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The Same Girl


A story about how a girl has to live in the shadows of her twin sister, Mia. There's a KPOP talent competition called 'Generation Boyfriend' where people can submit videos all over the world to become the cover groups for Girls' Generation and 'Boyfriend'. Their girls' dance crew 'Super Boy' and 'Girl X' decide to make a mashup of their popular songs 'Run Devil Run' and of course the song 'Boyfriend.' If the groups like the videos, they'll pick four groups (2 male and 2 female) to compete in Korea in front of them to see who wins. Ever since the competition started, her attention hog sister had to make sure that she had the lead dance role. Gia's always been a shadow behind her sister. Kwangmin and Youngmin have been big fans of Gia's videos and shocked that she has a voice of unique talent. But what happens when they run into Gia into Korea and they run into her at different times and both ask her out!




Shy, talented girl, who while in Korea meets her idols both making it hard to choose who she shall be with. Gets tortured by her sister Mia on a regular basis.

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung

One of the nine singers in Girls' Generation, dates Kwangmin and hates both Mia and Gia.



Attention hog, always has to have the spotlight, tortures her twin Gia on a regular basis.

Youngmin and Kwangmin

Youngmin and Kwangmin

2 out of 6 members of the popular KPOP boy band Boyfriend. Both like the same girl, only to hate each other more to find out they like the same girl. Kwangmin is currently dating Jessica Jung of Girls' Generation.



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