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+Destiny's Lectures+


Jenny Park; also known as Park Bom is the daughter of Park Sang Eun, the deputy prime minister of Korean Education, is a kind-hearted and fun loving history professor, as well as an empathic adviser in one of the prestigious Universities in the state of California, USA.

However, due to her involvement in an unresolved scandal in the university, she was fired and her license to teach was revoked, forcing her to return to her hometown, Seoul. Park Dara, Bom's childhood best friend warmly welcomed her, even encouraging her to get back on her feet-- but Bom's father had other plans. Using his connections, Bom was required to teach for two years in Seoul National University as part of her probational requirements before she could resume her career in the US. Little did she know that she will be working alongside Choi Seung Hyun, famous for his reputation as the merciless Algebra professor.

What kind of experience will destiny give her in her new life?


Choi Seung Hyun

Choi Seung Hyun

A faculty officer and a strict Algebra professor. Despite his good looks, he can be your worst nightmare in any setting -- whether it being your neighbor, your co-worker, or even your professor. But under that cold image lies a man who can learn to let go and love. Will Park Bom's character break the walls around him?

Kim Nam Joon

Kim Nam Joon

Your typical school bully. He loves to mess with weaklings and he loves to pick fights to prove himself the strongest. He loves to challenge Jiyong a lot.

Kwon Jiyong

Kwon Jiyong

He helps out in the japanese restaurant that his grandfather owns just in front of the University apartment. An outstanding student who cares a lot about his classmates. He is totally against bullying so he does whatever he can to protect those who are trampled on. He is also one of the top notchers of his batch but once he develops a liking to Professor Park, things eventually change. Especially if his rival is his own Algebra Professor.

Lee Chae Rin

Lee Chae Rin

A former professor in Seoul University. There are some hints that she shared a connection with Seung Hyun, but what kind of role will she play in this story?

Park Bom / Jenny Park

Park Bom / Jenny Park

A professor from the US, the only daughter of the deputy prime minister of education of Seoul. However, due to misunderstandings in the university she was working for, her license was revoked and she went back to Seoul for a time off only to be faced with more challenging adventures.

Park Dara

Park Dara

Park Bom's best friend, also working in Seoul University's clinic as a nurse. She's very supportive of her dear friend but when she gets romantically attracted to Jiyong-- she has to choose between friendship and love.


  1. Nightmare

    Bom goes back to Seoul after a scandal at work.

  2. Coming Home

    A peek at Seoul University's problem.

  3. The Test


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