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No More Dream

Dream 2


Eh..? Who is it? So loud...

"Yah oppa...Wake up.."

Ahh shuttup and go away.

"Ho Seok oppa, I'm getting lonely, won't you wake up?", the girl purred into his ear causing him to wake up in a daze. He only now felt her full weight on top of his upper body, her legs on either side of his waist straddling him. Ho Seok rubbed his eyes before observing the girl in front of him, who was wearing nothing but his own dress shirt, the same one he was wearing last night.

"Last night..." He thought to himself before propping his body up and looking down at his bare chest.

"Did you get a good sleep?" the girl interrupted his thoughts as she wrapped her arms around his neck, still straddling him. He looked up at her and now observed her face; a typical gangnam girl. He smirked as lifted his hand up and gently swept her hair behind her shoulder, revealing a scatter of purple patches and bite marks trailing from her shoulder to her neck.

"Looks like I got more than just a good sleep hm?" He snickered, his voice still slightly croaky and rough from sleep. Her cheeks became rosy as she giggled, completely falling for this man all over again.

"So easy."

His hand glided to the small of her back pushing her even closer against him, a small gasp escaping her mouth. His free hand slowly traveled to the nape of her neck, grabbing the loose hair and gently yanking her head back earning more gasps in reply. His lips traveled slowly up her now exposed neck, gentle kisses trailing to her jawline, her fingers tangled in the back his hair. He moved his lips up next to her ear, the hand that was on her back now slowly caressing her thigh.

"If we keep going now, I won't stop..." He smoothly whispered in her ear giving her shivers, her breathing becoming heavier making him smirk. He swiftly flipped them over so he was now towering over her, staring straight into her eyes. "I'll take that as an ok." His mouth quickly made its way to hers, the kisses becoming heavier and heavier before they started trailing down to her chest and continuing on down, each button coming undone on her shirt. Now down to her waist, his thumb gently rubbed along the edge of her panties, teasing her and making her anxious while he nibbled along her inner thigh, adding on to the collection of purple bruises. His breathing now heavier, he quickly made his way back up her body, hands preparing to unclasp her bra when suddenly a loud ringing interrupted making them both slightly jump. The ringing mixed with the sounds of heavy breathing and silence before it finally ended. Ho Seok wasted no time as he quickly brought his head back down to her's only to meet with rejection when the ringing started again and she turned her head.

"Oppa...that.." She breathed out, her cheeks a deep red and sweat forming on the sides of her forehead.

"Leave it." He mumbled as he struggled to leave sloppy kisses along her neck, having only one thing on his mind.

"But what if..." She argued as she tried pushing against his chest only to be overpowered.

"I said I wouldn't stop." He growled as he yanked one strap of her bra down her arm, resisting against her pushes, but the ringing continued for what seemed like minutes, earning an irritated sigh from Ho Seok.

"Damn it.." He muttured as he got off of the girl and headed over to the dresser his get his phone, wearing nothing but his boxers. He roughly snatched the phone up and slid the screen before putting it up to his hear.


"DON'T 'WHAT' ME IN THAT TONE. Where are you!?" The voice on the other end boomed in equal, almost more, irritation as Ho Seok. Finally realizing it was Jin, he rubbed the back of his neck as he calmed down.

"Sorry, Jin hyung. I'm at my apartment, why?"

"At your apartment? So last night...I knew it! I knew you wouldn't just say goodbye to that girl." Jin sighed on the other end making Ho Seok chuckle at how well his hyung knew him. "But uh, back to the point, yah did you forget we had dress rehearsals today?" Ho Seok's smile quickly faded as he just now remembered what his plans for this morning where supposed to be and guilt washed over him.

"Jin hyung, sorry! You guys know how I get when I drink too much.."

"Yes, we unfortunately do know. So, don't worry too much, we covered for you. Just come now quickly, ok? Remember, our stylist noona is moving to the states so we have to meet our new one today."

"Alright, I'll be there soon. Thanks for covering for me, I love you hyung!" Ho Seok happily made a kiss sound near the speaker, earning a disgusted sound from the other end. They both hung up and Ho Seok suddenly remembered that he wasn't alone. He turned to see the girl still laying in the bed half naked.

"Now to make her leave..." He thought as his bare hip leaned against the dresser. "Hey-" He stopped as he tried to think of her name. "....What is her name? Damn it Jung Ho Seok not again." He sighed before he lifted himself up off the dresser, pulled out a pair of sweat pants and put them on, and strided towards the bed.

"Y...Yah, you." He slightly hesitated hoping he didn't sound to obvious. "I have to get going in a bit so...I think we have to part ways now."

"Mmm, ok." She smiled as she got up and started gathering her things and clothes, slowly putting them back on. "But, why does it sound like we're never seeing each other again?" She laughed but her smile slowly dropped as she noticed the stern look on Ho Seok's face making her catch on to the situation. "So that's it...ha ha.." She bitterly laughed, now fully clothed. She started walking towards the door, Ho Seok beginning to follow from behind before they finally reached the door. He reached his hand out and opened it for her, his body towering over her, making her feel more bitter inside. Ho Seok swung the door wide open waiting for her to make her exit but she suddenly turned and faced him.

"Are you really going to be like this...?" She raised her voice which still slightly faltered as she tried to hold back tears.

"To be honest, I don't know what more you were expecting after sleeping with a stranger." He sighed leaning against the doorway. He was hoping she'd just quietly leave like most of the girls, but unfortunately she was one of those. Those girls that automatically play innocent, make it so he's the only bad guy, completely forgetting the fact that they're the ones who gave in.

"Don't you even feel sorry.." She sniffled, tears finally giving in and spilling.

"Sorry? Why should I? You know damn well even if it wasn't me, you'd be going home with another guy to fuck." He snorted.

"You...you're so..."

"What? Mean? Heartless? I've heard." He taunted, crossing his arms across his chest and smirked as his words made her more helpless. He noticed her knuckles becoming white as her fists tightened at her sides. "Why? Wanna hit me? Go ahead, If that's enough to make you leave." He leaned forward and tilted his head to the side, giving her an open space. He calmly waited, but she simply stood in place, her tears multiplying and her breathing now uneven.

"Right." He smirked and stood tall again and ran his hand through the front of his hair. "Just leave now before you really irritate me, ok?" She gave him one last look before grabbing her bag off the floor and turning to leave down the hall. "Ah, wait." He called as she turned. He walked out the door and to the front of her before leaning down and kissing her gently on the lips. "Thanks and goodbye." She bit her bottom lip as her cheeks became a deep red, clearly faltering from the kiss, before she quickly walked down the hall, disappearing from view. Ho Seok chuckled as he leaned against the wall, still shirtless and his sweat pants hanging low on his hips.

"Too easy."

It was only then that he realized he wasn't alone. His eyes shifted to the side where he noticed a girl with luggage in her hands giving him an indifferent look, which rather interested him. Most girls looked like they were head over heels in love but this girl, she looked like she had something to say, something different from most girls. He folded his arms and turned so his back was fully leaning against the wall and winked at her which caused her to snort and Ho Seok to smile even more.

"Well that wasn't very nice." Ho Seok chuckled as he eyed the girl up and down, now curious as to who she was and why she was here.

"Yea, well, that wasn't very nice either." She replied sharply putting down her luggage to search her pockets for her keys.

"That...?" Ho Seok speculated for a moment guessing that she probably saw the scene that just took place. "Well she brought it upon herself, don't you think?" He tilted his head slightly, actually eager to hear her response. "All she had to do was say no to me last night." She scoffed and suddenly stopped searching for her keys and stood for a moment before starting to walk towards Ho Seok with a smile. Ho Seok watched as she slowly inched closer to him, which for reasons he didn't know made him excited, eager, and tempted.

"So...you're saying she deserved it, hm?" She mused as she got closer to him, making him more anxious. His crossed arms fell to his sides, getting ready to smoothly grab her waist and steal a kiss, that's all it takes after all and he knows it. But what happened was not what he expected at all. Her arm sped forward, meeting with his right cheek, the sound resonating down the walls of the empty hall. His cheek stung and his milky white skin was slowly fading to a pink, his lips parting in shock. He turned his head to face her again, her mouth now a content smile.

"You-" He started before getting cut off.

"Why did I do that?" She started, "Well based on your theories...'you brought that upon yourself.'"


smut smut smut everyone loves smut
im sorry jhope is kinda of an ass right now isnt he >.< but its hot admit it. But wow it's been a while since i wrote a smutty scene so i hope it met your standards, planning on more steamy scenes later on ;3



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Update soon!!!! I like ittt. :3

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I hope you keep updating!!

you should keep updating, i like it....

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hooray for smut~! kekeke~ new reader here by the way~ ^_^ mind checking out my BTS fic too? >w< (sorry for shamelessly advertising OTL)

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