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I need a romance 3


A girl that came American come live with her grandma because of the agure with the parents. When her grandma had pass away, she was lonely and the parents give money and let her live her own in her grandma house. In school she been get bullied by people which get fights until she found someone in her life. Which when she was 18 years old,she has hard with bf and others until find a cute teacher and a worker that is husband in her life which will be her love in her life?


(You) Yang Heajung

(You) Yang Heajung

She 18 years old, In high school and taken by Jae woo and live by herself and goes to work at beauty school. One day Jae woo cheated her and she has hard times, but two guys always there for her and make her feel love and touch which will she pick?...Jaewoo, teacher, or worker??

Choi Sik Jun

Choi Sik Jun

He 21 years old, which is a new worker at beauty school and become a manager in the beauty school. He fell in love with Heajung in first sight. He also divorce man which his wife always ask him back and which will he pick? Heajung or ex wife Lee Miyoon

Park Jaewoo

Park Jaewoo

He 23 years old and taken by Heajung which goes work at hotel and being a manager. One day he cheats on Heajung with her ex when they used to be love in highschool. Somehow he still love Heajung the same too, but he didn't know which one he pick?..Heajung or His ex Kim Seohee??

Park Min Yong

Park Min Yong

He is 22 years old, he is Heajung's english teacher. Which he engaged with someone, but he in love with Heajung one day and which one will he pick?...Heajung or His Fiance?


  1. The day I met you

    In morning I wake up and seem like it time for the first day of school. What a day for me that has to be rain and never be sunny at all. I wish today it will be make my day happy.


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