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Who is she?


Who is this beautiful girl that I ran into that one cold night? Turns out she's someone... something that isn't what I thought. She left a note that night and little did I know that note will be the reason my life would be changed. I need to find this girl I need to talk to her if not things will happen... bad things will happen




He is the clever one of the group but, can get under people's skin real fast. He can fix things in within second but, you'll have to put up with his bragging on how he can fix it and you can't.



The main male character in the story who gets caught up in something he never wanted to be apart of, but he deals with however how long will it take before he breaks?



He is the tallest and toughest of the group also called pretty boy for his good looks and charms. He's very quiet though but you know what they say silence but deadly.



She is according to Mir beautiful with dark hair, smooth skin, and big eyes. She also sings but isn't much for talking to anyone about anything.



The youngest of Mir friends. He knows Mir the best out of the group and he looks up to Mir the most almost like he is his older brother. He is the nicest most kind-hearted kid you'll ever meet


  1. Who is she?

    On a very cold night in December a man named Mir came across a young suspicous girl who's name is still unknown. This night was the night of one of his good friends birthday's but he has an uneasy feeling about that girl.

  2. Wrong party?

    Zelo's party did not go as planned. Last time I will ever see my friends... well at least as the person they remember me to be. I still feel uneasy about things its been this way ever since I met that girl.

  3. Lost

    On Mir's way to go find that mysterious girl, things don't go as planned once again. He ends up getting lost in a forest... Or is it a forest? He ends up hearing things as he is trying to find his way out.

  4. How'd I get here?

    I woke up only to find myself in a house that seemed to belong to a young lady and a rude man. Turns out they know who I am but apparently I don't know who they are...

  5. Just who are these people?

    I still have no idea who these people are but they seen to really care for me. They have decided to take me to the hospital for some odd reason that I don't know. I saw that girl again but I still don't know who she is but she's going to change my life with a simple note

  6. Hospital day

    Not sure what is happening or who I am but these people are strange and I need to figure out this mystery


Seriously that mystery girl though O_O

dominicho12 dominicho12

It's fine! Update when you have time! Don't stress about it. :) Fighting~

Nubci Nubci

I'll try updating as fast as I can sorry if they are really slow :'(

unbelievable_ unbelievable_

I already started to read your story awhile ago ;)

unbelievable_ unbelievable_

unbelievable_ unbelievable_