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Which Goal am I destined?

Chapter 19

Leo: " VIXX is just like that. Bye ___(YN)___."

Dorm Room:
Emma: " Hey ___(YN)___ glad to see that you haven't left me..."
You: " Are you really still mad about the game?"
Emma: " You know ___(YN)___ I don't wanna talk about this.."
You: " Then stop making me feel bad... I want to have my roommate back... please.."
Emma: " ...."
You: " Emma... I am sorry if I made you feel worried, alone, scared... but it was just to surprise you for your first away game thats all.."
Emma: " ___(YN)___..."
You: " Ummm Jackson told me to tell you that they are flying to Japan for a bit. They'll be back soon."
Emma: " ___(YN)___ you know I love you. You have been the best friend I could have asked for... really... I am so sorry for making you feel bad!"
You: " It's ok. As long as my roommate is happy again!"
Emma: " Of course I am! Now lets talk about something that has me on edge... what's going on with you and Mark oppa?"
You: " Umm it's complicated."
Emma: " How I saw him holding your hand... the whole team saw you guys!"
You: " I am not sure if I like Mark like that though..."
Emma: " ___(YN)___ are you sure? Mark seems to like you a lot."
You: " He treats me like a younger sibling. I don't mind it but..."
Emma: " But what? You like Mark thats ok.."
You: " I just want to study and play soccer. I wasn't coming to Korea just to find myself dating a singer."
Emma: " ___(YN)___ it is ok to have new things pop up."
You: " ... umm I met someone or a group if you will."
Emma: " Who?"
You: " V-I-X-X."
Emma: " WHAT!! HOW!!"
You: " Got7.."
Emma: " You went without ME!"
You: " I couldn't find you, you didn't even answer my text messages."
Emma: " Oops.. HAHAA... Who do you like the most from VIXX??"
You: " Idk. They are all nice."
Emma: " Who is the one that shows more interest in you?"
You: " All of them. I just met them today..."
Emma: " First looks... who do you like the most?"
You: " Ummm.."
Emma: " N right!!"
You: " I don't think so.."
Emma: " Ken? He's so funny!"
You: " L(eo).."
Emma: " ___(YN)___!!! What is with you and shy guys?!?!?!"
You: " I have zero clue. They just come on to me. I like guys like that.."
Emma: " Opposites do attract! HAHAA!! Do you have their number?"
You: " Yea.... I won't text him btw."
Emma: " ___(YN)___!!! That's no fun. :P"
You: " I was only introduced to them so they can help me perform and sing that's all."

N: " ___(YN)___ seems nice right guys?!"
Ravi: " Ya, she does! I like her."
Hyuk: " I want her to call me oppa!"
Hongbin: " Hyuk-a you jus met her.. eke"
Hyuk: " AND??"
Ken: "Get your heads out of cloud nine... she just wants to learn how to sing. Got7 asked us to help her... thats it."
Leo: " In head: Come on LEO she is just trying to learn how to sing and dance thats it. Why is it so hard for you to get that through your head!! You just met her! Teach her and thats it... Why are you still thinking about her!"
N: " Leo are you ok?



"Listen to KPOP... it's good for you!" -----> Jre


HAHAH!! I feel you!! Don't worry to much! Update is coming hopefully later tonight!!

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The cliffhangers kill me... lol , update soon!!

Yay I'm so happy for you and its okay we'll always be here for you Author-Nim fighting!!!!!

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omg this is really good, update soon!!!!!

TuanTuan TuanTuan

Please update!! I love this story sooooooo much ^_^

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