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From The Shadows


From The Shadows - main story image

A shadowy figure entered the compound, silently creeping across the floor. Reaching the leader's room, he saw that no one else was around. The leader, Lee Minyoung, was sound asleep, but opened his eyes when he heard the doorknob creak. However, by the time he started to sit up, the shadowy figure had a hand over his mouth. Looking into his eyes, the figure cut his throat before he could utter a sound. His work done, the figure left the compound as silently as he had come.

The next morning, Lee Taehee found his father's body. Beside it, there was a note written in blood. He picked it up, reading it carefully.

The rest of your family is next. Payback's a bitch, isn't it?

Taehee turned to his friend, Yooseung. Shaking his head, he handed him the note. Yooseung read it, then placed it in a bag carefully. It was now evidence, and they were to carry on Taehee's father's work, even if it meant danger, as Minyoung had instructed him years ago. Someone was out there, and they would be after anyone else connected. Yooseung looked at Taehee. "Hyung, we need to find your dongsaeng. He is in danger."


Karam rushed out to meet Injun and Hyunmin. They had called him and told him here had been an accident. He now saw the danger, as they were carrying Jay. Hurrying to help them, he was at a loss for words, which was rare.

Hyunmin glanced at him. "He was attacked by a demon while we had our backs turned...Where's Mika?"

Karam shook his head, stroking the unconscious boy's hair. "He's inside getting some bandages ready. He is also going to try and heal him."

Hyunmin nodded. "I see. I think he will need something more. It's likely poison."

Karam did not say another word, but ran in the house ahead of them. "Mika, the healing won't be enough. We need to get him to the Lee compound. It's poison, and he won't make it if we don't."

Mika sighed. "No. I can do it here. We don't need them."

By then, Injun and Hyunmin had come in with Jay. He did not look good at all. Karam began checking his vitals to see how fast his blood was running. At this rate, the poison would make its was through his body and kill him within the hour. "Mika, I don't care what kind of mistrust you have with them...or Jino. We need to take him now, or he will die. We're going."

Mika was staring at Jay. "Fine. I guess it would be the best for him. You guys go ahead. I am going to track down the bastard who did this."


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