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Nowhere but Here


It was like any other morning - an ordinary Sunday morning of pure laziness. It was times like these when people preferred to stay indoors, not bothering to go out and head to the malls. It was also a day of family bonding, which was often held at quiet households in quiet villages. Everyone was basically too tired to get out of the house, but in Sehun's case, he would rather spend his day outdoors.

For Sehun, his days always started with long trips on the train. He would go to the stations early morning and wait for the train to arrive. Once he has boarded, he would take a seat in his favorite spot and keep himself preoccupied with his thoughts. Oftentimes, he would bring a book and browse through it casually just to look busy. And today, he brought a novel.


Sehun watched the doors slide open. There were only a few who stepped out of the train, considering it was early morning to actually travel on a lazy Sunday. After they have evacuated, Sehun, accompanied with a few sleepy employees heading to work, entered the train and sat down on his favorite seat right next to the doors. Right across a transparent glass. Right across a window he never bothered looking through.
With the book in his grasp, he flipped it open and forced himself to read.

Ka-kluk, ka-kluk, ka-kluk, ka-kluk.

He silently listened to the railroad tracks as the train passed them by. Others found it noisy and irritating, but Sehun thought otherwise. The sounds calmed him, and he liked it the way it is.

Ka-kluk, ka-kluk, ka-kluk, ka-kluk.

Sehun managed to read the first chapter of the fictional book in his hands. He sighed and looked up - looked right through the window and into the eyes of a person who was looking right at him as well from the other side.
It was very short. It took a split second for Sehun to glance at the man who stood by the doors on the other train. Sehun had his face etched deeply on his mind.

Long, porcelain-like face.
Short, blonde hair.
Curious, black eyes.

The other train where he saw the man has long passed. Sehun checked the time on his watch.
Seven minutes to seven.
He closed his eyes. He visualized the face he'd seen through the window once more, forcing himself to remember every detail.

Was he alone, too?


hope you guys /like/ it huhu


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