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New self

Chapter 2

Without knowing I was already in a plane...
I still can't understand why she accepted that fast. There must be something to it and I need to know.
On my way to Korea I took my computer out. I once observed my mother when she went on her e-mail adress. I still remember her password.

when I got in I saw her e-mail and one shocked me the most. It was about me. My mother was telling my father this :

Darling I can't live with that spoiled child anymore !! She always displays her inteligence and doesn't go to school ( she knew... ). She doesn't wear pretty things but she is still prettier than me ! We should have chosen another baby, an uglier one. I don't feel at ease with her. I don't like her.

I don't even want to cry. It's not like it's the first tme someone doesn't want from me. It's not the first time people dislike me because I am pretty and smart. That makes it like I am not humble at all but.. I just had a lot of difficulties because of that. 2 years ago I still didn't know I was that different but then boys started to ask me out, girls woud bully me out of jealousy.
Then I fell for a boy who wasn't who I thought he was. He was paid by that awfull girl, to go out with me and make me suffer. And that's what happened.

As I was thinking about all those people who were mean to me, I thought that I had to become better then them. Yes that would be my way of getting my revenge.

I will become famous but first thing when coming out is changing my clothes because right now I am wearing this ( and it's not really awsome... ) :

I want something prettier and I will get it when coming out of the plane.

Later :

As I came out of the plane there were cameras everywhere. Is there a celebrity or ? WAIT !! Are they filming ME ?! But I am not well clothed, what should I... Whaaaaaaat ?!

Then some bodyguards came and made me a way until a van. As I went in I saw...


What could leylo have seen ?! Do you have an idea ? ^^ Tell me iif you want me to write longer chapters or if there is anything else I should change :)


Ok that's fine

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

I will I just need to find the time ;)

Ikonly Ikonly

I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

sorry for the two 13 chapters :p my mistake ^^

Ikonly Ikonly

I am trying but I don't have a lot of time ^^

Ikonly Ikonly