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New self

Chapter 3

As I got in the car I saw YG's Ceo.
Ceo - I was told to pick you up.
Me- Did my mother ask you ?
Ceo- She did. Drvier we can go to the agency * phone rings * Yeobosewo ?

So my mother still was worried about me... Or did she do that so she wouldn't feel too guilty ?

Ceo- WHAAAAAT ??? The manager ran away with the car ?! Yeah... Hanbin just wait inside and I will pick you up. * Hangs up * Driver go to ______ And fast, the boys are waiting.

He looks at me.

Ceo- Sorry but we have to delay our meeting there's a matter with ikon... * picks up the phone and calls a lot of people *

I would lie to ask what happened to them but the Ceo is talking on the phone here and there and I would be out of place if I did... I wonder what happened ... Then the car stopped and the boys came in. Strangely there were only four of them... What happened to the others ?

Ceo went sitting in front. Bobby sat at my left, BI at my right, Chanwoo and Jinan in the back.

BI looked at me and then started explaining as if I didn't exist.
BI- So Yh ( Yunhyeong ) and Kim ( Donghyuk ) were sleeping in the car and when we came out at the parking slot there was no car and when we tried to phone to the manager we heard that the number didn't exist anymore...

Ceo- No need to worry I phoned about everywhere and I found them so I will just drive you guys to the dorm. Again sorry Leylo for the bother. But your dorm is in the same flat, we'll speak tomorrow, you must be tired.

Bobby seemed shocked.
Bobby- What she's not your cordy Ceo ??
BI looked at me surprised too and then watched out of the window as if nothing went wrong, again.

Me - Anyeohaseyo leylo imnida *bow a little*

Lucky I learned korean while watching dramas.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and as I tearned aroung I saw Jinwan

Jin- I apologize on their behalf... They are always like that ... You know ...
Bobby- We ar not !!!

Bobby interupts him.

Chanwoo *whispering* : They are strange ...

Ceo- Could you speak less loud PLEASE !!

His way of speaking calmed everyone down and we arrived at the dorm in an awkward air.
As I came out of the car, I saw chanwoo with my suitcases.

Bobby- Leader I am hungy let's eat !!!! I want teobokki !!
Jin- Keolle hanbin let's go eat.
Chanwoo - let's take the cordy with !

BI looked at me as I was listening to them.
BI - Yah cordy wanna come with us eating.
Me- I am not a cordy !!
Bobby- Not what your wlothes are saying !

Oh Sh*t I was still wearing those "not awsome clothes"

Me- Ok I will come with you but I still need to change.
BI- Don't come then.

I can't believe I was his fan. He really is mean.

Chanwoo- Don't listen we still need to wait the others we are waiting for you.
* Be-I ringtone * Oh I got a text. The boys I looking at me surprised about my ringtone I think.
The text is from the Ceo telling me my dorm is on the second floor.

Bobby- Oh !!
His head was just over my right shoulder as I looked up.
Bobby- That's on floor under ours !! Awsome.

Chanwoo- I will help you with the suitcases and we will wait you in the lobby.
He's cuuute. He smiled with that cute smile of his, really awsome.
BI- Be fast.

As I went to my dorm I saw that it was really big. Must be because of my mother putting a word in for me. Strange that I am already in YG dorm even though I still didn't pass the audition... Well that's not my probleme for now I have to change.

I changed into this And went down :


Finally she meets the boys what did you think of this little longer chapter ? :)


Ok that's fine

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

I will I just need to find the time ;)

Ikonly Ikonly

I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

sorry for the two 13 chapters :p my mistake ^^

Ikonly Ikonly

I am trying but I don't have a lot of time ^^

Ikonly Ikonly