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Moonlight Magic

Moonlight Magic

Moonlight Magic

Hey. 15 years old. Female. Want to talk message me I'll talk to anyone. I'll message as soon as I can. Not a really good speller I try I'm best to get all the words spelled right. I started writing to get better at spelling and it has worked so far.

Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/user/AloneWithTheNight

All my stories are rated R because I do not plan out what is put in them so I might have a story that is PG13 or something like that but is rated R. Read at your own risk.

I like to try to write new thing. If you have something for me to write just ask and I'll try my best. It can be anything. I'll write it no matter what it is.

All stories come from my mind I don't really plan out most stuff.


Undecided love

Undecided love

R Romance Mystery

A girl forced to marry a guy she thought she never knew or love before. Kim Jaejoong story.


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