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New self

chapter 18

* day after debut*

*toc toc toc *
I woke up and saw it was already two in the afternoon... I must have been really tired.

- Who is it ?
I asked since someone knocked.

???- Cate
Me- what is it ?
Cate- Your boyfriend is here.

I stood up and opened the door.

Me- What do you mean ?

I look over her shouder and see BI.
I close the door real fast.
Me- YAAAA are you crazy ?!
Cate- Hahaha not my fault if your ugly, meorong

I just want to open and slap her but i can't since hanbin is there ...

Cate- Well I have a show to film and the other girls already left so you know.

Me- arasso
Me- Are you still there ?
BI- I am here
Me- Okey close your eyes just the time I get to the shower and change. You can only open your eyes when I close the door... Well when I tell you okey ?!

I hear him chuckling. He must think of me as stupid...
BI - Arasso.

I take clothes to change and meka sure not to forget my underwear and go out runniing to the bathroom.

I take a fast shower and wear this :

I get out with wet hear since i didn't want him to wait too long.

Me- I'm here sorry for the wait but I had a lot of work to do on my face.

He was sitting in the couch an got up.
BI- Aigo .. You're so cute !! How am I supposed to follow sunbae's advice...
Me- Sunbea dugu ?!
BI- ... GD...

Me- Wuaaah .. I can't belive it !!
BI- Why ?
Me- nothing... why did you come oppa ?

He blushes really hard.

Bi- about yesterday... I wanted to tell you why I did that... Actually I really... I really like you. I mean more than friends... You know I ...

I don't let him speak and peck him on the lips.

Me- I like you too
He looks at me surprised and hug me tightly.

BI- I didn't know, I thought for you it was natural to hold hands...
Me- You really are dense !! hha.

He pulls a liittls back but puts his arms around my waist.

Bi- I'am nooot.

He does some aigyo. I can't hold and run to my room and close the door.

Me- Don't do that ever again !!
BI- Yaa !! How can you say that to the person you like
Me- That's cheesy stop it.

We both laugh hard. * ring ring *
I look on my phone... Unknow number.

I open the door and ask BI to be quiet.

Phone call :

Me- Yoboeseyo
??- You're leylo right ?
Me- Nae duguseyo ?
???- I am runningman producer.
Me- Oh ! Yes nice to meet you, how can I help you ?
R-producer- The running man team would liike to have you as guest next monday.
Me- Really ?! That would be awsome!
R-producer- Do you have a manager so I could talk business with him ?
- Sorry but in the moment we have none ( he resigned :/ ) But you can speak to my companys ceo.
R-producer - Sure I have his phone number so see you soon I hope.
Me- I hope too. See you


BI looks at me or better glares at me.
BI- Who was that ?!
Me- Wae ? Jealous ?
BI- noo!!
Me- Running man producer !!
BI- WHAT really ???! Even I couldn't get on that show !!
Me- Let's watch a movie !!
BI - Why ?
Me- Because I am in agood mood.

I get to the couch and take my computer to watch a movie.

Me- OH waeeee ?!

BI- Change and follow me.
Me- What should I wear ?
BI- Somethin that does'nt reveal your stomach
Me- Hha arasso

After changing I followed him out.

Me- Are we going by car ?
BI- No
Me- Whaaaaat ?! At feet ? But there are people !
BI- Trust me an follow me.

He took my hand and after ten minutes in which we went away from the civilation... I didn't knw there were such a place in Seoul.

BI- We are there
Me- Where ?
I look around.

BI- This place saved me... When I was filming "mix and match", it became too hard for me tog o on... I coldn't bear the fact that some of my friends would be dropped out and I couldn't nderstad why the ceo was that harsh. I wanted to do all I could for them but... I didn't have the strength and I felt like I was too much so ... I decided to die but then I searched for a calm place to write some goodby letters without being discovered... And I found this place.

I was abut to cry... Then I went behind him and backhugged him.

He went on.
- When I found this place I foud it so beautiful. I sat inunder that tree for about 2 hours and it gave me the peace I needed so I went back. And I am happy I did. Now I am doing what I like and I finally met you, that misterious girl who was bulied... I love you.

He turned around with his face full of tears. He took my face in his hands and kissed me. It was passionate, sweet and sad. Tears fell from my eyes too and that's hw we started dating !


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I will I just need to find the time ;)

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I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

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