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True colour.

New friends.

You are walking out from a store right after you are done buying things when you bump onto a guy.

Guy: I'm sorry..
U: err...it is ok..

You look up at the guy when you feel heaven. There was something in his eye that make you feel very peace. You couldn't help it so you just stare.

guy: are you ok?
U: err...yeah..how about you? I bump onto you..
guy: I am a guy. I am obviously ok. Careful next time..
U: yeah..ok

The guy walk away in opposite direction with a smile. You reply his smile. You stare at him when he is walking away until he disappear. Right after you reach home, you keep on smiling and smiling, thinking about that guy. You are great at sketching so you sketch his face,remembering his face in memory. You keep on wondering what is the guy name and why are you feeling like this. It is so unusual. You are normal with other cute guys but unlike this one. You just lie down. Close your eyes. And try to remember the scene where you and him bump to each other until you sleep. Next morning when you woke up, it feels like magic. You could remember the guy face and the scene. You then start to daydreaming on bed with the morning face when your mom shout out your name. That morning, your mom wants you to buy some egg and milks at the market. You get out of bed. You take a shower. Take the money. And start your journey to the market.
You were searching for the milk when you saw the guy you saw yesterday. You thought your mind who is playing the a trick until he say hey to you.

Guy: hey, you look familiar.
U: you are the guy I bump yesterday..
Guy: ahhh...yeah right..I think..the world is small...we meet again. Or maybe we are meant to be friends....
U: yeah..

Both of you start introducing to each other.You then know that his name is Yoseob.

U: you live here?
YS: no..I just have work over here..
U: ohhh...I see.
YS: and you?
U: I just move here.
YS: mind if I have your number?
U: ohh sure.. 98235845
YS: thanks ya...
U: you're welcome...

Yoseob walk you home. Both of you chit-chat. You talk about this and that. Even though both of you just met, it looks like you guys are long friends. Yoseob send you till the front door.

YS: Would you like to have a dinner with me tonight?
U: sure..
YS: where should we meet.
U: hmm..how about dinner in my house? Save money. Budget..
YS: hmm.....sure...if you don't mind.
U: I don't mind at all.

You are laughing and smiling and talking when your mother shout your name again. She is asking you who is that outside the door and ask the person to come inside.

Mom: hello, young man..
YS: hi..
Mom: who is this chubby guy? Is he my son-in-law?
U: no mom...he is my friend. His name is Yang Yoseob.
Mom: nice to meet you.
YS: Nice to meet you too, Ahjumma.
Mom: Would you like something to drink?
YS: sure...
Mom: ok..
U: erhh..mom, He is going to have dinner with us.
Mom: that would be great cause, I am going to cook extra dish today. And Yoseob can try and taste it. Both of you chat for awhile, I go make some water.

Yoseob went inside your room. He was amaze by all your drawings. He ask you if he can have one of it. You nod. He was looking all around your room when he saw a sketch of his face.

YS: is that me?
U: no...that is just my friend..
YS: but I swear it looks like me.
U: nono.
YS: You are a great sketcher huh?
U: what do you think?
YS: yeah..but can I have that one too?
U:err...yes..I mean no.
YS: we just met for like 2 times including now. And we are like friends for already 2 months.
U: well it is as if 2 years for me.

Yoseob spent the whole day at your house. Playing with your cats. And watch you sketch his face. He also went to kitchen to help your mom out. Somehow, it feels like he do have feelings for you too. Right after dinner, Yoseob went to your room. He take the sketch, the one is his face. And the other "your friend face". He compare the sketch.

YS: your friend has the same face as me?
U: no...
YS: but both of this looks like me. I mean one of it, is me. The other just..Did you sketch my face?
U: err..no... (sweating)
YS: (look in your eye) really? I will make you admit...
U: fine2. Yes, it is you.
YS: knew it. But how did you sketch my face. I mean you can't remember my face that fast. It was just only yesterday we met.
U: I could draw things in memory if I stare at it.
YS: so you are telling me you stare at me when we bump to each other? Well, actually I stare at you too.

Right after Yoseob went back home, you watch the news. There was a case about killing. The news said that the guy was killed at a building near your area. He was shot in the head.

" The bullet is 5.56 subsonic with a silencer. That's the reason why nobody could hear the shot until they went up check on him. It was believe that the guy who kill the man is a good killer. "

You then feel unsafe, right after you hear that.. Your mom remind you to be careful with where you are going and not to be the next victim.You text Yoseob and tell him about it.


That was cool. Really cool. Thank you> ~

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