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New self

Chapter 12

*In YG*
I took my camera out and started filming.
*switch on *
Me : Here we are at Yg. Yesterday I asked GD to sent me some profiles, YES GD !!! I am a big fan of his. SO.... He sent me some and I chose the ones who would be better. Let's go meet them !!

I tried to look happy, eventhough I was in a really bad mood. And I couldn't stop thinking that BI was at my place... What is he doing... Why am I thinking so much about him... There are so many questions but I have to act and search for the perfect group members.

*switch off¨*

I went to the first practice room luckily the trainees were there. I came in bowed and introduced myself.
I asked to speak with the girls. They followed me to the studio as I asked them. In the studio was some man. Not handsome, not ugly... He was a normal person.
???- My name is guju
Me- Guju ?
Guju- Yes, you can say it's my stage name, even if I don't go on stage... Well lissten to this.

He switch on something and a melody starts playing.
I turn around to face the girls. I switch the camera again on.
*switch on*
Me-This is our debut song.
Lola had an expresionless face.
Sofie- Whaaaaaat , what, what ?! Are we a team ?? Awsome !! Yeeeaaaaayyyyy
Cate- No wonder I knew it was my time. I 'am still the prettiest.
She looks around.
Cate- I mean we are the prettiest.

I take the music sheets out. And showed it to them.
Me- Here is our futur !!

Sofie jumped on me and hugged me.
Sofie- Unnie !! Love you !!
Lola- I don't think she's an unnie
Those were her first words.
Me- Let' see , I am 17.
Sofie-Aish, I 'am 18
Cate-I am 19

Sofie hugs lola who tries to get out of that hug.
Sofie- Chinguuuu
Lola-dua. I said let go !!

Sofie let's go and starts sulking.
Cate- Then souldn't I be the leader ?!! Why is it you ?

She looks at me fiercly.

Me- I never said I was the leader... And my name is Leylo. Please remeber since we wil leave together. Also it's great you hava ambition but it would be great, that you have amition for the team before everything, then later you can start thinking about yourself.

Sofie- Woaaaaah. Unnie you're really cool.
I smile.
Lola- She isn't an unnie !!
Sofie- haaa bulla. I want to say unnie. Does it disturb you unnie ?

Me- no it doesn't.

i turn the camera to me.
Me- We are going to prepare for the song. I can't film everything or it won't be a suprise.
I turne my chair so that the girls are behind and start waving .
Me- Byyyye

Sofie- Pyuuuuung !! Byyyyyyyeeee
Cate- See you

*Switch off*

Cate- How could you say something like thate in front of the cameras ?!
Lola- You went further in what you said then her.
Cate- Are you picking a fight right now ?
Sofie- Wow, wow !! Calme doooown. Take it easy. Life is beautiful !

Me- Haha !! Sofie you're awsome !! Cate I had to so it would make our t reality more interesting. Sorry if you took it bad. Lola I love the way you're calm. I am sure we will get deabak

I winked to them and we started working on the song.


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I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

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