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Ease Into It

Fate, Steps & Smiling Scenery

Sometimes it feels like life throws you a curve ball when you least expect it, and it catches you off gaurd leaving you emotionless. The numb feeling doesn't subside until you find yourself again, which in most cases can take years, and bring you well into your mid twenties to early thirties. Asha is a twenty three year old photographer, she was traveling east Asia which had been a dream of hers long before she'd started taking pictures. Her passion only drove her to do it much earlier in her life then she'd anticipated. The crowded streets of Hongdae were really over whelming, people singing on the side of the street, dancing and clubs were just starting up.
Asha was dressed to impress, she had her camera around her neck. A copy of her passport tucked inside her clutch so she didn't lose it when she went venturing into the bustling city. She realized that the cities in Korea were much smaller than she was used to, so finding things to take pictures of wasn't too hard. With everything in such close quarters it only took her a few seconds to find an interesting scenery to capture.

A man walked up to Asha and handed her a card, on it had the name of a club and what time it was officially open. He spoke to her quickly and animatedly causing her to smile, she had taken two years of Korean in College then took language courses in her city before she came here so she was basically fluent and knew just enought to get around. She nodded a little, telling him she'd be there and he jogged off to find other women to come to the club. It became apparent to her the first day she was here that men paid for most of everything in the bars, so if there were pretty women - men would spend more money. It was basic knowledge.

Asha smiled a little, she had gotten dressed for a night out anyway because she planned on having fun that night. Her camera was small enough to fit in her clutch so she didn't have to make a trip back to her hotel room. It kept her out longer without more money spent on transit. Looking at the time on her watch, she smiled.

The club would be open by the time she walked there, so she decided to make her way towards the night club. The sun was setting, and every once in a while she'd snap a couple of pictures. The scenery seemed to smile upon her camera giving her the best shots she'd ever taken in her life. As a photographer, the odds of having nearly all perfect pictures almost never happened. Asha was excited, she always believed in fate - and tonight she knew was going to be wonderful.


I love it

Nay_14 Nay_14

I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

AmyWtsn AmyWtsn
This is an really good story XD
Mrs.wufan Mrs.wufan