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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 2

Through out the first period, I tried to ignored him and teaches the class. But every times I turned to face them, his eyes is always the first one that I met. And that made me felt very uncomfortable.

During break time, I was munching down my snacks and glaring at Luhan. He was playing with Chris and the others kids at the play ground.

"He is definitely a stalker." I mumbled to myself.

"Well, I think he's quite a cutie."

I turned angrily to Nicole, who was already fallen deeply into his flawless. I took out a tissue and cover her mouth.

"Stop drooling. He is NOT that good looking." Throw a piece of cracker into my mouth and chew it loudly.

"Eh, eh, eh!"

I turned to her again and she was eyeing at me like I was her prey.

"You are chewing your cracker loudly again? He must be eating up your mind, ain't he?" She elbow my arm and I hit her in the head. "Ouch!"

"He is not eating up my mind and I wasn't even thinking about him one tiny bit!" I lied.

I looked back at the play ground and again, he was the first one that caught my eyes.

After the break and a couple of snacks, my mind is finally back to teaching without bothering if he's staring at me or not.

I was reading the ABC's out loud as my students were following along.

"If you have any question or needed any help, ask me okay?"

"Yes Miss Kang." They replied as I finish passing out the paper sheet for them to practice their ABC's on.

After a while, I decided to walked around the aisle to check on how's the kids are doing. And then Chris called me over, which I was thinking that it's must be Luhan's idea.

"Yes, Chris?" I asked.

"Can you help me…?" His sentences faded.

"Help you with the q." I finished it up for him. He nodded. "Alright, it's easy. I'll show you."

I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed his hand. But at the same time, Luhan's hand came on top of mine as if he was trying to help Chris also. I automatically looked at him and he's also looking at me.

What's with that look? His hands is the one that came on top of mine. Aren't he supposed to be ashamed because he just cross the line?

I gave him a glared and he got the sign perfectly. He grinned shyly and gently pulled his hand that was on top of mine away. I tried to keep my cool and continued helping Chris.

The day ended so quick but I was actually feeling happy. I walked together with Nicole out of the school, then parted our way home. Just thinking about going home makes my heart flutter. Like what everyone's say, there's nowhere that welcomes you more than your own home.

While I was thinking about what to do when I got home, a car honk at me. And I nearly jump out of my pants. Why do I always meet those people who had no manners at all!?

The car parked next to where I'm standing and the tinted window scroll down. Just seeing the hair, I already know who it was exactly. Luhan greet me again with that gentle smile.

"Do you want a ride home?" He asked politely.
Of course, who would ever reject such a pretty boy's offer? But I'm not an easy girl, so I'll just reject it this time.

"No thank you." I responded coldly.

"Are you going to rejects everything that I ask?"

"Then are you someone that I can trust?" Since he like to attack me with question, I'll attacked him with question as well.

He hesitated before answering,"I guess not then."

"Good. You gave me a very good answer."

The passenger window scroll down and I couldn't help it but smile at the adorable Chris.

"Hi Chris. Are you heading home already?"

"Yes Miss Kang. You don't want Uncle to take you home?"

For a moment there, I was going to agree for them to take me home but then the thought of Luhan being a stalker rushes into my mind. What if he's really a stalker? If I let him take me home, then he'll definitely know where I live. Then he'll be even more dangerous!

"I'm sorry Chris. Maybe next time, okay?"

He frown, "Okay…"

"Remember to read your book. If you can tell me everything about it tomorrow then I'll buy you a cup cake." I try to cheer him up.

He smiles again and held out his pinky, "Pinky promise?"

I chuckled and linked my pinky with his. "Pinky Promise." I stepped back and wave at him.

I glanced at Luhan and he smiles at me but I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

I nicely replied him with a smile and wave at him as well.

But instead of waving back at me, he pointed at my left cheek.

"Hmm?" I wipe my left cheek with my hand and glanced at it. My eyes popped open after realizing that my hand is still cover in white chalks.

He sniggered and said, "See you tomorrow, Miss Kang."

As he scrolled up his window, I could clearly see my reflection. And on my left cheek, there are smeared of white chalk on it.

"Yah!" I yelled out in anger. I was so angry that I could have punch a hole through his window if he haven't drove away. "You bastard!" I throw my fist in the air. "I don’t want to see you ever again! ARGG!!!! I! Hate! You!!!!!"

My voice echoes through the neighborhood.


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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

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