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The Bloody Night

Chapter 1

In this world their is two types of people those who are normal and those who lurk or hide in the dark. Those who don't like to be known to the world and like to live in secret. However, they like to seek attention when they feel the moment is right time to time. Then, others who like to spill blood because they feel like it is fun and amusing or fascinated with it. -Rose

My name is Rose, I'm a normal typical girl who lives with my grandfather and works at his successful ramyeon shop.My grandfather is very dedicated to his work,so I've to be close to him every step of the way. When I was young, my parents wasn't around me much for some odd reason. I've always felt like they abandoned me at a young age,but my grandfather always would deny it.But over the course of the years,I've learned to get over it because they will never come back to be with me.

I've learned to be grateful for the life that I'm living even though, I may not like it. My grandfather has taught me everything that I know,yet I'm so grateful for all he has done in his life time for me. He has never kept anything from me and so I trust him. After I had finished washing the dishes, I kissed him good-bye and headed straight to class. In the morning, I go to school for my education and in the afternoon I help him with the business.

He can't do everything by himself or he will make mistake as he is getting old. (You know how grandfathers are ^_^) As I was finishing up at school, I noticed that it was getting dark outside and I had to be back home quickly before dark. I only had to clean up the classroom because it was my job this semester. In our school, It is part of the rules that each class must have a classroom cleaner or everyone will be force to be held back to clean it up. So instead, we all decide as a class to each take turns on different days or even semesters.

Of course, it was my turn to clean up the classroom after school. I left the school,so that I could be back home in time to cook for my grandfather. On my way home, it was so scary walking home all alone at night without nobody being there. To be honest, I really don't like walking home at this time of night because we have dangerous people at night of course and its not safe. However, I try not to think about it much and head straight home as possible.

All of a sudden, when I went to the my local store to get some water as I was nervous. There was a group of guys who were staring at me in a weird way,so I tried not to make any sudden eye contact. After paying for the water, I left the store quickly and made sure not to make any eye contact,so they won't notice anything. As I walk the rest of the way home, I started to feel weird like someone was following me. Furthermore, I didn't want to look back,but it felt weird.

Two minutes of walking, I finally looked back and it was those boys at the store. They were following me,so I hurried. However they caught up to me and one of them grabbed me. He put me up against the wall and began to touch me in the weirdest places. I begged him to stop,but him and his friends just began laughing at my pain.

''What is it that you want from me? Why are you doing this to me?'' I asked struggling

''It doesn't matter what I want, I want to hear you scream in pain and beg me to stop.'' he said laughing

''You're the worst person ever. How could you find this funny?'' I said

''I know,but what are you going to do about it?'' he said softly grinning

''I will screaming and someone will come to rescue me.'' I stated

''Well, scream,but nobody is going to hear you and come for you.'' he said hysterically

He then placed his hand on my neck beginning to choke me tighter and tighter.Then, I took one of the other guys knife and cut his face as he kept on choking me. He then got upset and slapped me in anger. Furthermore, him and his friends began to kick me on the floor,it felt so painful. I thought to myself, I would never want to go through this ever again. As they kept torturing me, I felt so heartless and worthless.

All of a sudden, their was a guy who flew in all of a sudden. He beat up the guys who were attacking me in a heart beat as if they were nothing. He began to lick there face and then he put his face upon his neck. Then, when I looked closer, I saw the guy drop to the ground and blood running from him. It made me feel sick and creeped out to my stomach. Moreover, when he turned around his eyes was bright red...glowing bright red as he wiped his mouth full of blood.

I couldn't see what his faced fully looked like sense it was too dark. However, I started to feel dizzy all of a sudden. Everything started to go blank as I hit the ground in dizziness.



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

Hana Hana

i missed u thanks for updating xoxo

I sure will!

Hana Hana

thank u sooo much for these updates , Living ! also pls give mark another cameo, love him lol xP

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great updates, queen. always looking forward to your work. xx. thank u.

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