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The Bloody Night

Chapter 11

[ I could feel the blood dripping from my body, it was painful,but maybe this was finally my time to die. If I could say one last thing to my grandpa, it would be to thank them for raising when nobody wanted me.]

Suddenly, my body started to feel even more weak than it was and I couldn't feel much of anything anymore. My fate was becoming very obvious that I was about to die right then and there. Then, my body was becoming pale and cold as well. Furthermore, I was even beginning to lose my eyes sight as well.

*Nct U members fly's in at the warehouse*

Workers: (Stunned) Who are you freaks?

Nct U: We are the ones who are going to kick your ass. Also, we are responsible for this girl,you just so happened to try to kill and so now you've to pay. (Mad)

Taeyong: Lucas, get her out of here now!

Lucas: Yes! Taeyong

*Lift Rose up and take her to the arcade room*

Taeyong: Now, the rest of you, lets beat their ass.

*Beats up the bad guys*

{At the arcade room}

Lucas: *Lays Rose on the couch*

Rose: Thank you! for saving me,but I don't have too much time left. I'm losing a lot of blood.

Lucas: No problem, human girl. Shit! she is right,she is losing a lot of blood and their may not be much time.

Rose: Just forget about it, Lucas.

Lucas: Shut up! I've a idea. Just close your eyes and relax. Okay!

Rose: *Relaxes*

Lucas: *Bites Rose on her neck*

Rose: (Yells in pain)

As Lucas was sucking my blood, it was so painful and uncomfortable. However, it was to save my life,so I tried to not yell so much. He seemed to enjoy it,so much that like he never had drunk blood in a long time before. Despite that, I continued to let him drink more of my blood until, he started to drink to much. In addition, I had to try to tell him to stop because then he would kill than save instead.

Ten minutes passed, I had finally got him to stop drinking too much of my blood which was hard. Then, the other's finally came back from the warehouse with some food and drinks. It made me happy that they were alright and not hurt. But to come to think about it, I wanted to know what had happened with that man who tried to kill me. However, it didn't really matter much because as long as I had the Nct members it didn't matter much.

As they was watching tv, I headed onto the balcony to see Lucas. He was busy reading a book while listening to music. It seemed like he liked pop music rather than classical which I had assumed sense, he was a quiet person who rarely talked. So, i made the effort to try to get to know him a lot better sense he never really spoke much or hanged out with rest of us. He was always alone by himself one way or another which was weird. However, It was understandable because at school I don't even have friends.

Rose: Thank you! Lucas for everything.

Lucas:No problem!

Rose: May I ask you a question?

Lucas: What is it human? (annoyed)

Rose: How come you always hang out without the members?

Lucas: Because not everyone needs to hangout with their friends. Have you ever heard of alone time?

Rose: Oh! Right. Well, I guess you want to have that alone time,so I will leave now.

Lucas: *Grabs hand* You can stay for a bit longer... if you like, and by the way your blood was delicious.

Rose: Thanks, I guess.

As the time went by, I had to head back home sense, it was getting pretty late and I had to clean up myself. Their was a lot of blood on me from me getting stabbed with a knife and I didn't want to be reminded of it. So, I had said my farewell and made my way home without them knowing as they was sleeping. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave without giving them something as a reminder of me before leaving,so I left them my bracelet. As I got home, I hurried into my room and took a quick shower. Then, put on my night close and headed straight to bed.

It was 8:00 AM, which meant it was time for me head to school and deal with those annoying people. However, it wasn't that bad sense, I felt so much better than yesterday. On my way to school, I began to wonder if the members missed me as I left them last night without warning,but a gift. In addition, I then started to think about Lucas...he was so handsome and cute that night. The way he looked at me made be feel so shy and nervous which I never acted before with a guy.

The last time I had a boyfriend was...never because no boy ever liked me before. The boys at my school only liked sexy girls who wore short skirts with stockings. Which made me want to puke as they looked like porn stars and not high school students by far. So, that never made me want to pursue a boy nor they want to pursue me at all. Therefore, I hoped that maybe I would find a man to court me and want to be with me for me and not for looks. Lucas seemed to be the one that I like and that I would want to court me.

He even said that my blood was delicious, so I take it that he doesn't have a problem with me. Not to mention, their was something about him that was different than the others. After school, I decided to walk to the park for some fresh air,so I could finish up some homework. Until, Lucas came to get me in his new car which shocked me even more and of course the girls were going crazy. He drove me back home and made sure that I was safe.

Rose: Thanks again, for dropping me home.

Lucas: No problem. Besides, we can't have you getting hurt again or maybe kidnapped.

Rose: Please, it would be good for you sense you could drink my blood again. (laughs)

Lucas: Maybe, I guess. You're not too bad yourself after all. I guess, the other guys were right.

Rose: Right about what?

Lucas: Never mind!

Rose: *Grabs Lucas's shirt*

To be continued...



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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i missed u thanks for updating xoxo

I sure will!

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