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annoying neighbor

you ruined my life

You moved to seoul after your graduation without your parents because of studies you are living alone no one is bothering you the building is so calm you were happy living like this but this happiness didn't last a long time ...
On a calm night while you were reading one of your favorite books someone turned the music on with a loud voice and it was from the same building but you didn't know who ! you were surprised because it has never happened before because it was supposed to be a calm building that's why you have chosen to live there ... it was late and you had to sleep but you couldn't because of the music ; they kept all night playing Music and you didn't have one hour of sleep but you had to go to university the next day .
you were so sleepy and you couldn't help but to sleep during classes ....
kai : heyy are you sleeping ? hey sleepy girl ! is this seat free can i sit here ?
uh ! she is sleeping ! ok i will just sit here

Hye Mi's POV :

i was sleeping i heard like someone was talking to me but i thought i was just dreaming and i kept sleeping i didn't know how much i slept until someone woke me up

kai : hey sleepy girl wake up ! wake uppp
hye mi : "hun ! what ?" trying to open my eyes
kai : wake up ! aren't you going to your home ?
hye mi : what ? why ? what time is it ? how much did i sleep ?
kai : hahaha you slept all day !
hye mi :omg i skipped classes !
kai : "no you didn't your body was here but your mind was sleeping" he laughed
hye mi : "this isn't funny" i glared at him
kai : omg why are you glaring at me like this ? is this how you thank people ?
hye mi : why should i thank you ?
kai : because i woke you up !
hye mi : "did i ask you to wake me ?!" i left him and went in my way
kai : aishh that sleepy girl she is rude ...
hye mi : uh omg what a stupid boy uhh !
i went to my home and i was so tired and hungry all i wanted is eating and sleeping ... after eating i went to sleep but uh no they are playing the Music again ! who is that annoying human aishh
they didn't stop the music and i wanted to sleep so bad ; i went out from my appartement and i found the Music was coming from the on by my side i knocked the door and the one opened it was the same boy from university
kai : sleepy girl !
hye mi : annoying boy !
kai : what are you doing here ?
hye mi : turn the music off
kai : why ?
hye mi : i wanna sleep
kai : omg aren't you tired of sleeping ?
hye mi : I didn't sleep last night because of you -_-
kai : uh ! why me ?
hye mi : because you were playing the music all night
kai : so what now !
hye mi : don't play the music with a loud voice again
kai : uh so you want me to play it louder uh i got it ok bye bye sleepy girl sleep well see you tomorrow :)
hye mi : yaaaa how do you dare to close the door in my face ? omgg -___-
he played the Music louder all night and i couldn't sleep again -__- i went to university i tried to not sleep but i slept
kai : omgg you are sleeping again ! do you love sleeping that much !?
hye mi : leave me alone ; all this is because of you
kai : why me again ! omgg don't be rude
hye mi : i'm not
kai : alright go back to sleep
hye mi : how can i sleep when you are here ? you are so noisy
kai : since we are neighbors let's go together after classes ok i'll wait for you bye bye
hye mi : noooooooo omggg
after classes kai was waiting for me to go together ..
kai : heyy sleepy girl
hye mi : yaaa don't call me like this again annoying boy
kai : its because i don't know your name i don't know how to call you ! my name is kai and you ?
hye mi : i'm hye mi
kai : uh nice to meet you sleepy hye mi ^-^
hye mi : nice to meet you too annoying kai -_-
kai : hahahah
hye mi : what ?
kai : nothing ! you just look cute when you get mad
i felt shy ! i didn't know what to say so i just ignored him ...
it was a weird silence but kai broke it
kai : why aren't you saying anything ?
hye mi : there is nothing to say !
kai : omg i think you are lazy in everything ! speaking too ! uh
hye mi : we have arrived bye bye
omgg what's happening in my life lately ! it's all ruined there is no calm anymore i only wanna sleep omg i will sleep now before he starts playing the music
*ring ring*
hye mi : omg who is that !
kai : hellooooooo lazy sleepy hye mi
hye mi : what ? what are you doing here ? what do you want ?
kai : aren't we neighbors and we study in the same university ! which means we are friends and we can study together !
hye mi : no way !
kai : ah yeh i forgot i bought a cake do you want some ?
hye mi "uh cake omg i love cake but uh no i won't let him bother me anymore" : umm....
kai :ok let's eat it together
hye mi : yaaa who allow you to ...
kai : fine fine just close the door
hye mi : umm i love cake *-*
kai : that's good i'll buy you more cake
hye mi : really ?
kai : yehh let's eat now ...
hye mi : omg it's so sweet i love it
kai : yeah it is so you love cake more than sleeping ?
hye mi : yeah !
kai : so whenever i'll play music i'll buy you cake so you won't nag at me
hye mi : hahahaha omgg ok deal :)
kai : uh you are smiling ! you have a beautiful smile
hye mi : uh ! thank you
kai : hehehe don't be shy XD
hye mi : i'm not -_- ... why do you always play music ? do you love music that much ?
kai : i love dancing i always play music while practicing
hye mi : uh awesome *-* so are you a good dancer ?
kai : hoho yeh i am ! do you want me to show you ?
hye mi : really ? ok !

hye me : waaah omg he is so good ! omg what is this feeling !? why my heart is beating so fast ? but omg he looks so hot wooh !
kai : how was it ?
kai : heeyyy hye mi where are you !!?
hye mi : hun whatt ! uh sorry what did you say
kai : hahah i said how was my dancing ?
hye mi : uh yeh not bad
kai : hahahaha not bad !
hye mi : why why ! what ?
kai : you couldn't move your eyes from me and you say not bad !
hye mi : yaaa ! so you are done eating right ! you can go now bye bye
kai : what what happened to you yaa okk i'm going i'll wait you tomorrow we will go together to university
after closing the door my heart couldn't stop beating i didn't know what was happening ! is it because of the cake or because of kai's dance omgg i better go sleep !
*next day*
i woke up toke a shower eat my breakfast i opened the door to go to university and i found kai in front of my door
kai : good morning pretty girl
hye mi : uh good morning
kai : did you sleep well ?
hye mi : yehh thank you for not playing the music at night with a loud voice
kai : haha it's nothing just sleep well and don't sleep during classes time again
hye mi : haha okk :)
time passed and i realised that i have fallen in love with kai i have never though i will fall in love with someone like him a noisy boy ! but he was too nice with me always taking care of me and now i'm used to everything noisy because of him ... he changed my life and i don't know what will happen the day he will leave my life ... it was hard for me in the same time to hide my feeling towards him but i succeeded to not show it ...
kai : hye mi i have something to tell you
hye mi : what is it ?
kai : you know that girl park yejin ?
hye mi : ahh yeh why ?
kai : she confessed to me today
hye mi : uh really ! and what did you say ?
kai : nothing ! she asked me to date her
hye mi : what was your answer ?
kai : i told her to give me time to think ...
hye mi : what are you going to do ?
kai : i don't know
hye mi : do you love her ?
kai : no i love someone else !
hye mi : uh ! do i know her ?
kai : yeh she is in the same university as me
hye mi : did you confess
kai : no not yet ?
hye mi : why ? what are you waiting ?
kai : i'm afraid
hye mi : of what ?
kai : i'm afraid she will reject me i don't wanna lose her ...
hye mi : don't be afraid go ahead and confess i don't know what will be her answer but what if she loves you too ? what if someone goes and confess before you then you will lost her forever !! ...
kai : and what if she doesn't ? she won't talk to me anymore like before .. i don't wanna lose her i can't imagine my life without her
hye mi : think positively ; trust your heart and tell her everything i hope she will accept your love :)
kai : thank you hye mi so much i don't know what to do without you i'll tell her everything tonight and i'll come to you and tell you what happened
hye mi : ok
then he hugged me i felt like crying but i didn't i couldn't cry in front of him i didn't want to show him my feelings i don't wanna lose him ... i went to my home and cried a river i didn't know i love him that much it ached my heart knowing that he loves someone else ... after a while my phone rang and it was him
kai : hello
hye mi : hi
kai : are you at home ?
hye mi : yeh
kai : ok i'm coming to you now
hye mi : ok
i wiped my tears and tried to smile i know he will talk about his confession this gonna be hard for me i don't know what to do !
after few minutes he arrived ..
kai : are you fine ?
hye mi : yeah i am why ?
kai : i feel like you aren't ! were you crying ?
hye mi : uh no ! why would i cry ? hehe tell me what happened !
kai : uh i don't know
hye mi : what do you mean ?
kai : i still didn't confess
hye mi : what !why ?
kai : i want you to be the first one to know i will tell you who is that girl
hye mi : o-ok
kai : the girl is is
i didn't want to hear her name i didn't want i was praying he won't say it but he did
kai : the girl is y you
hye mi : what ?
kai : that's why i didn't want to confess i don't wanna lose you i can't hold it anymore but it's ok if you will reject me it's ok if you don't want to talk to me anymore ...
hye mi : waitt
kai : hye mi ! why are you crying ?
hye mi : stupid bastard annoying jerk
kai : uh what why those words what did i do ?
hye mi : you ruined my life you made me suffer by falling for you
kai : what ? do you love me back ?
hye mi : yeah i do T___T
kai : i'm sorry but please stop crying let us talk first !
hye mi :alright let's talk
kai : i really love you from the first time i saw you at university sleeping i liked you i felt something strange in my heart and when i found you are my neighbor i couldn't help but to be happy and try to be closer to you i just can't live without you i even love you more than dancing you are my only inspiration now i love hye mi please accept my love and be my girlfriend ...
i couldn't believe what happened i thought that night would be the worst n all my life but it changed to be the best ...
hye mi : i love you too kai and i can't live without you i didn't want to confess i tried hard to not show my feeling because i don't wanna lose you kai ;-; i accept your love and being you girlfriend
after saying those words i felt so happy i have never felt like this before ; kai hugged me and gave me a sweet kiss in my lips it was like a pancake *-*


hiii this was one shot i hope you enjoyed it :)


I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH plezzzzzz complet

This is probably on of the worst written fanfics I've read. I think If you'll keep writing stories you need to realize that "omg" and two continuously repeating phrases don't make a story. you aren't writing your facebook post nor a text message. Go read a book(you'll need to read probably a 100) and you'll see that this here has nothing to do with writing. I'm sorry for being rude, but it's for your own good...

This is probably on of the worst written fanfics I've read. I think If you'll keep writing stories you need to realize that "omg" and two continuously repeating phrases don't make a story. you aren't writing your facebook post nor a text message. Go read a book(you'll need to read probably a 100) and you'll see that this here has nothing to do with writing. I'm sorry for being rude, but it's for your own good...