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Take Responsibility (Taemin One-Shot)


"Lee Taemin... you know I can't." You said turning your head away from the intense stare of your student. Your normally strong willpower was slowly turning in to a pile of shit. Which was exactly what you were going to be in if you gave in to him."I'm eighteen now, Noona," him leaning over the desk on his elbows was closer than you needed him at the moment, "What's stopping you?"
You turned your head to meet his gaze again, which wasa mistake," I don't know... morals! My job... your virginity! Lots of things... I can''t give up for a few moments of pleasure." you tried your damnest to keep the anger in your voice.
He could tell you were lying. He always knew you were lying. Chuckling darkly, he flipped his blonde hair out his face and leaned in even closer and yet, despite knowing you should, you still couldn't bring yourself to leave. To go before you gave into him.
Your nails dug into the wood of the desk you were sitting at, his amused expression not helping your control of the situation whatsoever, "A few moments? Who were you with before me?"
A moan escaped as soon as his tongue connected with your ear and you covered your mouth. "They obviously didn't make you feel like I could. Trust me... I'll defintely please you longer than a 'few moments.'"
Taemin finally returned back to his seat with a satisfied smile, picked up his pencil and looked at you, "I before E except after C... right, Ms. _____?"
You could only stare at him with wide eyes.
You needed to quit before you gave into this forbidden fruit.






Update your story

gotziexo gotziexo

Update please

Nay_14 Nay_14

So when is part two coming out? Please update.

update please <3 ;)

Jengkirk Jengkirk

I really wish I knew how this story ends...

MrsTuan93 MrsTuan93