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New self

Chapter 13

I feel someone grabbing me from behind and back hugging me.
As I wanted to see who it was I got blocked.

???- Don't look at me, and just let me hug you. I missed you

I recognized his voice, it was ...
..Beast's Gikwang. But I don't know him personnaly...

Me- I think you got the wrong person.

He let go and I turned around.
He looked shocked.
Gikwang-Wow I am really sorry.
Me- Haha, cuute !! Who did you think I was ?
Gikwang- Ya I am not cute.. I am a beast idol you know ! And you are ?
Me- Hello I am soon to be idol leylo.

I bowed.
Gikwang- Oh!! I saw you on that new reality show !!
Me- That's me. But you didn't answer : Who did you think I was ? Girlfriend ?
Gikwang- Ani ...

Me- Got you !!
Gikwang- no you didn't !!

His reactions were just too fun. I couln't stop laughing

Me- Haha thank you !! Haven't laughed that much snce awhile.
My eyes were teary from laughing and he started laughing too.

We were laughing like crazy.

Gikwang- Ya wanna be my girlfriend ?

Me- What you kidding me ? hahaha

Gikwang- I am serious.

He had stopped laughing.
Gikwang- There's that girl I really like but I juste can't be with her and I need to make her understand it, so I need your help with it.

Me- I can't !! I am almost debuting !
Gikwang- I know, that's why I am asking you now.

Me- I can't do that. Bye, it was nice to meet you, oh and hope you get over her.

I left with my energy recharged.


Short chapter sorry :/ But I am really trying hard !! :) Tell your friends about this story please and thanks for reading my story :)
Ps: I am gikwang's fan, I had to put him at least one in this story :p

Aww *-* cute :)


Ok that's fine

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

I will I just need to find the time ;)

Ikonly Ikonly

I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

sorry for the two 13 chapters :p my mistake ^^

Ikonly Ikonly

I am trying but I don't have a lot of time ^^

Ikonly Ikonly