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No More Dream

Dream 1

"Hello, what can I do for you today Miss?" "I...I need a ticket." She stuttered while nervously scooting her sunglasses higher up on her nose. "Of course, where to Miss?" Anywhere. Anywhere but here.

"To..." She chewed on her bottom lip as she nervously looked around, her eyes fixing on to a poster of South Korea, her long forgotten home. "Seoul....Seoul, South Korea. I'll take the next available flight you have." "Sure, just one second." The worked smiled before clicking away on her keyboard, the sound of the buttons being pushed making her more anxious. "Ah, we actually have a seat available for the flight that leaves in about 30 minutes. However, it's a one way trip. Would that work for you, Miss?" "Yes, yes that's...that's perfect." She let out a deep breath. "I'll take it." ****
Leah lifted her luggage into the compartment above her seat before sitting down. Leaving in such a rush, she was only able to pack the necessities thus she only had one luggage. But she made sure to take all her savings over the years, enough to help her start her new life, her new life in Korea. "Korea, huh..." She smiled to herself. "It's been over 16 years..." She drifted off thinking of her happy child hood, wondering where it all went wrong, when she lost her smile, and hoping she can find it again. After a long 16 hour flight, she finally arrived to Korea. She stepped out the airport and took in the fresh air and breathed a sigh of relief before frowning "Well I made it this far...but now where do I go?" It never crossed her mind as to where she would stay. She leaned against a concrete wall, throwing her head back and staring at the sky. "Maybe...No way. They still wouldn't be there....Would they?"
She thanked and paid the taxi man who zoomed off, leaving her in front of the gate of a rather modern house. "Lee Family..." She read the name on the mailbox in a slight daze. "Wow...No..I have to see this to believe it." She nodded to herself and confidently rang the buzzer near the gate. "Nuguseyo?" A younger female's voice happily called out on the other end of the buzzer. "Uh I'm-" She bit her tongue forgetting to switch to Korean. "I'm looking for Yoon Ah..?" "Yoon Ah? That's me." She replied in confusion. "Hm, one second I'm coming out." Leah's eyes got wide in anticipation, straining her neck to see her. "No way...no way..." And soon enough, a thin Korean girl was lazily running towards the gate before finally reaching it and opening it for her unknown guest. "Hi, I'm Yoon Ah. What do you need me for..?" She cocked her head to the side, observing Leah, making her flustered. "Uh, I...It's me Leah...Do you remember me?" She blurted out cutting straight to the point. Yoon Ah blinked her eyes in confusion. "Leah...?" She looked towards the sky as she thought before suddenly gasping. "Le Ah? Yoon Le Ah?" She chirped as she pointed at Leah who happily nodded in reply. Yoon Ah shrieked as she leaped onto Leah and hugged her tightly. "How long has it been! Where did you go? Why did you leave? Wah, you look so older and so pretty, my Le Ah!" She continued to coo and cling onto Leah, who was laughing at her old friends reaction. "I know, I know, sorry. I missed you." Yoon Ah showed Leah into her home, the same home she used to go over every weekend. "It's still the same.." She smiled to herself before sitting down on the sofa. "So what brings you here to Korea? " Yoon Ah asked as she set down a cup of tea infront of Leah. "Well to cut things short...I wanted to...to start over." Leah stared down at her cup as she traced her thumb around the edge. "I was just tired of being unhappy. So I guess I'm here to find happiness. The same happiness I had when I was little." She looked up to find Yoon Ah staring at her with a concerned face which soon changed to a smile. "Well, good, because that's the Leah's that I miss too." She set he cup down on the coffee table. "If there's anything you need at all, tell me, ok? We're pratically family." "Well about that..." Leah started as she rubbed the back of her neck. "I kinda need a place to stay...and maybe help finding a job?" "Well, you could always stay at my place, but a job...." Yoon Ah drifted off into thought as she bit her nail. "Ah! I got it! You, always had a thing for makeup and stuff right?" "Glad you remember." Leah giggled. "I actually went to school for it too." "Yes, perfect! The company I work at, they're actually looking for a new stylist. You up for it? They'll even give you a place to stay." "Up for it? Of course I am!" Leah squealed in happiness and disbelief. `"Well stay here for tonight, I think I can have everything set for you by tomorrow actually, even your apartment. " "Yoon Ah...where would I be without you?" Leah hugged her friend tightly. it was like all the stars were aligning for her. At least she thought they were.


Sorry kinda boring but just wait till you see the next chapter which happens to also be written ;) Enjoy!



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Update soon!!!! I like ittt. :3

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I hope you keep updating!!

you should keep updating, i like it....

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hooray for smut~! kekeke~ new reader here by the way~ ^_^ mind checking out my BTS fic too? >w< (sorry for shamelessly advertising OTL)

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