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Which Goal am I destined?

Chapter 26

????: " HEY!"

????: " ___(YN)___... miss me!!
You: "... DUUH!!!! MARK!!!!"
Mark: " Geez!!! HAHAH! OH!! Where are your crutches??"
You: " I'm cleared to start walking without them! Keke!"
Mark: " Jackson is looking for Emma... are you girls busy with classes today?"
You: " I have class right now... sorry. Emma should be getting dressed..."
Mark: " O.O getting... dressed..."
You: " Yea! Practice just ended.. hahah!"
Mark: " Ok... sooo... did you miss us??"
You: " No..."
Mark you didn't miss US!?!?"
You: " No... I missed YOU!"
Mark: " Ohhh! That sounds better."
You: " Yea.."
Mark: " How's class treating you??"
You: " I'm ok.. finals start for me today... smh.."
Mark: " Did you study?"
You: " Yea. This class is just a science class final.. nothing to much for me."
Mark: " I see. I'll walk you to your class."
You: " Sure!"

Marks phone
Jackson: " Mark! I found Emma! But it looks like Emma has a final today so we can't take them anywhere?!"
Jackson: " Mark why did you leave me on 'read' huh!! Gahhh! Answer your phone! LOL!!"
Mark: " ___(YN)___ also has a final, I am walking her to her class sorry!"
Jackson: " Hey we should go get some food! I'm hungry! HAHAA!"
Mark: " Hi Jackson... it's ___(YN)___! Welcome back! Emma and I should be out before 2pm! We can hang out then!"
Jackson: " ___(YN)___... why do you have Mark's phone?!"
Mark: " I wanted to say hi! LOL!"
Jackson: " Ok! Good luck with your first final!!"

Mark: " ___(YN)___ how did Leo treat you? Did you learn something?"
You: " I learned to just go with it.. He kept telling me to let my voice come out naturally."
Mark: " Yea. That makes sense for Leo sunbaenim to say that!"
You: " Yea he took me to ummm... Namsan to(wer)"
You: " Yea...Mark oppa are you ok??"
Mark: " Yea... I'll cool off! Sorry I just over reacted... ___(YN)___ I'll see you after you finish your final.. ok!?"
Mark comes up to you and kisses your cheek without any thought

You: " Ok... here goes nothing!"

You finish the final pretty fast! Science was your strongest subject so you had no problem getting the answers. You waited for Emma to come out of her final. You both completed the first final of the school semester!

Emma: " ___(YN)___ I think we should go ahead and find Jackson and Mark oppa! Lets go!"
You: " Lets go!!"
Emma: " Jackson oppa!!! We are over here!!!"
Jackson: " HEY GUYS!!"
Mark: " How was your first final!?"
Emma: " Hard."
You: " Pretty simple"
Emma: " Lets get out of here! Can we go to your studio?"
Jackson: " Yea come on!"

Jackson: " We are back bringing gifts!!"
YoungJae: " FINALLY!!! FO(OD)"
JB: " You guys said that you were bringing food! What took you guys so long!!!"
Mark: " We went to go pick up a few things but they were far away!"
BamBam: " Hey!!!!!!!! EMMA!!!!!!! ___(YN)___!!!!!!!!"
Yugyeom: " YAHHHH!!!!!"
Jr.: " Hi girls!!!"
Emma: " HI oppa!!! Did you have a great concert?"
Jr.: " Yea!"
JB: " Nice to see you girls... but not be rude..."
YoungJae: "Where is the food!!"
You: " Oops! It's in the car!"
BamBam: " NOONA!! Awww! I'll go get it!"
You: " BamBam! WAIT!! I have it right here!"
Everyone:" HAHAH!"

Yugyeom: " ___(YN)___ so are you getting better at singing?"
BamBam: " Feel more comfortable singing?"
You: " Umm! I feel ok."
BamBam: " It's ok! I know how you feel! I was like that with my dab.. but I got use to it! Cool huh!"
You: " I see that!"
Jr.: " Emma, how is your season going! Did you let any goals go in?"
Emma: " Season is going fast. We are finishing up the winter season... We'll have ___(YN)___ for the spring season, which is good! Spring season is a lot harder than winter!"
Mark: " Wait ___(YN)___ you can start playing spring season!?"
You: " Yea.. if I do the correct rehab workouts looks like it!"
YoungJae: "Alright!!!"
Jackson: " We can finally see you guys play!"
BamBam: " YAY!! Yugyeom! Hit the dab with me!"
Yugyeom: "Ok! Ready?? 1...."
BamBam: " 2..."
Both: " 3.... *dab* AAYYEE!!"
Mark: " ___(YN)___ do you want to sing in a real studio! Come here."
You: " Ok!"
You and Mark go into the studio you go ahead and start to look at the studio.
Mark: " Do you want to try to sing a song??"
You: " Like??"
Jackson: " Hey!! Sing one of our songs!?!?"
BamBam: " 'Just right' !"
Emma: " Yea!! Do it ___(YN)___!!! Try!!"
Jr.: " We'll give you the background music!"
JB: " Go ahead!"


Listen to KPOP... it's good for you!" -----> Jre


HAHAH!! I feel you!! Don't worry to much! Update is coming hopefully later tonight!!

Evet-sarang Evet-sarang

The cliffhangers kill me... lol , update soon!!

Yay I'm so happy for you and its okay we'll always be here for you Author-Nim fighting!!!!!

gotziexo gotziexo

omg this is really good, update soon!!!!!

TuanTuan TuanTuan

Please update!! I love this story sooooooo much ^_^

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