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Nowhere but Here


Later that day, they met at the station at the same time.

Sehun was walking towards the train after his walk around the city of Seoul. He loved to observe people. He marveled at the sight of window shoppers, the expressions on their faces as they shifted from gleeful to saddened, knowing they couldn't afford the things they wanted. There were mothers who held their daughters' hands as they tolerated their constant whining about a doll they always wished to have. He loved everything about the busy city life. But once he slipped through the sliding doors of the train he boarded, he was engulfed in tranquility once again.

He took his seat and brought out the book from his messenger bag. Before he could read the first sentence of the second chapter, someone sat down beside him. He stopped to glanced at the stranger and, it was the same guy from last time.

The guy he caught a glimpse of through the window, from the other train.
And he was right next to him.

Sehun slowly closed his book shut and stared at the man for a long time. After what seemed like an eternity, the guy turned his head when his gaze fell upon him.

Doogeun, doogeun.

Sehun didn't move. He was rooted to the spot, speechless and lost in the man's eyes. The stranger, as if sensing Sehun's situation, smiled sincerely at him. Upon impulse, Sehun smiled back.

"My name is Luhan."

Sehun was struck at the sudden introduction. He did not expect such a person to just give his name away to someone on the train. Or, well, it could be an alias, but he doubted it.
Luhan seemed too genuinely friendly.

"My... name's Sehun."

Luhan extended his hand.
Sehun made a move to shake it. At that moment, when their hands have grasped each other and are tightly bounded, Sehun feels it. He feels a strong connection. They are one. They are together, they are connected. Luhan was the first to let go.

"It's nice to meet you, Sehun."

Ka-kluk, ka-kluk, ka-kluk.

Sehun continued to stare into Luhan's eyes.

"Are you dropping off at the next station?" he asked softly, afraid of being left alone again. Apparently, he was wrong.

"No, I'll stay as long as I like."

Luhan flashed him a wide, convincing grin.


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