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Which Goal am I destined?

Chapter 13

Emma: " Lets see!"
She took two photos of you sleeping together put one in his bag and one in yours.

Mark woke up and stayed with you the whole day Monday. He left hoping to see you soon. Emma started to pack your bags so you can head back to the dorm. She missed you. Tuesday morning came and you were finally back in your own bed and clothes. You took your first shower and sat in your bed doing all the make-up work that you missed. You went to all your classes. Everyone was happy to see you back. The only class that you were scared of was Singing class 101. You were still mad at JungKook.

JungKook: " ___(YN)___ I talked with the professor, we can only switch partners after we perform our song at the 'Winter Jingle' "
You: " Fine... I will work hard till that day."
JungKook: " Good. I want to pass this class with flying colors!"
You: " Just send me the lyrics to the song you want to perform."
JungKook: " Well.. I wanted to sing 'Open Arms' its a classic song plus it will fit the Winter Jingle theme... giving back to the community."
You: " OK! That used to be my favorite song."
JungKook: " There is a catch. I wants to sing the chorus in hangeul not english."
You: " How is that possible! You can't do that to a classic song. It won't work out!"
JungKook: " How do you know?!"
You: " Well.. I don't. It won't sound right."
JungKook: " Just try. We can meet up 2 weeks before the Winter Jingle to practice together. We have three months to practice by ourselves! Bye!"
You: " Wait!! We should try to practice every weekend!!! YA!!!"

Jackson: " You guys Emma has a game tomorrow! Lets go! Plus we have a free weekend we can all hang-out afterwards!!!
Mark: " I'm going!!
Yugyeom: " WOW hyung!! I think that we should all go to watch Emma play!"
Mark: " Hey wha about your ___(YN)___ noon?! HUH??!!"
BamBam: " DAEBAK!!!!"
Got7: " What BamBam?!"
BamBam: " Look what I found in Mark hyung's bag!"

It was the picture that Emma took of both you sleeping in each other arms. It had the date and little hearts around each other.

Mark: " I don't remember asking someone to take a picture of us?!"
JB: " How did that happen?"
Jackson: " It has to be someone we know to get into the ro(om)"
YoungJae: " It could have been one of the nurses. Maybe they thought that you are dating each other! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Jackson: " Ok... so what should we do after the game?! Lets go ice skating! It will be so much fun!!!"
BamBam: " But ___(YN)___ can't do that she is hurt remember!!"
Jackson: " Well...."
Jr." We can split up and meet back at JYP dance room!"
All: " Sounds good to us! CALL!!"
Jackson: " The game tomorrow is the first game thats away!" We get to travel a bit! HAHAA!"
Yugyeom: " How far?"
Jackson: " I don't know? We can follow the bus."
Mark: " Can we take ___(YN)___ with us. Maybe I can call her. I am pretty sure that she knows where the team is going to play."
Jackson: " So we can surprise EMMA?"
BamBam: " Lets do it!!!"
Mark: " Hello?!"
You: " Oh! Mark Oppa!"
Mark: " What are you doing?"
You: " Packing? Why?"
Mark: " Packing? Where are you going??"
You: " The team has an away game..."
Mark: " Oh!! Speaking of away game. Is it ummm possible to ummm..."
You: " Oppa just say it?? kekeke!"
Mark: " Can we come pick you up right now and take you to the game to surprise Emma?!"
You: " I am so down for that! Let me text Crystal unnie right now and se what she says!"
Mark: " Thanks! Call me back! OK?"
Jackson, BamBam, & Yugyeom: " EWWWW!"
You: " Ok oppa! Bye!"

Phone call with Crystal:
You: " Hello?! Crystal unnie??
Crystal: " Oh ___(YN)___ -a! I am glad you called me! I Was just going to call you!"
You: " What is it?"
Crystal: " Ummm about tomorrow's away game..."
You: " I had a question for you about the same thing!"
Crystal: " I'll go first. I want you to focus on getting better.. I don't think that the long bus ride to South Beach is good for your leg. You are not mandated to come to our first away game."
You: " Ohhhh! WOW!! Ummm. OK I understand."
Crystal: " What was it that you wanted to tell me about tomorrows game??"
You: " I wanted to ask you if I can go with some friends to the game instead of going on the bus."
Crystal: " ___(YN)___-a you can do as you please. I just don't want to see you get hurt again ok."
You: " Ok I will see you at the game! Bye Bye!"
Crystal: " Arreseo! Bye Bye!"

You called Mark back and told him that it was perfectly ok to be picked up now and surprise Emma at the game. Emma was usually getting some last minute training so she wasn't going to be back soon. Or so you thought. You were in the middle of packing your bags when Emma came walking in. It was pretty late. You could't just tell her that you were going to leave and not come back till later. You had to find a way to sneak out. You texted Jackson about the problem! He said to wait till she fell asleep.

1:40 AM...
You: " Finally! Emma is sleeping..."
You texted Mark that you were heading down to the car.
Mark: " I'll wait for you outside your building door"
You: " Thanks."

You get down and see Mark. He took your bag and started to walk down the hill with you to the car. It was really cold outside. You were wearing your beanie that Mark put on you. Mark put your bags in the car and was walking towards you when a gust of wind hit you losing your balance. As if time stopped Mark got in front of you and embraced you o keep you from falling. After the moment passed you sat in the car next to Mark while Jackson was looking at the both of you.

Jackson: " We are here. Mark I am going to go get the boys to come down so we can start are drive"
Mark: " Ok. ___(YN)___ are you comfy? Its a long ride to the South Beach."
You: " I feel fine."

The boys packed in BamBam had something in mind.

BamBam: " Ohhh ___(YN)___ noona here sit with me. I'm pretty sure that Mark hyung is getting annoying right?"
You: " Umm I am totally ok sitting next Mark oppa.'
Mark: " HA! Next time BamBam."
Yugyeom: "Excuse me ___(YN)___ noona." He sat in between both you and Mark. Making you sit between BamBam and Yugeyom not Mark. :("

Hence your first Korean road trip began with the famous GOT7!


Enjoy this update cause second semester is starting so not as much updating. Maybe tomorrow will be the last constant update! Thanks for the views!

"Listen to KPOP... it's good for you!" -----> Jre


HAHAH!! I feel you!! Don't worry to much! Update is coming hopefully later tonight!!

Evet-sarang Evet-sarang

The cliffhangers kill me... lol , update soon!!

Yay I'm so happy for you and its okay we'll always be here for you Author-Nim fighting!!!!!

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omg this is really good, update soon!!!!!

TuanTuan TuanTuan

Please update!! I love this story sooooooo much ^_^

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