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Always be there

Meeting You

Xiumin arrive at the front gate where he will go to piano class. He will go there 2 times a week. He man who is standing in front of the gate bow to him.

"Annyong Mr Kim." Xiumin said to the man and bowed back.

Then he walk to the class. He set the notes sheets on the note stand on the piano and start practicing his song while waiting for Mr Byun. He play 'The Winter's Tale' for piano version. When he finish play the song, Mr Byun come into the class.

"Okay so play the sheets that I'd gave you that day. Let's make it perfect than before." he said and Xiumin start to play the song back.

After he finished play the song, Mr Byun smile while nodding. He went to his table and find some new note sheets for him.

"It's perfect just now. I love it. So here's a new sheets. Okay, play it." Mr Byun said and hand the note sheets to Xiumin. Xiumin nodded and play the song. It's 'Kiss the Rain' song.

"I knew this song but I haven't look for the notes before. And it seems not too difficult and not too easy." Xiumin said while smiling. Mr Byung laughed.

"Aigoo. You're so funny. It's alright. Practice again." Mr Byun said and Xiumin play the song back. After about 1 hour, they stop the class. Xiumin said goodbye to Mr Byun and walk to his car.

Then she saw a girl who seems same with his age walking out from her car while a man who suppose to be her driver helping her. The girl wore the same uniforms as Xiumin's. She just walk in passing Mr Kim and didn't even bowed, smiled or said anything to him. Xiumin look at the girl confused.

"Oh? Is she a transferred student? I never seen her before. Maybe she's from the others class." he thought.

Suddenly he feel hurt. He touch where his heart suppose to be and he quickly take his medicine from his school coat and eat it. Then he smiled in relief.

He entered his car and start driving to his house. When he arrived, he parked his car next to his father's car. He take all his stuffs and walk into the house.

Xiumin's father is the owner of the most biggest company in Korea and also have some business partners from other countries. While his mom is the owner of a private school where most of the rich students went (Just like Kim Tan's school while he's in Korea at The Heirs).

When he entered the house, the maids and the butlers bowed to him. He smiled and bowed back. Then one of the butler walk to him to help with his stuffs.

"Uh.. No need to help me okay." he politely said to the butler while smiling. The butler just nodded his head and walk away. Xiumin walk straight to his room.

He sat all his stuffs on his table and laid on his bed. He stared on the white ceiling of his room thinking about the girl that he met before. Her face suddenly flashed into is mind and suddenly he smiled.

"She looks beautiful." he mumbled. He gets up and grab his towel then walk to his bathroom. After he took a shower, he walk down to find some snacks. His parents were not home since they'll be going out station for 4 days.

All the maids and butlers already went to their dorm at the backyard. He make sandwiches and take a glass of chocolate milk from the refrigerators. Then he walk to the living room and search for interesting movie from some of his favorite channel.

After he finished eating, he washed his dishes and walk back to his room. It was a comfortable silent for him. He open the window where there should be the Seoul city scenery since their house is at the hill which is the private place for the rich peoples live.

He sit on the couch beside the window and stared at the scenery thinking about the girl again. It was a weird feeling for him. It's looks like he already fell in love at the first met with her. He didn't even know who is the girl's name. Suddenly his disease come back he groaned and try hardly to walk to his table to take his medicine. He took one of the mieds and eat it.

He sits on his chair and laid his back on the chair. He sighed and think about his disease. Suddenly his tears fell down to his cheeks.

"How long will I stand with this disease?" he said. He walk to his bed and fell asleep.

[Next morning]
He wake up and get ready for school. After eating his breakfast, he drives to his school. Suddenly a girl that he really know and hate stop his car. She's Park Chorong. She also live at the neighborhoods. She likes Xiumin so much but he hate her. He stopped his car since she's standing in the middle of the road. Xiumin groaned and Chorong suddenly get into Xiumin's car.

"What you doing here? Why don't you just ask you driver to send you to school? What a mess." Xiumin said and start driving his car.

"What's the matter with you oppa? I miss you so much." she said making the aegyo.

"Stop making your aegyo! You looks like an old witch." he said.

Chorong scoffed and cross her hand. She make her 'duckface' and pretending that she is sulking so Xiumin will felt guilty and persuade her. But it was a silence all the way to school. When they arrive at school, Xiumin stopped his car at the gate. Chorong looks at him confused.

"Get out now." he said without looking at her.

"Why don't we walk together? Just like a dated couple" she said while still making her aegyo.

"Are you crazy? Who are you that we have to walk together just like a dated couple?" he then scoffed.


"I said get out now!" he then shouted to her. She shocked and went out from the car and slammed the door. Then he drive to the car park. When he park his car, he felt his disease again and quickly take his meds and eat it. After he already feel better, he take all his stuffs and walk to his locker.

Suddenly he bumped into someone. All their stuffs was fall into the ground. He help the people to pick up the things. When he looks to the people, it was the girl that he saw at the piano class yesterday. He look to the girl that didn't pick anything yet instead tapping the ground like finding something but can't see anything.

'Is she blind?' he thought in his mind. Xiumin just help her with her stuffs. After that he handed them to her.

"Thank you." she smiled and bowed a bit.

"You're welcome. Uh? Are you a new student? I never seen you before." he said.

"Y-yes." she said awkwardly.

"Ah.. No need to be awkward." he said and they start walking.

"Mm.. I'm Heejoo. Han Heejoo." she said and handed him with her right hand.

"Hye. I'm Kim Minseok. But actually people call me Xiumin." he said and shake hand with her.

"Oh.. I heard about you. You the son of the owner of this school right?" she said while smiling.

"Yeah.. Just treat me just like I'm your bestfriend. Or can we be bestfriend? I mean you can join me with my other friends. Don't worry. We're not the naughty types."

"Uh... S-sure. Why not? I still didn't have any friends here and you're my first friend."

"I saw you yesterday at Mr Byun's Music Classes. Did you also go there?"

"Yeah. I learn piano. And you? Did you also go there?"

"Yes. I also learn piano and composing. Well... I really want to write my own song."

"Wow! That's great." she said.

They talk until the arrive at the locker hallway. Luckily, her locker is just beside his. When the bell ring, they went to their own class.


Hey! This is my third fanfic! Hope you'll enjoy it :)

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Can't wait for the next chapter!! ^.^

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