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Which Goal am I destined?

Chapter 22 ............. follow me please.

You: " After Leo... don't worry about it!
Hongbin: " ___(YN)___ -a don't worry about it! Leo can get pretty jealous easy."
Leo: " NO I don't.."
N: " Yes you do."
Hyuk: " I agree."
Ravi: " What are you talking about?"
Leo: " Do I get jealous easily?"
Leo: " Ya!! Am I?"
Ravi: " Yes you are hyung... don't hit me!"
Ken: " ___(YN)___ come here. Lets get you to the stage."
You: " Why?"
Ken: " Try and sing.."
You: " WHAT!"
Ken: " Where are you going?"

As soon as you heard Ken say "Try and sing" you ran away from him. You were running so fast that you were swerving around people trying to get back to Leo oppa.

You: " OH! Sorr(y)"
???: " Are you ok ___(YN)___? Why are you running away from the stage?"
You: " Oh! Leo oppa! Ken oppa wants me to sing on stage..."
Leo: " I know.. I planned it."
You: " EHHH!"
Leo: " You need to be confident in your voice."
You: " I am, but is this really necessary?"
Leo: " Yup. Come on lets get you to the stage."
You: " NO! Please don't do this to me oppa."
N: " Good luck ___(YN)___!"
You: " N oppa you knew about this?"
N: " ..."
You: " What!?!"
Hyuk: " She found out already?"
Hongbin: " HAHA! You can do it ___(YN)___."
Leo: " ___(YN)___ we planned this for you."
You: " I think I am going to puke.."
You: " Leo oppa..."
Leo: " Just try. You might be a natural born singer."
You: " I play soccer I am a natural born soccer player not singer."
Ken: " ___(YN)___ to be a singer you can't be afraid of singing in front on 300 people."
You: " I am taking a class for singing. I'll be performing at the Winter Jingle."
N: " You are performing at the Winter Jingle?!"
You: " Yea. That's a sm(all)"
Leo: " That's a concert that has over 3,000 fans.."
You: " Ehhh!"
Ravi: " We get invited to sing at the winter Jingle all the time."
Ken: " You'll love it!"
Leo: " Why do you think that I want you sing right now in front of 300 people."
You: " I have to sing by myself?"
Hyuk: " You can pick one of us to sing with you!"
Hongbin: " I can sing with you! It will be fun!"
Ken: " We can sing Beyonce! I can be Ken-yonce!"
Hyuk: " ___(YN)___ I can make this experience unforgettable!"
Leo & N: " Let ___(YN)___ pick."
You: " Can I sing with...."
Leo: " Yes you can.. I'll get ready."
You: " Did Leo oppa just..?"
N: " Yea.."
Ravi: " It's obvious Ken.."
Ken: " I know at least we are getting somewhere with Leo."
You: " What are you talking about?"
N: " We think that Leo.."
Leo: " ___(YN)___ lets get you in make-up come on."

Leo took your hand in his and took you to the make-up room. You were sitting next to Leo as you were changing by the second. You felt things poking your eye then a brush against your cheeks..
Leo: " Make sure ___(YN)___ has little sparkles on her face.."
You: " Oh! Leo oppa you are already done?"
Leo: " Yea.. OH! Your phone is flashing.."
Emma: ___(YN)___ where are you?!
___(YN)___ some girl is going to sing before VIXX! Hope she's good.
Y aren't u responding to me?!
___(YN)___ Ok I could have been rude sorry..
What are you wearing?

You: " Are we done now?"
Leo: " Looks good... take a look ___(YN)___ -a"
You: " OMG! I look..."
Leo: " Beautiful..."
You: " You think so?"
Leo: " I know so.."
N: " Ohh!"
Hongbin: " ___(YN)___ can I get your autograph?"
Leo: " Oh yea! ___(YN)___ come here let me sign your VIXX shirt..."
Hyuk: "Hyung!!! DON'T!"

You were in total shock that Leo came up to you took your shirt and signed it right where your heart is. He didn't care nor did you.. You felt how he felt about you.. he believed in you..

N: " Are you crazy!!"
Leo: " Lets go sing ___(YN)___"
You: " O....k..."


Leo: " HELLO everyone!"
Fans: " AHHHHHH!! LEO OPPA!!!"
Fan 1: " Who's the girl?"
Fan 2 : " Who is she?"
Fan 3: Is Leo oppa dating now!?!"
Fans: " NOOOOO!"
Leo: " Everyone this is my friend and she is an upcoming singer! It would me a lot to me if you would listen to her sing and support her!"
Fan 4: " Anything for my oppa!"
Fans: " OK!!"
Leo: " I love you!"
Fans: " AHHHHHH! Love you too OPPA!!"
You: " Hello my name is ..."
Fans: " What is your name?!"
You: "..."
???: " ___(YN)___!!!!!!!!"
You: " >.<"
???: " ___(YN)___ I LOVE YOU!!"
You: " Emma?"
Leo: " ___(YN)___ why don't we sing together?"
Fans: " YAAAA!!!"
Leo: " How about Beautiful Liar?"
Fans: " AHHHHHHH!!!!"

Leo: " ___(YN)___ take my hand..."
You took his hand and started to sing you weren't looking at the fans. You were looking at the floor. Leo saw you, you were singing strong but you were looking at your feet, so he place his hand on your face and raised it up. You were looking into each other eyes. He got closer to your face and closer. Fans were yelling good and bad things wishing that their Leo oppa wouldn't kiss you. You turned your head the other way before he kissed your cheek. The song came to an end and you walked off stage with out looking at the crowd..

Ken: " Ohhh Myyyy God!! Leo are you crazy now ___(YN)___ and you are going to be everywhere!"
N: " Our president is going to flip!!"
You: " Leo oppa why did you do that!"
Leo: " Just.."
You: " That's it?!?!"
Ken: " ___(YN)___ I know you are flustered but..."
N: " Leo likes you...a lot!"
You: " Leo oppa you like me?"
Leo: " Your voice and your smile really is something. Mark was right.. your voice is beautiful... I love it..."
Hyuk: " The fans loved your voice ___(YN)___..."
Leo: " ___(YN)___ come with me please lets get out of here..."
You: " Where are we going?"
Leo: " Around Korea..."
Ken: " Have fun!"
You: " Where are we going?"
Leo: " I want to show you around Korea... I'll take responsibility for what ever I got you into right now..."
You: " Leo oppa I would understand how you felt about me.. but to kiss me on the cheek is something bad.. very bad"
Leo: " I am old enough to kiss and like who I like with out having young girls get jealous of me.. or you"
You: " Ok.. so then where are we going?"
Leo: " A great place for two people to go to look at the night view."
You: " It's snowing outside.. a lot."
Leo: " Even better... follow me please.."


I got accepted to my first College!!! Sorry for the week wait.. Love you all.

"Listen to KPOP... it's good for you!" -----> Jre


HAHAH!! I feel you!! Don't worry to much! Update is coming hopefully later tonight!!

Evet-sarang Evet-sarang

The cliffhangers kill me... lol , update soon!!

Yay I'm so happy for you and its okay we'll always be here for you Author-Nim fighting!!!!!

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omg this is really good, update soon!!!!!

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Please update!! I love this story sooooooo much ^_^

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