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Risks and Retaliations


Aria stood outside the door to her Korean class taking deep breaths through her nose, her hand trembling on the knob. If no one saw her standing outside the door already, they were for sure to have heard her jingling the door knob. She didn’t know why she was so frightened it wasn’t like she had never seen Korean people before, and her Korean skills were really good, at least for a foreigner, so why was Aria having such a hard time joining the class? Aria turned around and looked over her shoulder at nothing in particular before taking one final deep breath, “Come Aria, just walk in there.” Aria whispered to herself as she turned the doorknob to the classroom door and pushed the door open. A hush fell over the classroom as Aria took a few steps inside, all eyes were on her. Class had yet to start, in fact there were about five more minutes until class was to begin, but that did not stop the class from averting their attention from their personal endeavors to look at Aria. Aria’s heart nearly stopped in her chest as she looked at the mass of students peering at her. The door clicked shut behind her, which was the only thing that made Aria move again, if it weren't for the door closing behind her, she was sure to have been standing in that same spot until told otherwise. Aria kept her head up and her eyes open as she searched for a seat, that is when her eyes fell upon a familiar face, a face that made her heart jump. Aria was about three seconds from screaming out her friend’s name when she remembered where it was she was at, so instead of scream out to her friend, Aria flashed her a small small and waved at her. Aria looked at the seats on either side of her friend and frowned,
“Mianhae.” Her friend mouthed, pouting slightly. Aria shook her head and smiled,
“It’s okay.” She whispered to her friend as she walked pass her and toward the back of the classroom where there were a few open seats. Aria took the seat nearest to the wall so she wouldn’t have to sit by anyone, not that she wouldn’t mind sitting by anyone, she was just taking advantage of the situation. Aria placed her pink backpack in the empty seat next to her and pulled out her pink notebook and pen. Aria looked up at the sound of a females voice,
“Annyeonghaseyo!!” The man exclaimed waving at the class and flashing everyone a grin. Only a few people responded to the sexy man who stood at the front of the classroom, and most of them were girls, but he wasn’t too concerned about the lack of responses. Aria stood there for a moment, her mouth agape, her eyes wide. There was no way that this was the man to be teaching her Korean class, no way at all. Aria peeked over the heads of her classmates so that she could see her friend, knowing that Jay was probably up there eyes wide and drooling.The man wasted no time, the moment he put his bags down at his desk, he pulled out a folder and white board marker and walked over to the board and began jotting things down on it. Aria glanced at the screen of her phone and saw that it was exactly 12 noon, class had officially began. Aria watched her smoking hot professor, as he wrote his name on the board,
“Hello everybody, My name is Kim Jongwoon, or in your case your case Kim seonsaengnim or Kim gyosunim whichever you prefer. This is KORE 4, the last Korean Language class you will ever have to take before you get your BS.” Even his voice was to die for. Jongwoon flashed the class another one of his signature lady killer smirks and half the class swooned. Aria could see her friend as she turned around to look at her, but her sight was hindered by the many tall people who sat in front of her. Aria groaned to herself, half upset that she wasn’t sitting next to her friend Jay, and half upset that she was so short. Jongwoon stood at the front of the room, briefly discussing few basic classroom rules when the door to the classroom was thrown open. Jongwoon glanced over at the door but only briefly, not at all pausing his prepared classroom procedures to inquire who it was. No, instead, Jongwoon averted his attention to the class once again, paying no attention to the young man who walked into the classroom. Aria looked over the heads in front of her and could only see a moving dark haired head moving across the room. Aria followed the head all the way to Jay’s seat, that’s when she realized that whoever the guy was, was heading to the back of the room where the only other unoccupied seat was located, which just so happened to be beside Aria. Aria grabbed her bag, and sat it beside her seat, making sure that nothing fell out before finally looking up again. Aria didn’t know what it was about the young man that stood before her, all she knew was that she was awestruck, and she knew not if it was because he was so handsome, or if it was because of how intimidating he looked. He wasn't the tallest guy in the world, but that didn’t stop him from looking any less intimidating than a taller guy would, and it certainly did not take away from his good looks. The young man had slender eyes, fierce and dazzling eyes really, eyes that could pierce a person’s heart, eyes that could see right through someone, eyes that could weaken the body. Aria held her breath as the man took a seat beside her, peeking out of the corners of her eyes, watching him as he got himself situated. Aria turned around and looked at the young man, the silver piercing on his eyebrow catching her attention. This guy was giving off a very strong and strange vibe, and Aria didn’t know whether she should be concerned or afraid,
“Mwo?!” Aria jumped in her skin at the sound of the males voice, she had been so caught up in trying to read him, trying to figure him out, that she failed to notice that she was staring at the guy the entire time. Aria smiled slightly and blinked a couple of times, trying to gather her wits about herself before opening her mouth to speak,
“Ummm….jeongmal mianhae (i am very sorry)...an-annyeonghaseyo, jeoneun Aria-yeyo! (I am Aria)” Aria introduced herself, flashing the young man a bright and sweet smile shortly after. However, instead of returning the smile, the boy just looked at Aria, his striking eyes delving into her, cauaing that sweet and bright smile that tickled Aria's lips to disappear, making all her confidence flee. The young man did not smile in return, or display any expressions, he just gazed into Aria’s eyes, as if he were searching for something that he had lost. Aria parted her lips as if she were going to say something more, when the boy looked up toward the front of the room, the unspoken words falling out of her mouth. Aria felt hurt, her heart was aching, she had never been dismissed before, but there was always a first time for everything. Aria just wasn’t expecting her first time to be dissed so soon, and so harshly; and she wasn't expecting it to hurt so bad. Aria shrank back into her seat, her smile forever lost, she did not even want to be in class anymore and it was all because the guy sitting next to her. Aria frowned,
I didn’t do anything to this guy, so what’s his deal? No matter, I will not let this fool ruin my day. Aria thought as she glanced over at the young man, who now had his earbuds in his ears.
“Whatever.” Aria finally said, taking her pen in her hand and copying whatever it was Kim gyosunim wrote on the board, not evening paying attention to what it was exactly she was writing. Aria was so pissed off that she couldn’t even hear Kim gyosunim speaking,
“Okay, well, today, I’m going to take it easy on you guys. So, to get things started, you all will introduce yourselves in front of the class. And we will start with this lovely young lady... right here.” Aria closed her eyes for a bit, after what just happened between her and her desk neighbor, she was not looking forward to introducing herself in front of the class. Aria laid her head on her arms and sighed heavily,
“Umm...Annyeonghaseyo! Jeoneun Jay-yeyo…sahangneon-iyeyo (i am Jay...i am a senior)” Aria’s head shot up at the sound of her friend’s voice. Aria stood up a little and watched as her friend and Kim gyosunim held a short conversation at the front of the room. Aria could tell that Jay was trying to maintain her cool in front of Kim gyosunim and couldn’t help but to giggle at her frirnd's failed attempt. Aria sat back down in her seat, a small smile plastered on her face, her spirits lifted by thw sight of her adorable friend,
“It was a pleasure meeting you Jay.” Aria could practically hear Jay squealing and knew that she’d be hearing more about the dreamy Kim gyosunim when class was over.
Huh. That’s the reason she sat all the way at the front of the room. That girl… Aria thought as she watched her friend walk back to her seat, a permanent grin on her face. During the course of the classroom introductions, Aria would ever so often glance over at the guy who sat beside her and she had no idea why or what it was that had her so interested in him. Every time she glanced over at him, his eyes were closed and he was busy tapping his finger to the beat of whatever song it was he was listening to, sometimes even mouthing the lyrics.
“Yah!...Yah!” Aria was so busy watching the guy beside her, that she jumped at the sound of Kim gyosunim's voice, loud and stern. Aria abruptly looked away from her neighbor and up toward Kim gyosunim's direction, only to find that he was trying to get the attention of the male that was sitting beside her.
"Jeogiyo~(excuse me)” Aria gently poked the guy,
“Mwo!!” Aria jumped again, pissed at herself for having gotten so startled. For a second all Aria could do was look at her neighbor,
“Ummm, Kim gyosunim…” Aria pointed up at her professor, blinking her eyes innocently, shocked really. Aria did absolutely nothing to this kid and here he was blowing up at her like she slapped him in the face.
“Aigoo! Annyeonghaseyo, Jeoneun Taeil-iyeyo. Jeoneun hanguksaramiyeyo.( I am Taeil. I am Korean)” No matter how much Aria disliked this Taeil guy, she couldn’t help but to be intrigued by him, which was her greatest downfall. He spoke so quick and fluidly, there was no mistaking him for a foreigner, this guy was a native Korean. Which brought Aria to wonder why it was hw was taking this class. Taeil gazed down at Aria, his eyes calm, his heart beat quickening. Taeil sat down, a frown creeping across his brow,

Why does she keep looking at me?! Taeil thought, his blood coursing hot through his veins. For some odd reason he was feeling uneasy and self conscious and he had a feeling it was because of this girl, Aria. Taeil could feel Aria stand up next to him, he glanced out of the side of his eyes,

"Annyeonghaseyo! Jeoneun Aria yeyo! (I am Aria)" Taeil groaned at the sound of Aria's sweet and chirpy voice. Aria looked down at Taeil and frowned before flashing the class a false smile. Taeil scoffed at Aria as she once again took her seat. Taeil didn’t know why he was reacting this way to Aria, he didn't even know her. All he knew was that the longer she looked at him, the longer they made direct eye contact, the more nervous and uneasy he became. She was very pretty, breathtaking even, from her head to her toes, the girl Taeil was to sitting next to was gorgeous. But it was strange, because this Aria girl was unlike anything he has ever really seen before, she had a bronzed milk chocolate skin, and her eyes were narrow and catlike, smiling up at the edges; she was striking. Seeing Aria sitting in this Korean class just made her all the more captivating, she definitely peaked his interest. But none of that mattered, Taeil knew right away what kind of girl Aria was, she was a people pleaser, a selfless angel who put satisfying everyone elses feelings, needs, and wants first, not even giving a thought about what it was she needed or wanted for herself. Not even taking time out of the day to just follow her own path. She was the annoying type, the kind of girl that would bother a person until she was sure that person was satisfied. Aria was the type of girl that was as sweet as honey, and as soft as cotton candy. Taeil was never really fond of those type of girls, and now he was stuck with one as a partner. Taeil pulled out his phone, shuffling through his songs until he found a tune that would take his mind off of Aria, turning the song up until he could no longer hear Kim gyosunim or anyone else for that matter. Taeil knew that it was going to difficult trying to get along with Aria, it was only the first day and they were already off to a bad start. Taeil glanced over at Aria, onw final time before shutting his eyes and getting lost in the music that played into his ears.


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Please update!

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