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New self

chapter 16

So our name is " Reine " meaning queen in frensh.
I looked up to him. Why a french name ?! Well I don't really care !

Me- Girls we got a name !!!! Shout " Reine " at three.
Me- Girls :
Sofie- 3
All together - REINE

That's how we got our name but hey that's only the beginning.

???- Reine stand by !

Sofie was nervous and was hugging everyone coming past.
Lola was even quiter than every day and was looking down on the floor.
Cate was pretending being alright but her eyes were going everywhere.
I was calm, srangely I felt like I was outside of my body and was watching everything without being able to move.

Yoo Jeasuk ( MC ) - Now we have a rookie team, today is their debut !!! Their name is l..r.. leine !!
Seo Kangjoon ( MC ) - I think it's said Reine
YJ- yaaa !! Nan hyung'yo !!
SK- But you said it wrongly ..
YJ- Don't sulk like that ! What I say is always right !
Sk- SO... Let's see REINE
YJ- * whisper* I was talking !

We were on stage. The music went on. That's our song. turn around look at the girls.
Me- Let's have FUN everyone !!!
My mic was on and the crowd answered a little held back.
Sofie starts singing sweetly and everyone holds their breath THEN cate pushes Sofie to the side and starts rapping. Her rap was full of anger. Then Lola started dancing and the lights focuse went to her for the refrain. Finally my turn and i sing high pitched and loudly. I stop to let place to Sofie who comes back crying and singing.

I then jump to her and start dancing to her side. But the moves were not those trained. I followed the rythme and my feelings.
I hear shouting I feel like flying. I finish my dance at the same time as Sofie finishes her lines to sing my own with high notes and ending with while shouting.

Me- So did you have FUUUUN ?!

This time the crowd reacted really differently and shouted like crazy. I turned around and high fived with the members.
Then looking at the audience bow down.
Me- Hello everyone ! We are rookie team " Reine" give us a lot of love oh and I think I already fell for all of you !!! Hope iit won't be onesided !

I shoot a heart with my hands and smile with all the happiness I am feeling.
Then going back stage I see BI...


Took some time snce I had to finish my exams but now I will be there more often :p


Ok that's fine

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

I will I just need to find the time ;)

Ikonly Ikonly

I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

sorry for the two 13 chapters :p my mistake ^^

Ikonly Ikonly

I am trying but I don't have a lot of time ^^

Ikonly Ikonly