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Which Goal am I destined?

Chapter 28

???????: " WAIT DON"T GO ___(YN)___!!!"
BamBam: " Ohh Jackson hyung... JYP hyung!!"
JB: " JYP President!!"
Jr.: " President... what are you doing here?"
JYP: " Jackson told me about a singer who was here.. He said it was a girl, so that leaves you two ** You and Emma**.
So..who sings?"
Mark: " It's ___(YN)___...."
You: " I'm ___(YN)___. Jackson why did you do all this for me?"
Jackson: " I did it because your voice is AMAZING!"
Mark: " See ___(YN)___ your voice is so much better than you playing soccer.. I'm not the only one who thinks like that."
You: " ..."
JYP: " ___(YN)___ I see what you are going through. You look hurt. What happened to your leg??"
You: " During one of my soccer game, I tore my ACL."
Mark: " But JYP hyung! She is sings so good!! You have to listen to her!!"
BamBam: " She sings good, but... you can't try to change ___(YN)____ 's heart. She loves soccer."
Emma: " It's up to ___(YN)___."
You: " I gave up singing for a reason.. I'm sorry Mr.JYP President."
JYP: " ___(YN)___ just know this... Not all things in life stay the same."
You: " I understand."
JYP: " Take my card I would love to hear you sing."
You: " Thank you. I'm honored! Come on Emma, lets go back to SNU."
Emma: " Can you guys take us back to school please. We don't know how to get back."
JB: " Ok.. lets go everyone."
JYP: " Emma??"
Emma: " Yes"
JYP: " Jackson didn't tell me that he has a dongsaeng. Nice to meet you!"
Emma: " O.O... ummm Nice to meet you too."
Jackson: " Emma... wait don't leave me!! Lets talk about this!!"
JYP: " Umm Jackson... Mark please stay here with me the rest of you guys can go escort Emma and ___(YN)___ back to SNU."
Mark: " But hyung..."
Jackson: " Ok..."

In the car
JB: " ___(YN)___... Emma are you girls ok??"
Emma: " I can't believe that Jackson never told JYP about me..."
Jr.: " He might have had a reason to do so."
YoungJae: " ___(YN)___ are you ok? You haven't made eye contact with any of us."
Yugyeom: " Are you still holding JYP President's card??"
You: " I...."
BamBam: " Ohh Emma noona are you crying!?!?"
Emma: " What?? Umm no.. (not anymore)"
Jr.: " ___(YN)___ not you too!"
JB: " ___(YN)___ please forgive what Mark said. He had no right to say what he said."
You: " ... ok..."

In your dorm \
You: " Emma... I'm pretty sure Jackson had his reasons not to say anything to JYP President."
Emma: " I know. It's just makes me feel like..."
You: " Hurt?"
Emma: "Yea. Jackson never lies. It doesn't make sense to me still; but what about you? What was the reason that made you give up singing?"
You: " I..."
Emma: " Go ahead..."
You: " I grew up in a family that specializes in sports. ONLY! I was forced to dedicate my time to soccer. I had practice everyday 7 days a week 3-4 times a day. I loved singing! I used to sing in talent shows but my family wouldn't support it. So I did what made my family happy. I gave up what I LOVED to do."
Emma: " Why would you ever care about what people say about you. Support or not! You follow your heart and no one else! Jackson gave up what he 'loved' so did I. We wanted to do what WE wanted! Fencing wasn't our thing."
You: " Getting this card makes me feel a way that I can't explain."
Emma: " Do it! Try!!"
You: " My family was hardly supportive of me deciding to get an education/ degree to a school outside the US. If I old them that I'm giving up soccer for a microphone... a boarding pass back to home with all of my belongings is what I'll see."
Emma: " I see. You have a rough family!"
You: " The only one who will genuinely support me is my mom. No one else."
Emma: " Same here."
You: " Lets go to sleep! We have to wake up for practice tomorrow!"
Emma: " Are you coming to practice with me??"
You: " Yas!! HAHAH!!"
Emma: " HAHAAA!!"

You: "EMMA!!!! Wake up you're late!! Lets go!!!"
Emma: " OK! I'm up I'm up!! Lets go!!"

Jung- In: " YAHH!!! Seung Woo-a!!! Stop trying to take a shot at me from half field. You have to take a breather!"
Seung-Woo: " Say that again and you're dead!!! If she can do this, than so can I!"
Jae-Won: " That she is right here. Hi ___(YN)___! Hi Emma! :)"
You/Emma: " HI!"
You: " Seung-Woo are you trying do my move?"
Seung-Woo: " Yah!! Why are you talking to me so informal??"
You: " What year were you born??"
Seung-Woo: " '97"
You: " '97"
Seung-Woo: " What month??"
You: " September..."
Seung-Woo: " **Fuuh**"
You: " I think that means that I am the older one!!>. Jae-Won: " Are you girls going to practice now? We can clean up now.."
Emma: " No! We had running today! We came to touch the turf! It helps us release stress."
Jung- In: " You girls wanna kick it with us?"
Emma: " Do we have time before class ___(YN)___??"
You: " Yah we have about 2 1/2 hours before class."
Jae-Won: " You have the same class?"
You: " No.. we have different professors but..."
Emma: " Our classes are right next door to each other! HAHAAA!!"
Jung- In: " Emma... do you want to train together. Have them take shots at us??"
Emma: " Sure. Just I'm not trying to get hurt."
Jung- In: " Don't worry you won't! Promise!"
You: " Seung-Woo-a do you want me to help you with your half field cross?"
Seung-Woo: " Wait.. you said cross??"
You: " Yeah! You didn't think that I actually made a goal from there! I put in the box and Crystal put in the goal! HEHEH!!"
You practice and share some laughter together! Seung Woo starts to relax around you! He jokes around and smiles!
Singing 101 class Professor: " OK kids! As you know the Winter Jingle Bash is next Saturday! Are you guys ready!?!"
Everyone: " .... Yes...."
Singing 101 class Professor: " OK! Practice! Good luck!"
You: " Jeez where is Jungkook! We haven't practice together at all. I hope he likes how I'm singing my part for 'Open Arms'."
????????: " Hey... ___(YN)___. Lets start meeting up everyday now! We have no time to waste ok!?!"


"Listen to KPOP... it's good for you!" -----> Jre

Well... hope you enjoyed this new update 'destines'! Keep up with your love for this story!! I love you guys suhh much!! <3333


HAHAH!! I feel you!! Don't worry to much! Update is coming hopefully later tonight!!

Evet-sarang Evet-sarang

The cliffhangers kill me... lol , update soon!!

Yay I'm so happy for you and its okay we'll always be here for you Author-Nim fighting!!!!!

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omg this is really good, update soon!!!!!

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Please update!! I love this story sooooooo much ^_^

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