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What It Takes (Inspired by BAP' One Shot MV)


Mafia crime lords fight over stolen US money plates and B.A.P. stand at the front, forming a skilled and deadly group of agents. Personal grudges and a history of betrayals form the backdrop, while the CIA strive to track them down and reclaim their property. Conception of this story is based off the One Shot MV, but the plot expands into multiple OC's on each side of the conflict. Rated M for drugs, crime, sex, and death.

We do not own any recognizable characters or organizations in this story. We are not making any monetary profit either. The member names of B.A.P. are only borrowed here to inspire our (and hopefully, your) imaginations. Any resemblance to the actual B.A.P. is coincidental, except in regards to Kang Ji Won’s, Kim Ki Bum’s, and the MV director’s conceptual ideas for One Shot. We basically took our character’s physical appearances and plot ideas from that video. Of course, then we made it our own.

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Reviews are incredibly welcome, so please leave us your thoughts! We have the entire story outlined, but we’d love to see where you think we’re going with this.
Now, a couple of separate notes:
S: The idea came to me when I saw BAP's One Shot MV about a year ago maybe...? Don’t really remember the time well. Originally I did not want to start writing it because I didn’t have the story thought out completely. Not until I told my friend about the plots. She liked the idea very much so she encouraged me to go ahead and start out with an outline. We came up with many different ideas and really had fun with the plot and character developments. After the plot and outline were written, I seek my cousin for help on proofreading. She also added a few of her own ideas into the original plot. The story became a lot more interesting and with my cousin's attention to details, it also became a little more complex. We had a lot of fun throwing out ideas and approaches for this story. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Now as far as the original characters go, I also tagged 'you' as one of the main characters for the story. I gave specific names for the two main girls in the story just so we can identify them separately. However you guys can choose to be either Sam or Kim or any of the original charcters we created. Let's do a little 'role-playing' and make this story a little more interesting.

L: Well...I'm not good with words, especially an introduction. So I'm gonna keep this simple, please enjoy the storyline.

C: So this story was originally thought up by S and her friend L. When S asked me to help translate their pages of dialogue into prose, I was leery at first. Mafia is not my strong point, so anything in that area, including anything hard to stomach, please direct to S. :) However, let me assure you, the plot is pretty damn awesome, or I wouldn’t be writing this.
I’m a editor/writer. The style is mine, in syntax, diction, and flow. Dialogue and basic plot are S's and L's. Just think of it as a screenplay until i transformed it into prose. Let me know if I mess up somewhere.
Oh, and I added the third party--which you’ll come to eventually--in order to fill out the story (and to make my job harder, because I’m a glutton for punishment).
Be forewarned, I enjoy writing in many different points of view and what a particular character says or does is not necessarily reflective of my own beliefs. That said, I love our characters, good or bad (but especially the flawed ones). I hope you all love them, too.
ALL: Thanks for clicking on our story!



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