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True colour.

I'm in love with a killer.

Months and months you are friends with Yoseob. And the case about killing in your neighbour hood is already popular. Up till now, there is as much as 6 killings have happened. You are feeling not safe. You told Yoseob about it since Yoseob is the only main guy friend you have in the neighbour hood.

U: OMG!~ I am scared right now. Maybe I am the next victim. Aren't you scared? why are you so chill?
YS: If you believe that you are the next victim, then there is going to be a chance.
U: OMG, I am gaining fear right now. Fear of you.
YS: WHAT? I am not going to kill you.
U: then you kill the other 6 body?
YS: What the hell is wrong with you?
U: Hope you are not the killer.
YS: Are you scared if I am a killer?
U: of course.
YS: why do you feel so?
U: True love. It is like being a shot in your heart but it feels great. Love is a pure feeling. But in this killing case, if you are the killer, I am scared you are going get caught by the police.
YS: why is that so?
YS: You are not scared if I kill you?
U: no...
YS: you are weird. you are not scare if I kill you. But U are scared if I get caught by the police. Why?
U: Because I love you~~~

Yoseob is speechless. The atmostphere is much more awkward than before.

U: what did I say just now? I love you? nono..that is not what I mean, I wanted to say I care about you when the words switch inside my head...don't think something else.

You want to continue explain to Yoseob but Yoseob cut it. Yoseob kiss your lip even before you could finish talking. You can't help it so you just kiss him. Yoseob stop and whisper to your ear.

YS: I promise that I will protect you.
U: And you take care of yourself too.

This is your first time being in a relationship. You are not scared when you are near Yoseob but when Yoseob is not there, It feel as if somebody is aiming his gun towards you. Yoseob then plan something which needs your mom permission. Yoseob plan to buy a house near your area and make you live with him. Your mom trust Yoseob; she agree. That moment onwards, you started to live with Yoseob. You feel more and more safe. Yoseob is always at home with you. But the weird thing is, He keep on receiving a letter. Not only that, He also receive black tulips. Everytime when you try to pick up the flower, Yoseob will ask you throw it away or he is going to pick up and put somewhere else. When you try to see what is in the envelope, Yoseob always say that it is privacy. Yoseob don't even allow you to see the store room. You try to think positively. Maybe he just want me to be safe or something since he is protecting you.

One day, Yoseob say he will not be home, for the whole one day, so he ask you to go back home to your mom house. You did. That night, you watch news with your mom. The news told more information about the killer.

"The killer is not working alone. He is working with the other 5 guys. And for the past 8 months, around 9 bodies is found dead. It was also believe that those body belong to the other group killer; scorpion. Scorpion have 17 members originally. But now there is 8 left. The other group killer is a 6 members group; BEAST. It was told that BEAST members will receive black tulips whenever they are connected. Each of them will be given an envelope which contain photo of somebody that they have to kill. Black tulips will be used as who is going to do the killings. And police also study that BEAST don't only kill Scorpion. They also kill other group killer."

While listening to the guy one the TV, you then remember about Yoseob. You try not to suspect Yoseob but failed. You went back home. You open the store room. You saw guns. you went to Yoseob room find all the envelope but they are gone. You only manage to found it in the bin in his room. There it is. The picture of Scorpion member. You then realize Yoseob was the killer. You try to find where is the envelope and where is he. You use Google Map. He is at the quiet alley next to your town. You quickly rush there. You saw 5 boys. Those boys look familiar. Then you remember they are Yoseob's friend. You run to one of them, named Jun Hyung.

U: where IS YANG YOSEOB?!~
JH: he is not here.
U: lie!~
GK: He haven't reach yet.
U: who are you?
GK: I am gikwang.
DJ: You shouldn't be here. It is dangerous.

DW: go away NOW!~
U: I can't !~ I don't want anything to happen to him.
HS: relax, He will be ok.
U: Can't you guys just don't kill people?? What is so good about it?
HS: that is not what we want.
JH: we need to.
U: just quit the job, can't you?
DJ: we can but sorry we have to kill Scorpion first then we will stop killing other people.
U: Are you going to kill me if they ask you to kill me?
YS: We won't do that. But they will kill us. Don't worry. We will kill them before they could kill us.

Yoseob appear from behind. You run and hug Yoseob. Yoseob apologize. You cry and cry. You shake Yoseob hoping he could wake up. Yoseob can't help it but to cry together with you. You begged Yoseob to stop all this but he can't.

U: please..
GK: Don't worry. We bring no harm to you.
After all the Scorpion member is dead, it is over.
DJ: we promise you that.

Suddenly there is a shot. Scorpion arrive. Yoseob pull you aside. Yoseob ask you to stay where you are. He ran and help the other member to kill Scorpion. While all of them is shooting one another, BEAST is out of bullet but not Scorpion. They have no choice but to kill them by their on hands. You take the gun which belong to BEAST. You try to find something. Scorpion member actually didn't realise that all their bullets is rolling on the floor. You pick them up. You refill the gun. You try to aim on one of the Scorpion member. 3..2..1... POM!~ One Scorpion member is shot by you. Left 7. One of the Scorpion member, who is holding the gun is trying to shoot you but Yoseob smack his hand. The gun drop. You collect all the bullets so when Scorpion doesn't have any bullets, they can't refill anymore. Junhyung take the gun which Scorpion drop and shoot. You hand the gun to Dong Woon. While trying to figure out what to do, you saw one Scorpion guy take out his hidden gun. Aiming at Yoseob. You ran towards Yoseob and by the time the guy shoot, you got shot. You bleed. Yoseob was shock he stare at you for awhile, hopelessly. He was so mad. He go towards the guy break his arm. Take the gun from his hand and starting to shoot all the Scorpion member. And he manage to do that. All the Scorpion member is dead. Yoseob ran to you. Pick you up. Rush you to the hospital.

Few weeks later, you are discharge. You lose your voice from the stray bullets and shock. BEAST was arrested. Including Yoseob. You cried even worst. You heard that all the BEAST members is going to punish to death. Days and night you cry, hopelessly. You pray to god daily. You went to the police station and tell them that, it is over. You write on a piece of paper..

" BEAST isn't going to kill anybody. They kill Scorpion it is because Scorpion threatened if they don't do what they say, BEAST family is in danger. It wasn't their fault. If they are really a killer. Why they didn't kill me. Why don't kill people who I love like my mom. Why?"

You beg the police and they agree to let go of BEAST in one condition and that is not kill people anymore. You promise them that. Now BEAST are out. Yoseob is free. And your life is back to normal. No more killing. You are now happy with Yoseob. BEAST are happy with their family too. And they live happily-ever-after.


Love come in anyway. Don't judge people by their one mistake. They can do ONE BIG MISTAKE. But they can do many good things.


That was cool. Really cool. Thank you> ~

SonA SonA