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Loving you 2

Welcome back!

Finally, I had landed in Seoul, South Korea again. It was time for me to start building myself again back in my home country,but I was still nervous about my family and ex-friends. Then, I sat back telling myself that enough is enough and I've to fight for what I want. Which is to be a famous fashion designer and to be successful at what I want. After landing at the air port, I took the cab to my house and when I arrived started to unpack my luggage.

My house was quite big,but not a mansion of any sort. It was spacious,nice and a bit luxurious just for me as one person. I didn't complain at all and it was more better than the one I had before with NaNa back when we were friends. However, those days were all gone no longer there and put into the past. I began to get all of my papers ready for my new job at my new company that I had started running. Ren had decided to help me get me a building to run my fashion company at and his sister picked out the furniture for me which was awesome.

The company name was Loli springs which was a different take on different fashion designs like gothic,lolita,street wear and urban style as well. Then, the word 'springs' is suppose to be more of a relaxing word that comes to mind as my clothes are relaxing to wear. Some people may think the name is a bit weird for a fashion line,but for me I liked it so that is what I intend to call it. After a long day, I went to bed as I had another long day head of me as well like meetings and all of the boring stuff.

The next morning, I brewed up some coffee to help with the sleep and headed out to work. Everyone at the company was nice to me and welcoming as well for my first day. They even walked me over to my desk where my name was even placed in glass and furnished nicely. I never imagined a day like this happening so quick like this. It was like a sudden dream that you didn't want to wake up from. Then, they helped me unpack my belongings and place them in their correct place.

It was time for lunch, so all the employees decided to go out to barbecue which was nice and thoughtful of them. Upon going to the restaurant, I felt a cold chill run down my back and it was not a good one. All of a sudden, their they were the two most idiots in the world sitting right cross from me at another table hugging each other. It was indeed NaNa and Kris. How could my life get any worse than this?...



@Shiori wu
Oh I’m glad is not over

kinaa kinaa

The story hasn't ended yet as their is a question mark. It will only get better and better just keep on reading. Thank you!!

Shiori wu Shiori wu

I enjoyed reading this ❤️❤️

kinaa kinaa