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Loving you 2

The successful Show

It was the morning of the fashion show, I was so nervous about how it would go and would the audience like it. I kept pacing around in the living room for someone to give me a call on the outfits condition,but their was no call. Of course, I couldn't wait any longer,so I decided to call my designing team. They sounded so nervous which made me nervous,yet they was only joking around and said that the outfits was doing well. It made me happy to the point that I could breathe again.

Four minutes later, it was time for the fashion show to start,so I made sure that all the models were in order and with their make-up on. There was no room for errors, mistakes,or flaws at the show or I would be so embarrassed. However, something told me to just don't mind the flaws and enjoy the show what it is and let the models have fun. As the models went down the runway, the crowd was so delighted and even stunned. It seemed like they really was actually enjoying the creativity and the hard work that I put into the garments.

As I watched the show from backstage,the audience seemed to be again impressed with every single outfit even the media. At the end of the show, I wanted a music act to come and perform as the closing. I let her perform at the end in one of my custom dresses which didn't take much away from her performance as well. During the very end of the show, I showed the presentation and thanked everyone for coming to see the new collection. Then, I spotted Ren and his sister out in the front clapping and giving me a thumbs up for the good job.

I knew they would've loved it,even if I didn't share to much information and details as to what I was planning on doing. I met up with them as everyone was closing out the show and packing up. We all laughed and giggled at small parts of the show that was funny.

''Shiori, you did very well. I am so proud of you and how much thought you put into the show.'' Ren said proudly

''Thank you Ren and Unnie, for this opportunity to show what I got to offer to this company as well. Without you guys, I could've not done with you and it probably would've blew up in our faces. '' I said giggling

*Ren pulls me over to talk to me in private*

''Shiori, I heard that you talked to your parents in Korea. Is that true?'' He asked curiously

''Yes! I only wanted to discuss what happened with NaNa and I. Which it blew up in my face,yet they didn't want to move past it. Therefore, We are not speaking to each other again and now my parents are unhappy. Furthermore, I've now decided all together to cut ties with them and NaNa as well.'' I told him honestly

''Really, that must be very hard on you to have to go through that. I hope you can successfully move on from that. Also, make sure to better yourself, you don't want that to start headlining in the papers or on social media. The world of fashion and fame is a very dark world to enter too with people with problems.'' he stated concerned

''I know Ren, Thank you for being their for me through my struggle and letting get myself together. Also, I want to thank your beautiful sister for giving me the chance to prove myself. '' I said graciously

We both gave our goodbyes as we left one another,but before I could leave their was a man that I spotted in the corner of my eyes. He was wearing a white and pink Gucci custom made suit. As I walked closer to see who the guy was, it stunned me that he could be the man from the hospital,but I didn't want to right this time. As I looked, It was certainly him as he made contact with me from the other side of the room. He walked over to were I was standing which was near the exit with a serious,yet cold expression like he was mad at something.

I backed up in fear of what he might say or even do knowing that I was here. However, I mean he now knows who I'm now that I just finished the show. As I push the door open, he reached for my wrist and twirled me back inside the building in my surprise staring into my eyes. Moreover, His eyes shined like a thousand stars in the night sky as they were a light brown color. He was so handsome from up close than from the last time I saw him.

''You must be Shiori from the hospital the other day in Korea?'' he said calmly

''Umm...Yeah! Shiori Wu,That's me.'' I said shyly

''Why are so suddenly shy right now? Shiori Wu'' he asked

''Well...Its just that I didn't know you were going to be here.'' I replied

''Well here I'm at your special event. By the way, you did an amazing job out there tonight.'' He said proudly

''Thank you!'' I said smiling

''Oh,my name is Jin. Have a goodnight Shiori and also I love you when you're shy.'' he stated devilishly

As I made it back home, my mind couldn't escape the thought of Jin. He was so handsome it was like falling in love all over again. However,This time it just my heart could't say no,but my mind had too. I snapped back into reality real fast and noticed that it was not the time to start falling in love with a man I barely knew much less. As handsome as he is, this is my time to show the world who I'm as a fashion designer not as a gold-digger. Plus, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't fall in love after what happened with Kris. Nothing ever good comes out of falling in love when it comes to me,so I am going to put a stop to that real quick.

But I will have a eye on Jin to see what type of person he is like and what can he offer me in return in the fashion world. Only time will tell if he can be trusted or not...



@Shiori wu
Oh I’m glad is not over

kinaa kinaa

The story hasn't ended yet as their is a question mark. It will only get better and better just keep on reading. Thank you!!

Shiori wu Shiori wu

I enjoyed reading this ❤️❤️

kinaa kinaa