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Ease Into It

Soju, Bright Lights & Chaste Kisses

When Asha got to the club there were already easily a hundred or so people crowding the dance floor and bar that was against the back of the building. Lights were flashing and the music was drowning out any logical thought that came to mind. She tucked her camera away into her clutch, so she would not lose it or have it stolen. Her life would probably crash around her if that happened, that was the last thing she needed. As she looked around the club she found herself sitting at a vacant table just listening to the music, it was definitely a good beat.
She looked up when a waiter places a drink on her table, and told her it was bought for her by a man in VIP. Asha was shocked, she had not expected anyone to buy her a drink, but she knew the customs around here - she hated to be vain but she knew she was pretty, even if it was just conventionally so.

Asha glanced over at the VIP section and a man raised his glass to her, and she did the same and sipped the drink he had gotten her. It reminded her a lot of a bahama mama, with the citrus and cranberry. It wasn't too bad. Asha could feel the alcohol taking affect on her, and she knew it had been made a lot stronger than she was used to. Her body heated up and her cheeks became flushed as she finished her drink then stood up, she planned on thanking him for the drink - she did not want to see rude.

As she stood she made sure she had her footing, she did not want to seem drunk. Asha was no where near drunk but being tipsy in heels was extremely dangerous. Back home, her friend had broken her ankle one night while dancing, drunk, in heels.

She made her way to the steps, and he met her there offering her his hand. His dark eyes danced with amusement as he looked at her. "I'm Asha," she told him softly and he brought his lips to the top of her knuckles.

"Friends call me Top," he told her,"But my name is Choi,"

Asha nodded a little,"Then which do you think I should call you?" she asked him smiling a little, and her grinned.

"I'd like to think we're friends," he said to her, and Asha nodded a little with a smile. Asha was good with people, but she'd never been a very talented flirt, but this guy emitted such a strong aura of suave and confidence it was almost overwhelming.

"Come sit," he said to her leading her up the steps and into his booth, his table was covering in an assortment of foods and snacks as well as a few bottles of liquor. Asha came to Korea knowing they drank way more than your average Irish man which took her by surprised when she'd learned that fact.

"Here, have a drink," he said to her pouring her a shot glass full of soju which was stronger than any alcohol she'd ever had before. Taking the glass in both hands, she drank it quickly the burning her throat made her make a face. She set it on the table, and with both hands poured him a glass then offered it to him. She'd taken a lot of time to learn their customs there, which was so she didn't offend anyone. The last thing she needed was someone after her because she'd been disrespectful to their entire culture.

"What do you do for a living?" he asked her curiously.

"I'm a photographer," she told him smiling a little,"I take pictures of whatever strikes me as beautiful, then do a gallery and sell them," she told him. Asha saw Top nod a little and took the drink.

"I'm sure you make quite the living then," he said to her smiling a little,"How old are you?"

"I am turning twenty two this November," she told him. Asha knew that all these questions were fairly normal around here. In the states most people would feel as if they were being pried at, but here this was just social norms. He offered her another shot of soju and she didn't know whether to take it or deny it. Asha was starting to feel a little drunk at this point, and she knew it was the Soju. At 20% alcohol, there was no way she'd take another shot, and be sober.

Against her better judgment, she took the shot in both hands and downed it quickly. Again with the burning on her throat, her eyes watered when she closed them. When she opened her eyes, she noticed he was watching her rather intently. His eyes never once leaving hers as he leaned in closer to her.

"You're beautiful," he whispered when he got close enough. Their noses were touching, and she felt an overwhelming urge to lean forward and close the space between their lips. Asha didn't want to make a mistake, so she just stared back.

"Thank you," she whispered softly as she looked into the dark pools that seemed to engulf her. His lips brushed against hers and she lost all self control, pressing her lips against his fully.


I love it

Nay_14 Nay_14

I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

AmyWtsn AmyWtsn
This is an really good story XD
Mrs.wufan Mrs.wufan