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Always be there

Chapter 2

The bell rang reminds to all the people in the school it's time for the rest time. Xiumin smiled as he stand up and leaving the class also his group behind.

"Hyung! Yah, Xiumin hyung!" Luhan shouted.

"Yah kachiga(wait for us)" Sehun said as he stand up from his seat.

"What's wrong with him?" Kris asked.

"I don't know. But he seems excited for something. He keep on watching his watch and smiling alone like an idiot. When I asked what's wring with him, he just said nothing." Luhan said as he is Xiumin's deskmate.

"Well. We can just wait him at the cafeteria. Kajja!" Suho said and all of them walk to the cafeteria.

[While Xiumin]
He walk quickly to Heejoo's class to pick her up. She already told him where his class suppose to be. When he arrive at her class, he saw no one but Heejoo sitting at the behind of the class staring at out of the window where the basketball court supposed to be.

He silently walk behind her and close her eyes quietly. He smile naughty as he try to play with her.

"Who am I!" he asked.

"Kim Minseok or supposed to be Xiumin." Heejoo said as her eyes began to water without Xiumin knowing about that.

"How did you know?" Xiumin asked. She quickly wiped her tears and turn around.

"Well.. your voice." she said but she not looking or facing to Xiumin who is on her left side. She was looking on her right side.

Xiumin confused. He raised his right eyebrow.

'Why she didn't look at me?' he thought. Then he grab her hand and lead her to the cafeteria.

"Waegurae?" she asked.

"Don't you remember this morning I said to you that you'll going to join me and my friends?" he said and continue walking to the cafeteria. Xiumin just pull her hand to Exo's table. All of the other members already sitting there with their own meals.

"Oh? Xiumin hyung! You're here." Chanyeol said.

"Hey! It seems our hyung have a girlfriend now." Chen start teasing him.

"Yah! It's not like that!" Xiumin's face turning red like a tomato.

"Xiumin ah. Waegurae?" Heejoo said while pulling Xiumin's school coat lightly.

"Urgh nothing. Here. She is a new student from...." Xiumin stop his word and look to Heejoo. The other of Exo also look at Heejoo waiting for her answer.

"Uh? Uh.... G-Gangnam." she said and lowed his face behind Xiumin.

"Aigoo! I think she felt embarrassed with Chen's joke just now." Kai said. Then he stand up and patted her hairs.

"Yah! What you doing with her?!" Xiumin said and hid her behind him.

"Eh? Are you falling with her already?" Kai said and Xiumin's face turned red again.

"A-aniya! Aish! Why did you guy keep teasing on me?" Xiumin said and took another chair from other table and place it beside his seat.

"So.... saeloun hagsaeng, what's you name?" Lay said who is sitting in front of her.

"My name is H-Han H-Heejoo. B-but you all can c-call me H-Heejoo." she said in nervous.

"Hey! Don't be nervous. We didn't eat people." Kris said.

"Umh.. Miann." then she looked down. After 30 minutes break time, the bell rang and all of them went to their own class. Exo send Heejoo to her class.

All people starring at her weirdly because they didn't like a stranger girl being a friend with Exo. Many girls in the school were crushing on Exo's members because each of them had their own carrier and they also have a good looking style.

When they arrived in front of Heejoo's classroom, they waved at her but she didn't waved back but bowed to them. They just chuckled and walk away. When she about to enter the class, Xiumin pull her arm and turn her to face him.

"Uh.. Did you go to Mr Byun's class this evening?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'll go there 2 times a week. At Monday and Tuesday." she said.

"Really? I also go there at the same day with you."

"Uh. Well I have to go now. Bye." then she bowed and walked away.

[After school]
Xiumin walk to the car park where already reserved for only Exo's members cars can be parked at that place. After saying goodbye to each other, they began to start their car and drive to their own destination.

Xiumin as always will go to his music class. But before he go there, he went to a cafe to relax her mind because his class will start one hour more. When he arrive, he felt his disease come back. Then he quickly find his meds in his pocket but its not there. He groaned and start to disassemble his stuffs in his bag then he found his meds and quickly eat it.

"Why did this thing in my bag?" then he put it back into his school coat. Then he packed his things back and just take his wallet, phone and car key with him.

He entered the cafe and ordered a cup of frappuchino (Is that correct to spell it? Ngehh :3 ) and a set of fries. After he paid his order, he take his drink and food and went to an empty seat in the cafe. He sighed as he sit on a couch and place the tray on the table in front him. He set his headphone to his ear which is always around his neck all day and play his favorite music.

He lay on the couch and start thinking about Heejoo's demeanor. From his first met yesterday until at the school. He was so confused because he feel something wrong with her.

"Is she blind? Why did he just tapped on the ground when all her things fell on the ground? And she didn't even look at me when I'm talking to her. She also walk just like a blind people." he thought.

After about 45 minutes in the cafe, he walk back to his car. He start his car and drive to the music class. He stopped his car in front of the gate and Mr Kim bowed to him. Xiumin smiled and bowed back. He walked to the class and wait for his turn outside the class. He looks towards the window and his eyes widened when he saw Heejoo is the one who is in the class now.

When he saw Mr Kim walking in, he stopped Mr Kim to ask him something.

"Mr Kim, did you know that girl?" Xiumin said pointing to Heejoo.

"Yeah. She's a new student here. But she actually a ex-student here 2 years ago." Mr Kim said. Suddenly, Mr Byun tapped the notes sheets with his stick hardly and Heejoo just bowed.

"Uh.. Can I ask something?"


"Is she blind? Uh.. I mean she acts weird at school." Xiumin said. Then he could hear Mr Kim sighed.

"Hhmm.. Yeah. She was born blind but her parents never ignore her. They take a good care of her."

"Really? Ah.. Poor her."

"But promise don't tell anybody okay."

Xiumin nodded and walk away. He looks back to the class and saw Heejoo still sitting there while Mr Byun go somewhere.

Xiumin quietly enter the class and sit beside Heejoo. He start to play the song that given to Heejoo. Both of them smiled. Suddenly he heard Mr Byun walking into the class. He quickly hide behind the piano.

"Did you played that?" Mr Byun said.

"Annyi." she said and Mr Byun slammed the door. When Mr Byun is gone he sit back beside her. When he just want to play the song back, suddenly his heart disease come. He quickly take his meds on his school coat and eat it. Heejoo could hear the sound of the meds bottle.

"What are you eating?" she asked.

"Uh. Nothing. Here take this sweet." he then take the sweet on a bowl and feed her. Suddenly he felt that his hand touched her lips. He looks at his hand and smiled.

"Is it good?" he asked.

"Mmm.." she nodded and smile. He then left her inside the class and went outside pretending he still waiting for his class since he saw Mr Byun walking to the class from outside. He sit on a couch outside the class.

"Uh? Where are you just now? I didn't see you." Mr Byun said.

"Ah.. I just back from the toilet." he lied.

"Oh... Okay.. Wait a minute okay." then Mr Byun walk into the class. Xiumin then he sighed in relief.


Annyong! New chepter! Heheheh... sorry if there's so much same things with the mv. But I try to make some differences.

Thanks for reading! Comment, vote, subscribe! Ppyong!! <3


Can't wait for the next chapter!! ^.^

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