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From The Shadows

The Light

That afternoon, they buried Taehee and Minho’s father. It was at the local church, and people had questions about how he had died. Taehee just told them that he had run into the wrong people. That was all they needed to know. He had already cleared it with the police, and they were leaving him alone. They had insisted on their own coroner examining him, and that had already taken place. The police had not found much evidence, but did have some leads to go on. Taehee would let them do their investigating, but his team was also doing their own. That was not released to the authorities. They did not need to know that.

During the funeral, Minho surprised himself at how much he cried. He had not even known his father, and yet, he felt incredibly sad. He would have liked to know him, but it was too late. He had lot out on time.

He looked over at Taehee, and noticed that his brother had not shed one tear. He was standing stone faced, and seemed to not be all there. Minho decided to not press that matter. Everyone dealt with pain in their own way.

After the funeral, Taehee thanked everyone and disappeared into the house, once they got home. No one followed him, knowing he needed his space.

Karam approached Minho. “Hey…I’m sorry.” He spoke very softly, and Minho could see that the other man had also been crying.

Offering a tired smile, Minho sighed. “I didn’t know him…I’m sorry. He seems like he was a nice man,” he cleared his throat. “ I wish I had gotten the chance to know him.”

Karam sighed. “Yeah. Me, too. He was a nice guy, and a good leader. Taehee will do well following in his footstep.” He touched Minho on the arm.

Minho nodded, shivering at the touch. “Yeah, I’m sure he will.”

Karam moved over to where Mika a Jay were. Jay was still in a wheelchair, as he was weak. Turning to Minho, he smiled. “I know this is not the best time in the world, but these are my friends, Mika and Jay,” he smiled at Minho. “Guys, this is Minho, Taehee’s brother.”

Jay smiled at Minho, glancing at Karam curiously. “Nice to meet you,” he sized Minho up. “I can see the resemblance…Wow. Are you staying?”

Karam shook his head. Leave it to Jay to be blunt. He was also curious, though. He knew that Taehee would love it if he stayed.

“I think it is up to Taehee,” he glanced at Karam. “We’ll see.”

“Well, I’m sure he wouldn’t have any objections to you being here,” Karam smiled at him. “He has been looking forward to meeting you.”

“That’s good to know,” Minho grinned at him. His spirits were rising a bit now.

Karam nodded. “Mika, Jay, where are Hyunmin and Injun?”

Jay shook his head. “Around…somewhere.”

“Okay. I was just wondering. It’s not like I need to keep an eye on them,” Karam smiled at the maknae, who smiled back. He seemed a lot more tired than usual, which was to be expected, with his injury. “Thanks, little one.”

“Sure,” Jay replied. “I should probably go back and get some more rest…” He rolled his eyes. “It seems like sleeping is all I do, these days.”

Mika laughed softly, patting him on the head. “That’s because you are an injured teenager. I think you enjoy the sleep.”

Jay nodded. “Yeah. I do love my sleep.”

Karam looked at Mika. “Hey, have you seen Jonghyun, since we have been here? I haven’t…I know he was on a case, and I am a little worried about him.”
Mika cringed. “I haven’t seen him. Maybe you should ask one of your other hyungs about him. I hope he’s okay.”

Karam sighed. “I haven’t spoken to him since…I guess it’s been about two months.” He glanced at Minho, who smiled back. “I will ask about him. Maybe he’s just busy.”

Mika nodded. Or dead…He thought. He would not let Karam know his thoughts on that. His dongsaeng was probably thinking along the same lines.

“Well, I think I’m going to go show Minho around. He hasn’t seen the place,” Karam smiled at his chingu, Minho, changing the subject. “If you are feeling up to it.”
Minho nodded. “That sounds good. I would like that.”

When they got to the housing, which Minho had already seen, he turned to Karam. "Hey, what do the employees do here? What is this place?" He smiled at Karam. "No offense, but it does not seem like a normal place..."

Karam sighed, knowing this was going to turn into the talk Taehee needed to do himself, but wasn't. "It's a compound. A type of safe house. Taehee's father started a group to protect people." He was trying to think of how to proceed, when Minho spoke.

"Protect against what?" He looked at Karam with interest, obviously curious and open to the answer.

"Minho, Taehee wanted to here so he could protect you from the creatures out there that are dangerous," he paused. "Like vampires and werewolves, for instance. The organization his father set up is called M.Pire. I am not a leader, but I am part of it. We work to keep the evil creatures from taking over and killing people," Karam smiled. "Are you still following me? Am I making sense?"

Minho stared at him for a moment. "Yes...though I honestly never thought that would be the answer. It is very admirable. I mean, someone has to do it, right?" He grinned at Karam.

Karam nodded. "The authorities won't admit that there are creatures out there that will kill and blame it on humans, so we take care of what they are afraid of. That's what the teams are going to be."
"I see. So...Taehee wants me here?" Minho asked the question quietly, unsure.

"Yes. He has been wanting to get to know you for a long time now," Karam sighed. "I'm sorry it was not at a better time than this. I don't think he realized the importance of it, until he lost his...your...father. It really hit home that he needed to protect you, and you are not safe away from here."

Minho chewed on his lower lip, thinking. "I see. How would I be able to help with this?"

"Well, if you are interested, I'm sure Taehee would love to see you join us," Karam smiled. "I think we all would like it. It is dangerous, though."

Minho studied him for a moment. "I need to think about it, but it sounds like a good idea to me. I just don't know if I am what they need."

Karam nodded. "That's understandable. I wasn't sure, at first, either. It may take some time to get used to this."

"That's how it is with everything," Minho said. "Nothing is easy, if it's worth doing."

"True," Karam smiled. "So, would you like to go see the horses?"

"Sure," Minho answered. "Are they in a stable, or pasture?"

"Both," Karam pointed to the barn. "There, and in the pastures behind."

"Cool," Minho smiled. “Let’s go.”


Taehee watched Karam and Minho from his living room window. He was glad they were getting along, and his brother was bonding with someone. He hoped he would feel up to bonding with his brother later on, if he stayed.


Lee Jonghyun fought against the werewolves with his sword, knowing the acid on it would kill them. It had a special serum on it that would turn them to ash. Stumbling, he fell to the ground. Knowing the werewolfs would win then, and waited for them to end his life. Raising his sword to fight, he saw a flash of light that wiped the werewolves out. He did not see what had saved his life...or why.


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