. BUT just so you know, I'm not going to give up soccer just because you think I'm a good singer...."
Mark: " I know and I won't. You are too special for me. I like you for who you are.. I'm not trying to change you... I promise <3"
You: "Ok. Then we should probably go to a more private place to sing."
Mark: "Like where? Your room?"
You: "Somewhere better."

You take him to the place that you can feel like yourself.. the soccer field.
Mark: " Why here?"
You: " You always told me to be comfortable and I wanted to show you why I like soccer so much."
Mark: " Ok but are we going to sing?"
You: " Yes I need to sing; the concert is coming up. I need to be ready."
Mark: " Lets warm your voice up."
You and Mark start toward up your voice by doing vocal exercises. It was kinda cold outside and you were trying to enjoy the fact the the guy you like was coming to sing with you even though you left off the wrong foot. As you were singing, you couldn't help but feel Mark staring at you.
Mark POV:
I look at ___(YN)___ singing and I couldn't help but stare at her. Jackson told me that I should root for her to follow her dream... but what did he know? He never told JYP sunbaenim about Emma. I need to ask her why she chose soccer instead of singing... once I know this.. I won't bring this up again.
You: " Hey are you ok?"
Mark: " ___(YN)___ please don't hate me."
You: " What are you getting at?"
Mark: " Why soccer over singing?"
You: " I knew you'd ask a question... I'm not surprised"
Mark: "..."
You: " I loved to sing; but I loved to be the best on the field. My parents were more into the athletic side and I wanted to make them very proud so I made sure that I was the best. I kept up with singing but eventually singing practice was getting in the way of my soccer training."
Mark: " Can't you sing the national anthem or something?"
You: " I've tried but its just not my style."
Mark: " Im sorry I tried to change you. It's not right for me to do so."
You: "I agree with you. BUT! Thanks for the great apology. I appreciate it."
Mark: "Lets go see the stage and maybe you can try to sing out loud?"
You: " I'll try but I feel like I might puke!"
Mark: " You'll be fine."


Hey long time no see! I thought I finish the story to give it a ending. Please leave a comment to get YOUR own touch in this story? I'm kinda having writers block. Sorry for the awkward chapter! <3333


HAHAH!! I feel you!! Don't worry to much! Update is coming hopefully later tonight!!

Evet-sarang Evet-sarang

The cliffhangers kill me... lol , update soon!!

Yay I'm so happy for you and its okay we'll always be here for you Author-Nim fighting!!!!!

gotziexo gotziexo

omg this is really good, update soon!!!!!

TuanTuan TuanTuan

Please update!! I love this story sooooooo much ^_^

Minghoon9397 Minghoon9397