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Catching feelings (EXO-M Luhan)


~Alison's POV~
"Do you still love me?"
I asked. Still not removing my stare on him. I think I already know what I'm expecting to hear. It's something that I don’t want to find out. He's driving me crazy for the past six months. Yes, after he finally debuted in EXO it seems like his promise of "forever" is starting to tear apart. Just like that, a tear fell from my eyes. I didn't even waited for his response and like a stupid girl I always am, I asked for a space. And it's been two weeks now. He hasn't ringed me. Or even asked if I'm fine. Or if he misses me. I'm starting to regret everything I said before. Like, why did I even say I needed space? I don't want to lose him in anyway. I just feel sad. I think that our relationship reached the saddest climax. I'm not happy anymore. What used to be perfectly sweet moment when we're together end up like a sad cold relationship. He used to call me at wee hours in the and we wouldn't sleep 'til morning. He's the sweetest guy I've ever met. You know why I fell for oppa? He does efforts. It's like he always remind me how much he loves me. How happy he is for having someone like me. Kidding. Those are just bonus actually.
I even encouraged him to join SM academy and because I love him so much, I don't want to regret it ever. But now, I'm staring at my phone. Wishing he'd call. But it seems like forever. It has been like this since he debuted. He promised to do something but he won't. I feel like his love for me fades as time goes. Is that because he sees that there are lots of prettier girls out there? Am I not good enough? But I thought I'm perfect in oppa's eyes?
After sobbing for hours, I turned the telly. I saw his EXO's mv at the music channel. It is number one, as usual. I couldn't believe how much fame he reached in less than 2 years.



Nice please update >.<<br>

Marshmallow18 Marshmallow18
I like this. Nice beginning=).